Summary: What would you do for love? What can you do for love? What would it cost you? Money. Fame. Fortune. Humiliation. For this girls no. It costed ... Everything. Because they are all his.

Meet Nawra and Layla. Twins. Looking exactly alike. Yet the differ at everything. From their attitude to the way they dress. Everything except Love. Loving the same man can't be harder than this. Harder than Romeo and Juliet's case. If love would cost you everything. Even your sisterly relationship. Your friendship. Would you still force your self to it?

Well, this twins will. a story full of twists. Mysteries and Romance. Will one be generous to give way? Will fate make a sudden change in their destiny? Or will they remain fighting till the end? They are all his. all yours. They will do everything. For Love.

This is the work of the fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and is not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organization, or persons, living, or dead is entirely coincidental.

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Six years ago

Two raven haired little girls were peering out from behind the red curtain, scanning the crowd for those familiar faces.

Few minutes later, they pulled themselves away from the red curtain and they stood beside it hands in hands waiting for their turn to arrive any moment now.

"I hope that dad will make it in time for our performance." Layla Rahman thought.

The little raven girl turned around and pulled her into a warm hug, and then she leaned over and whispered in her ear using their secret language.

Few minutes later, Layla pulled herself away from her and nodded at her then she started to walk nervously all while playing with her hair.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this year's talents show. We apologise for the delay. Tonight, we will be listening to our kids while performing each their talent. First, we have Nawra and Layla Rahman. Let's give them a round of applause!" the announcer shouted from outside.

Finally, the two raven haired little girls walked out from behind the curtains and stood still on the concert floor, then bowed their heads down in shy way.

Same times, the audience stood up and applaud as a way of wishing them good luck.

The announcer stood beside the two little girls and asked them curiously:

"So girls, what are you going to perform for us tonight?"

"We plan on singing our special song. Our song aims to show our love for all the people in the world who needs love, sir." Nawra Rahman said bravely.

"That's sound interesting. Are you ready for it, girls?" the announcer asked softly.

The raven haired little girls nodded their heads and handed him the demo CD with warm smiles. The announcer took the demo CD, put it into the CD player, and pressed the play button.

Once the music started to play, the two girls began to sing their special song in their melodic voice all while dancing an old Arabic dance to help the audience understand their language and by that their song.

Carried away by this beautiful enchanting song, the spectators cried as they listened to song though the earplugs that were distributed to translate the words of the song into a more comprehensive language.

One hour later, the two girls bowed their heads and rushed back behind the red curtain as they heard the crowd cheer.

"Woah! I never excepted that the crowd will love it that much. I hope that we'll become the star of the night and I am sure that mum and dad are so proud of us too." Nawra said all too excited.

Layla was not paying attention to her sister's bubbly chatterbox as she was lost in her own thoughts. She was feeling a stomach ache at the moment.

It took Nageema few seconds to realize that Lila was not listening nor talking to her. She stopped talking and turned around to look at her sister with a concerned look.

"What is wrong?" Nawra asked in small voice.

Layla shook her head confused. Suddenly, she slipped into the darkness as she touched her heart and was gasped in a shallow voice for a moment.

A raven haired middle aged man was standing near the window and kept glanced down his watch every few seconds while he was playing with his tie and listening to the speech of his boss in the meeting room.

"How long will this meeting take to be finished? I am so desperate to go to the school and watch my girls performance their song." Ali Rahman thought worried.

He shook his head impatiently. Suddenly, his mobile rang and caused everyone to fall into silence and look at him with wonder expressions on their faces.

"I am sorry, boss. Let me take my call outside and I will be back in few minutes." Ali apologised.

As the middle aged man with brown hair motioned for him to go ahead, Ali nodded at him in appreciation and rushed out of the meeting room and back into his office. Once inside, he leaned back on the wall and started talking to the person on the other line.

"Hello. This is Ali Rahman. How may I help?" Ali asked.

"It is Layla. She is in hospital right now. Please come to the hospital immediately." Amoun Rahman said in small voice.

"Alright then. I will be there in half hour. And please try to remain calm for our baby's sake because I do not want anything to happen to you or our fourth baby without me to be there for you. And I love you so much, darling." Ali said honestly.

He ended his call, rushed out of the office then back in the meeting room with a worried expression on his face. Once inside, he asked his boss to speak to him in private if possible. The middle aged man stepped out of the meeting room and looked at him with concerned expression on his face.

"Boss, I got emergency call from my wife that one of my daughters was at the hospital at the moment. May I leave right now?" Ali asked.

"Yes you may. And please give me a call to make sure that everything is ok with your daughters. Take care. And drive safely." Mr Hassain told him.

Ali thanked him then rushed back into his office, put on his jacket quickly and finally, hurried toward the exit of the building.

Slipping behind the steel wheel of his car, he put the engine into life as he was pulled his car out of the drive way and hurried out without taking a second look at the review mirror to check for any unexpected arrivals.

Bam! Too late...

While Ali was pulling away for the drive way, a petrol truck came around the corner and toward his car and hit him hard. The car and the petrol truck crashed into each other causing an explosion to occur and that killed both drivers instantly. To top it all, the two vehicles crashed into a near building, the building where Ali works and lead to the death of several employees.

Few hours later, Lila wake up and looked around the room with confused expression on her face.

"What happened to me? Did I faint?" Layla thought confused.

As she turned around to peer out of the doorway, she saw two policemen standing beside the coffee machine and two policewomen sitting next to her mother with their arms around her shoulders to soothe her pain as she cried her heart out.

"What is happening here? Why is my mother crying and where are my brother and sister?" Layla thought confused.

With no one around to answer her questions, she stepped out of her hospital bed, pulled the machine slowly, opened the door and walked toward her crying mother.

"What is going on here? Where is my dad?" Lila demands.

Five people whirled around to look at her with shocked expressions on their faces. Silence was her only answer.

"So? I am waiting!" Lila said annoyed as she was putted her hands on her hips in impatient way.

Finally, one of the policewomen stood up, approached Lily as she kneeled down on the floor to be on the same level as the little girl and said:

"Layla, I am sorry to inform this, but your dad died in car accident on his way to the hospital." The policewoman said in soothes voice.

"No! No! I do not believe you. How could you tell me this right now? No! That is not possible! No! It is all my fault! It is all my fault!" Layla said angry.

Mrs Rahman stood up, walked toward her daughter despite her heavy pregnancy.

"No! Do not come near me at all, mum! And tell me why I am in hospital right now!" Layla said angry.

Amoun sighs with wearily. "Lila, you have been diagnosed with heart problems since you were born and we tried to do our best by saving plenty of money to get the heart donor for you. I am sorry honey for not telling you previously, but we thought it was for the better."

The raven haired little girl shook her head and pointed her finger to her mother with hateful expression on her face.

"I hate my life. I hate everything. I hate you and my dad for this. I wish it was Nawra, the one who had heart problems and not me. Why me? I hate it! I never will forgive you. I will never forgive my dad for leaving us like this." Layla said bitterly.

"I – I" Amoun said shocked before she slipped into darkness.

Layla turned around, pulled the needle from the machine and rushed out of the hospital despite how weak she was. Once tired, she lied on the ground, curled her body up into ball as she cried over the loss of her dad death and the shocking news of her heart problems.

That night changed her. That night, Layla lost herself to the darkness and became the cold hearted and selfish girl she is now. She became the kind of girls who would anything to get what she wants and satiates her needs.

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