The ceiling has a burning laughter!

I can almost hear its tiles cackling away, taunting me with a cruel and childish grey tone. I can see that they were once blue, but the tint is barely noticeable.

Everything has this quality. It's as if somebody erased the color out of us. Everything is dull: food, appliances, roads, life. And sadly, most people's minds seem to have taken that path as well, that unsharpened path.

What's ironic is that pencil sharpeners don't exist anymore either. I think it's because of that murder incident, but never mind.

There is nothing stimulating. Everything looks, feels, smells, tastes, and sounds grey. Flat as a little crushed spider caught in its own web, by a big, evil, and menacing grey boot! Never mind.

I wish I had problems and anxiety and shortness of breath and a mind that throbs with thought and headache!

A/N: Now read only the bold print.

This was inspired by CreativeWhisper, an awesome deviant on dA. Her name suits her well.