It was a normal day. Like how all the good stories started. I woke in my bed surrounded by the four blue walls that I know as my room. I glanced to my left and I could see my window were sunlight was pouring from. I woke up crying and I wasn't sure why. I could feel the tear tracing its hot path down my face. I lifted a hand and I wiped the tear away. I wasn't sure why I was crying. Sniffling I sit up and run a hand down my face. Resting my face in my hand I sighed.

It was a Monday so I had to go to school like everyone else. I glanced over at my bedside table and I frown- my alarm hadn't gone off. Swinging my legs off the side of my bed I look at my clock that was flashing 12:00- the power must have gone off. Standing from my bed I pick up my phone that reads 7:30- I was going to be late.

Rushing from my bed I race around my room picking up clothes and packing my bag. I race from my room and into the bathroom. I take a quick shower and I pull my clothes on. Brushing my teeth and brushing my hair I wondering if I should wear a flower in it today. I pause in what I'm doing and I glance at the door. It was 7:30 and the house was quiet. There were six other people who lived in this house and it was never quiet on a Monday morning. Putting my brush down I open the door and I look to my left were my older twin brothers' room was. The beds were unmade and the room was a mess- but they weren't in it; which was odd because they never left bed before 8:30.

Frowning I glance to my left and I see my older sister's room that oddly had her door open. Emily never left her door open. Walking over to it I push the door open and glance around the purple room to see everything neat and tidy; like how Emily always leaves it. But there is no sign of Emily. Nodding to myself I hurry down the hall to my parents' bedroom. I knock on the door- you never know what my parents can get up to in the morning.

When I hear no response to come in I turn the knob slowly and peek in through the crack. When I hear nothing I open the door wide and I see that half of the bed was made- mom's side and the other side- dad's side was crumpled and messy. I frown and my hand automatically goes to my necklace which I finger nervously. Where could everyone be?

"Nicole?" I jump at the small voice behind me and I turn to see my little sister standing in her pjs rubbing her eyes tiredly, "Can I have eggs for breakfast?" She asks dropping her hand as she hugs her teddy bear close to her and yawned.

"Of course you can dear." I tell her smiling down at her. I close the door to my parent's room behind me and pick up Tori. "How would you like them?"

Tori smiles at me her brown eyes wide and innocent as her short red hair framed her face, "Scrambled!" Tori said excitedly as I carried her downstairs. There is a knock at the door and I look at it- who comes over so early.

"I wonder who that could be." I ask myself quietly.

"It's Ryan- he loves you." Tori says as she giggles and makes kissing noises.

I blush- Ryan was my dad's son before this marriage and he was nearly twenty- five, "I doubt it's Ryan. And I doubt he loves me." I tell Tori poking her nose as I move to answer the door. Tori giggles again and I pull the door open. "Hi," I say before pauses at the sight of Ryan standing on my front porch.

Ryan is taller than my whole family; and I would assume it's from the fact that my father isn't really his. But Ryan doesn't think of his real father as his so he just continued calling dad- dad. Ryan also has blonde hair and blue eyes- were as dad has brown hair and brown eyes. He never really fit in with the family- but we loved him anyways.

"Hello Nicky." Ryan says with a big smile before looking at Tori, "Hello Tori." He says pinching her cheeks as she giggles again.

"Hey Ryan, we're having eggs for breakfast." Tori says excitedly.

"Is that so?" Tori nods, "Do you think I'll be able to stay for breakfast?" Ryan asks her as he glances up at me. Tori nods.

I frown, "Why are you here Ryan? Dad didn't say anything about you coming around." I say hitching Tori up on hip- where she was slipping from.

Ryan frowns, "I know- but I always come over for breakfast."

"Wha- but-? Well you'll have to make it quick; I've got to go to school."

"School? You haven't been in weeks." Ryan said back looking just as confused as I felt.

"Months? What are you talking about?" Ryan opened his mouth but I held up a hand to stop him. "What do you know you are never around or even part of this family?" I said angry as I stepped back into the house moving to slam the door on Ryan's face.

"You don't have a family, Nicole." I paused at this and gaped at Ryan. "Your family was in a car crash just a month ago." I blink at Ryan who looks like he is about to fall apart. He sighs and closes his eyes, "You must have stopped taking your pills- the doctor said this could happen." He opens his eyes and I can see the tears in them. "Can we just talk?"

I nod mutely and move to let Ryan into the house. Tori has buried her face in my shoulder and I feel tears wetting my shirt. I close the door and turn to watch Ryan navigate through my house with ease he has never had before. And I thought today was a normal day. Today was anything but normal.