Daisy Whiteweed; that was my name and I would do anything and everything to change my name. To be called Samantha or even Mary. I would have given anything just to be a different person for one day. To be anybody- well not just anybody; I wanted to be a somebody. I wanted to be one of those tall popular blonde girls not another small Chinese girl. I bet my name threw you off- the name that my hippy parents decide would help me fit into American society better than they did- they were wrong.

I am a stereotypical Chinese teenager but for my name. I play the viola four times a week, I studied five days and I babysit my parents 24/7 so I am anything but a normal teenager. And today was just a normal day in my life. I woke up at six am and the first thing I did was practice a little viola because today was Wednesday; the only day I didn't have lessons. My music this morning not only has the desired affect of keeping my skills sharp but it also has the affect of waking my parents up.

I am upstairs and they are in the basement with their bowling buddies. Tuesday was bowling night and by bowling I mean their friends coming over and getting drunk before going to the bowling alley up the street. The bowling alley owner (Abraham) is lucky one of their close friends so they don't get kicked out and he usually walks them home when the alley is closed. The downside of them being friends with Abraham is his son- Dominic.

Dominic was everything I was not; he was tall blonde and popular. He dated girls whose names were Mercedes or Diamond and he was hot. He was only a couple inches short of being six feet tall and he had dirty blond hair that was an odd combination with his pale- ish skin and his blue grey eyes.

A knock suddenly interrupts my playing and I can hear all the adults moving upstairs. I count to five in my head before my mom yells up the stairs. "Daisy- there is someone at the door!" I sigh and put down my viola before throwing a robe on. I brace myself for a quick second before I step into the cold hallway as pots and pans bang from the kitchen.

"Zhen, you're not suppose to cook hung over." My dad said loudly his words mashing together.

I hurry into the kitchen where all the hung over adults are. "Mom's not supposed to cook ever." I tell dad glaring at mom as I take the pots from her. The person at the door knocks again and I roll my eyes. "I'll make breakfast in a second." I tell mom as I director her to a chair. Once that is done I leave the kitchen and walk through the living room to the door. As I'm going I pull my hair into a ponytail.

The person knocks again just as I reach the door. I open the door and I freeze with my hair tie in my mouth and my hair falling all over the place. Standing on my door step smiling at me- is Dominic. "Hello, it sounds like you got the after party." Dominic says as he glances down at me with his grey eyes that are dancing in mirth.

I nod and take the hair tie from my mouth sliding it on my wrist as I let my black fall messily around me. "I usually get the after party." I say to Dominic once I remember to talk- which takes me a second to do.

"Well sorry to bother you so early- but is my dad here?" Dominic asks his hands pushed into his pocket and if I didn't know better I'd say he looked sheepish.

"Why don't you come in and check- I haven't had time to do adult inventory." I tell Dominic as I open the door wider and let him in.

"You know I've never been in your house before, Daisy?" He pauses before saying my name like he is tasting fine wine and a nod- even if he can't see me as I closed the door.

"Well, all the adults are in the kitchen just through the living room." I tell him as he glances at me to see me pointing to the left. He smiles and moves to enter the living room, "Umm…" He pauses and turns to me his beautiful pale face confused. "If you could remove your shoes?"

He nods and releases a breath, "Of course." I move past him as he toes his shoes off and once that is done I lead him through the living room and into the kitchen were the adults are loudly discussing what to have for breakfast.

"Daisy's back!" My mom yells making dad jump. I hear a resounding 'ouch' from the fridge as dad removes his head from it- rubbing the back in pain. Dad turns to us and smiles. I scan over the familiar face of Dave, Brenda, Henry, Tommy, Sally, Rebecca and Abraham.

"With Dominic!" Abraham echoes after mom smiling happily at his son.

Dominic smiles at me, "I've found him."

I smile back as he moves towards his dad who is leaning against the wall behind him. "More like he found you," I say watching as Dominic kneels in front of the short, plump man who is his adopted father. Abraham stares at him with dazed brown eyes- I shake my head before moving to take food out of the fridge. In seconds I've started making the Wednesday breakfast that I always make.

"Yeah, Daisy's making breakie- can't we stay for that?" Abraham asks his son his voice shaking a bit- he hasn't been the same since Susan died. He doesn't like being in the house and more often than not he is at the bowling alley; he's even started sleeping there.

"Dad, I don't think we have the…." Dominic started to say.

"We have all the time- you and Daisy go to the same school?" He asked suddenly like it was relevant as I flipped pancakes in one pan and scrambled eggs in another. "She's never late. Just eat breakie and leave with Daisy." Abraham asked his son; though it sounded more like begging.

I could hear Dominic sigh as I slide frozen hash browns into the oven. "Fine," Dominic breathed. "I'm ready to go anyways." He muttered pulling a seat out beside his dad. I turned back to see Abraham smiling at him. Dad has semi- set the table and everyone has a glass of orange juice and has taken the medicine to get rid of their active headaches and hangovers. I put some coffee on before turning to my dad.

"Dad," Dad pauses and looks up at me seriously; I smile a bit, "I've got to change and brush my teeth- man the stove for five minutes." I tell him and he nods and stands to sauté me in yesterday's clothes.

"Yes, Ma'am," my smile widens and I place a quick kiss to is check before leaving the room. I quickly change and I'm ready to go by the time I get down stairs- dad has served everyone and the kitchen is a lot quieter as everyone eats. Dad pats an empty seat in between him and mom. Squeezing into the place I start eating breakfast.

"So…" I look up to see Abraham watching me with mischief dancing in his brown eyes. He looks away and turns his attention to his son, "How do you and Daisy know each other Dominic?" Dominic pauses with a forkful of food half way to his mouth.

He turns to glare at his dad and I frown thinking I see a blush dusting his cheeks. "We have some classes together." Dominic replies.

I feel mom nudge me and I sigh- our parents are trying to set us up. Mom nudges me again and I turn to look at her huffing my face flushed with a blush, "Stop nudging me mom- we go to the same school. He is a popular, jock and I am a quiet book nerd." I say a bit louder then I was aiming for. Pushing my chair back from the table I stand up and glare down at my mom; she stares back at me with wide brown eyes, looking confused and frightened. I sigh and pinched the bridge of my nose, "I have to go, I promised Thomas we'd practice today." I say before moving from the table.

I race upstairs and pick up everything I need before racing back down the stairs my bag bouncing in between my shoulder blades and my hand gripping my viola case. I make my way to the door- where I pull on my converse. I can hear dad and my arguing softly in the dining room. They see me past it and quiet before feet pad softly after me. I bend to tie my shoes and dad comes to lean on the door way of the sitting room. I glance up at him.

He sighs heavily before rubbing his temple, "Look Daisy- Zhen is sorry for what she did. She thought you liked him."

"I understand that dad- but even if I did I would have dealt with it in my own way. I need you guys to remember I am sixteen not six anymore- okay?" I tell dad as I stand from the floor.

He nods his black hair sprinkled with grey and the corner of his eyes crinkle as he smiles, "Okay, honey- we understand. Now come give your old man a hug." I smile and move to hug him. He wraps his arms around me and rests his chin on my head. I sigh- I missed hugs from my dad. I pull away as my phone vibrates from my pocket. Dad releases me from the hug and I pull out my phone to see Thomas' house is calling me.

"Hello?" I say into the phone as I bend down to pick up my viola.

"Hi, Daisy- are we still meeting up from practice?" Thomas said as I can clearly hear him moving around in his room.

"I don't know Thomas are you still at home?" I ask back making him pause.

"Yes, but so are you." He replies.

"How do you know?"

"If you weren't you'd be knocking on my door." I chuckle at my best friends words and smile.

"Far enough- I will be there in ten minutes."

"Okay see you." Thomas says before hanging up.

I turn back to dad, "I got to go."

Dad nods and kissing my cheek, "Have a good day."

I nod as I push my phone back into my pockets and open the door, "You too and clean up the mess you guys made!" I call before closing the door behind me- knowing dad will lock it. I walk down my drive way when suddenly I hear the door open and close. Turning I see Dominic jogging down the drive way towards me. I wait for him to catch up and when he does we start walking to school in silence.

"So…. Um breakfast was good." Dominic says as he rubs the back of his neck nervously.

"Thank you- I'm sorry that we became the source of entertainment." I say glancing over at him.

He shrugs, "Its' okay- it couldn't have been avoided." We are silent again as we walk on. "So…..how would you have dealt with me – if you liked me?" Dominic asks suddenly.

I glance down at my feet feeling my face heat up in a blush, "Well I don't think it matters now- since I don't." I reply after catching my bearings and glancing up at him.

He looks over at me and smiles, "I guess not. But I would like to find out eventually."

"You'll have to wait until I A. start to like you, or B. start to like someone." I say will a bit of a challenge in my voice.

"Well one of those is bound to happen." Dominic answers as he raised an eyebrow at me.

I smirk, "I doubt that." I stop walking and Dominic glances around.

"Not going all the way to school?" He asks me.

I roll my eyes, "We are almost there anyways." He continues to stare at me like there is a possibility I will skip, "I'm picking up my friend."

Dominic rolls his eyes now- suddenly not interested. "Well I have to go." He says glancing at his wrist like there is a watch there. I laugh as he stuffs his hands into his pockets and starts walking the way we just came.

"School is the other way!" I call to him; smiling as I do. He lifts a hand and waves before turning the corner. I sigh before walking up the steps to Thomas' door. Knocking on the door I wait of a second before the door swings open and I am face to face with Thomas in a towel.

"You're early." Thomas stated glaring down at me as he crossed his arm over his pale white chest wet chest. Water droplets gathered in his blonde chest hair and I rolled my eyes as I looked up at Thomas. Thomas is a couple inches shorter then Dominic and he has red hair and green eyes.

"It is not that I am early- rather you are late." I stated pointing Thomas' chest.

Thomas flinched away from me and I move past him and enter his house. I heard Thomas sigh and I can just see him rolling his eyes. "Yes, come right in why don't you?"

I smile as I turn back to Thomas- pausing to take my shoes off. "I will come right in- thank you." I reply in a surgery sweet voice.

Thomas sends me a tight smile crossing his arms over his chest. "I'm going to get dressed make yourself comfortable."

I smiled back at hi as he started climbing up the stairs. I follow him, "You don't need to tell me I already do."

"I know." Thomas answered. "There is a pause as we reach the top floor and turned right into his room. "Don't you have a key?" Thomas asked as he pulled out a pair of green and black boxers.

"Yeah- but my mom taught me it was polite to knock." I tell him as I throw myself onto his bed. I bounce slightly as I stare up at the ceiling.

I hear Thomas getting dress as he moves around his big room. "No, she didn't."

I smile at Thomas' response as I sit up to see him fully dressed and messing with his hair in the mirror. "I was just checking to see if you listen to me."

Thomas sent me a wirthing look before smiling a bit. "I always listen to you Daisy. You know you can just come in if you have a key?"

I smile back at him, "I know, I will next time." Thomas turns back to the mirror and I watch as he fiddles with his bottles of make up. "Hurry up Thomas- you take longer then a girl to get ready."

"No, I take longer then you; and I'm pretty sure that's because you are not a girl." Thomas mutters back as he puts on eyeliner.

I'm silent for a second before smiling and Thomas must see me in the mirror because he sighs and drops his head. I sit up completely in his bed and I bounce slightly in excitement. "You like some? That's what this is isn't?" I don't wait for Thomas answer as I hop from the bed. " You have a massive crush on some guy in our school!" I squeal dancing around Thomas' room.

I hear Thomas sigh and that is all the answer I ever need. But more his own sake- I'm sure Thomas answers, "Yes, that is what this is. I have a massive crush on my boyfriend."

I pause in my dance and whip around to look at Thomas. "Boyfriend? You have a boyfriend and you didn't tell me?" I say in a quiet voice- feeling hurt.

Thomas turns from his dresser to look at me with wide green eyes. "I didn't tell you because I just got the boyfriend yesterday. I was going to call you but I know how tried you are on Tuesdays." Thomas said to me running and hand through his hair.

I theatrically sniffle, "You still could have called." Thomas smiles down at me and opens his arms- inviting me in for a hug. I smile and hug him back tightly. "You've got a boyfriend!" I squeal.

Thomas jerks away from me and glares, "That was my ear, Daisy."

I smile up at him, "I know I was aiming for it." Thomas sighs and pinches my cheek.

"You cheeky bitch."

"It is what I am."

It was finally after school. Since Thomas was a grade higher than me I hardly see him but for when we have strings which was the period before lunch. We'd then have lunch together and usually he we would go to one another's house to hang out. I had gone to my locker and then made my way to Thomas'. Not finding him there I frowned and waited for a couple minutes.

It was nearly 3:30 when I figured he must have gone home for some reason. I texted my mom telling her I would be at Thomas' for a while. I then waved goodbye to my other friends who decided to wait with me. Walking the short distance to Thomas's house I walked up the steps and paused to search through my backpack for the key Thomas had given to me last week. I gave a sound of triumph as I found it and made my way to the door. I unlocked the door and stepped into the cool air of the house.

I sighed as I took off my shoes and left my bag on the little bench near the coat rack. The first thing I noticed was the loud music coming from Thomas' room- it was classical but something I had never heard. I shrugged and crept up the stairs. Once I reached the top I was surprised to see Thomas' door shut.

I put my hand on the knob and turned it opening the door with flare. "Thomas I'm- OH MY GOD!" I screamed backing out of the room and reclosing the door. I turned from the door and I rushed down the stairs. I made my way to the door forgetting to put my shoes back on as I hurried to leave.

I heard feet thunder down the stairs and Thomas calling after me, "Daisy! Wait!"

I turned to him my brain in panic mode. "I'm so sorry Thomas! I didn't know! I just thought….. and the key…. And the door….." I paused taking in Thomas' appearance he had thrown on his pants and he was wearing a button down shirt that I knew wasn't his and wasn't down up. His hair was sticking in every direction and he was a bit sweating. I bit my lip and glanced down at my hands. "Your…..zipper is undone." I mumble to him.

I heard made a noise in his throat before I also heard the sound of a zipper. "Daisy I'm so sorry you say that. I forgot to tell you that I had someone coming over."

I nodded silently when suddenly another very familiar voice started talking.

"Is everything alright, Tom- tom? You ran like you had just seen the devil."

I glanced up at the stairs where a nicely tan body stood in shorts that rested on his hips and I topless body. "You." I hissed suddenly glaring at the boy who descended the stairs.

Dominic smiled, "Me."

Thomas smiled a bit, "You guys know each other? Great!"

I turned back to Thomas, "Not great- you just get a boyfriend and then-"

"I know Dom is great be together for two days and has already convinced his parents that him being gay is okay."

"Wha-?" I paused to look between the two, "But he flirted with me this morning!" I cried in outrage.

Dominic smiled sweetly at me as Thomas chuckled, "Daisy it was just a joke, we were going to tell you later today."

I looked between the two again and I took a deep breathe. I stalked towards Dominic who watched me in vauge amusement. "Look here mister I may be five feet but if you ever break Thomas' heart I will hunt you down and break ever bone in your body." Dominic puts on a serious face as I glare up at him pointing my index finger like it was a weapon. "Got it?" Dominic nods, "Good."

I smiled and turned to Thomas who was watching the whole scene with a big smile on his face. "Tom- tom, you were right she is five feet of fury. I am terrified."

I glanced over at him and smiled sweetly, "Good."

I hear a key in the door suddenly and I turned to just as the door swung up. I froze as the person who stood there stared back at me with a smile. I heard Thomas gasps and Dominic cross his arms over his suddenly naked chest.

"We're back!"