Want U Back

Chapter 1: Just the Beginning

"Toni?" Charlotte gaped, turning away from Sebastian.

"Charlotte?" Toni dropped Luciana's hand.

"What are you doing here?!"

Let's just start from the beginning…


Charlotte Sinclair walked towards her lunch table gripping her lunch tray, her knuckles turning white. She was grinding her teeth, fuming angrily. Obviously she was enraged with something, or somebody. Her lovely brown locks swirled around with the cool breeze. Her hazel eyes glaring at everyone around her.

Whoever managed to get piss off Charlotte Sinclair was a dead man. Charlotte was usually a flirty girl, but if you mess with her, all hell breaks loose.

"Ve- Hey Char –"her sister, Madeline greeted, pulling away from kissing her German boyfriend, Gunther. "Fuck off" she growled, slamming her tray down and sitting down across from them. "Fucking bastard, I will kill him" she murmured. Madeline looked at her boyfriend who shrugged. "What happened to you sister?"

Charlotte looked up and her glare intensified. She got up to reveal her white shirt was dripping wet, there was an orange stain on it. Madeline gasped, "Ve- what happened?"

"Some fucking bastard spilled his drink on me, then his pervert friends told me to take my shirt off, fucking –"

"Whoa there girl, stop cursing" a cheery voice spoke behind her. Charlotte sighed and sat back down. "hey Bells!" Madeline greeted cheerfully. "Hi Maddy, hey Gunther"

Gunther gave a nod, and Maddy smiled. "So" Bella began taking a seat next to the grumpy Italian. "Who pissed you off today?"

Charlotte glared at her friend who smiled innocently. "Some bastard" she mumbled. Bella rolled her green eyes, twirling a piece of her blond hair into her finger. "Wow thanks, that's so clear"

"I don't know his name but he had brown hair, tan skin and bright green eyes"

Bella squealed. "EEEP! TONI ROMERO!"

Charlotte cringed, "What the fuck?"

Bella grabbed her friends' shoulders, looking her in the eyes. "Hush, the most hottest guy in school –"

"Third hottest" Maddy corrected.

"Is coming over to our table, so act cool, and get your flirt on" she winked, taking out her mirror from her purse and fixing her bangs. Charlotte rolled her eyes, not bothering to even look.

"Hey potato bastard, pass me the ketchup" Charlotte demanded. Gunther sighed, but obeyed, knowing not to talk back to her while she was pissed.

"Thanks" she mumbled. Gunther nodded before turning his attention back to his girlfriend who leaned against him, kissing him on the cheek. Gunther blushed and Madeline giggled.

"Hey what happened to your shirt?" Bella asked. Charlotte sighed opening her mouth only to be interrupted. "Shut up! He's coming!" Bella squealed, putting her hand over Charlotte's mouth. Charlotte sighed, grabbing the ketchup, trying to squirt some on her fries. "Hola chicas - Gunther" said a smooth voice. Charlotte cringed, she knew that voice. "Hi Toni!" Bella spoke smiling widely. "Ciao Toni!" Madeline exclaimed, giving him a small wave. "Hallo Toni"

Toni smiled, his eyes landed on the fuming Italian girl with dark brown hair. "You" she growled, choking the ketchup bottle in her hands. He blinked, and smiled cheerfully. "Hola sen᷈orita! Perdona me, I'm sorry for spilling my drink on you"

"Fucking bastard" she sneered, squeezing the ketchup all over his grey shirt. Bella gasped in horror was ketchup stained his shirt and his beautiful tan skin. "Charlotte!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Bella hissed. She grabbed some napkins and rushed to Toni, trying to wipe of the ketchup.

"I'm so sorry, she's –" Toni interrupted Bell's apology. He laughed softly, "It's okay, esta bien. I deserved that" he looked back at Charlotte, whose face was as red as a tomato. "I really am sorry for spilling my drink over you," he smiled kindly at Bella, who was blushing. "Thanks, hasta luego" Toni walked away, but not before winking at Bella and Charlotte.

Bella watched Toni go, while Madeline clamped a hand over her mouth. Charlotte groaned and turned back throwing the bottle at Gunther. "That was your fault" she spat at Gunther. "Was?! Me? How vhas zhat mein fault?"

Charlotte growled, opening her drink. "Mia cara sorella, are you blushing?" Madeline asked with a cheeky smile.

Charlotte sent her sister a glare. "Che!? Perchѐ- why would you ask me that?!"

Madeline shrugged, sharing a look with Ludwig and Bella. Bella squealed and nudged Charlotte's shoulder. "AWW, Lottie, do you like Toni?"

Charlotte stared at her friend wide eyed. "What!? Hell no!"

"Why? He's so cuuute! And hot, man he's handsome!" Bella said with a dreamy expression. Charlotte shook her head. "He's a stupid, dizzy-headed guy! Now way in hell will I ever like him!"

Bella gasped. Madeline rolled her eyes. "You say zhat now" Gunther stated. "Shut up" she grumbled. "Gunther's right, sorella, you're going to be falling for him any time now!"

"No- NO s-shut up! N-No I won't, h-he's not my type" Bella chuckled. "Then what is your type Lottie?"

"I'm not hungry anymore" Charlotte grumbled, grabbing her bag, leaving her untouched food behind along with her friends. She walked with her head down. Idiots, I do not have a crush on that cretin! He's not my type!


Charlotte collided with something hard. "Lottie?" asked a deep voice. Charlotte looked up to see Harry, Bella's older brother who was a senior. "H-Hi Haz"

Harry tensed at the nickname Bella had given him. Charlotte took a step back and smiled sheepishly at him. "What happened to your shirt?"

"Some guy spilled his drink over me" Harry nodded. "Are you going to change?"

Charlotte nodded, "Yeah., I'm getting all sticky, well" she gave him a wave . "I'll see you after school" Harry nodded and continued his way to the lunch tables. Charlotte sighed and walked to her locker grabbing a bag full of extra clothes just in case this ever happened. She closed her locker and went to the girl's bathroom to change.

Charlotte closed the stall door, hanging her bag on the hanger taking out a green tank top. She peeled off the white one, while taking off her brown jacket. She put on the green tank top, along with her jacket. Charlotte sighed throwing her sticky shirt into her bag, wrapping it with some toilet paper so it could absorb the liquid.

Charlotte walked out the bathroom, sighing as the bell rang.

"Time to go to English, oh goodie" Charlotte grumbled, making her way through the not so crowded halls.

From behind her she could hear the laugh of a certain guy. Charlotte rolled her eyes, ignoring it, not giving it a second thought.