I don't care if there are any errors. I'm tired and was pissed when I wrote this...so enjoy.

I come home from vacation,

Expecting my family to say how much they missed me

And how much they love me,

But no such thing happens.

Of course I think nothing of it.

Weeks pass

And I feel like I'm getting the cold shoulder

And being pushed aside like I don't matter.

I try to attract their attention

Or at least get them to acknowledge me,

But their attention is wasted on someone

Who doesn't even deserve it.

My sister gets praised for the tiniest things

And twists everything around

To where I'm the bad guy

And she's the helpless little victim.

I feel like screaming!

How could something like this happen in such a short time?

She acts like she's the favorite in the family

And she's even said it to my face!

Why is she so damn special?

What about me?

Am I even apart of this family any more?

Should I even try to be apart of it?

I'm getting pushed to the point,

Where I just feel like curling up and crying.

I try desperately to avoid my family

But it's pointless,

Because whenever I come home

I always see my sister sitting atop her pedestal.