Blood Shed

I remember was a mass of sweating bodies. The AC was one full blast but the bodies were closely packed and everyone was dancing. The floor was sticky from where someone had split their drink making the swaying a lot harder than it should have been. The music was pounding through the room making the room shaking deafening you and filling your body with the infectious beat. Some people where sitting at a table not talking- because trying to talk would be useless.

The party was for someone's birthday- whose nobody was quite sure- but I knew. It was in honor of someone very special; someone to die for. It was for me. I was in the VIP section watching. It was quiet up here and I hear him come up behind me.

"Sage, are you trying to be quiet?" I asked without even looking back at him.

"Of course not Schell. If I wanted to be quiet I would be." Sage replied moving to stand beside me.

Sage always stands beside me. I've never seen him sit (in this life) and when I asked him about it he said it was a useless thing that people only ever did when they were tired- and he never gets tired (he gets more egotistical and narcissistic each life).

Sage watches the mass of body with distaste. "I don't understand why you crave this world so much Schell. These people are so disgusting and this world is filthy."

I lean in back my couch and watch Sage glare down at the people. "You don't need to understand you just need to bend to my will." I reply smiling.

Sage whips around to face me. I blink and he is pressed close to me. "I may be on your side but don't you think for one second that it's because I like you and I'm selfless."

I smile up at Sage pushing him away from me with my shoe. "I'd think less of you if you were. It'd be such a shame. But you are a demon and I know better." I told Sage as I sit up. "And I'm enjoying my gift very much."

Sage looks at his phone. "Well, it's not every day the queen turns seventeen."

I nod in agreement and flip hair over my shoulder. "No queen has ever lasted as long as I have."

"The best part of your gift is coming soon." Sage says as he texts someone before sitting beside me.

I look over at Sage and I take him in. He is a rather good looking man, and the power that he has and the way he holds himself like he is king. I could image being married to Sage we would be good together. Our spouses don't play a big factor the only thing keeping us away was the fact that we'd kill each other.

We'd already been through marriage. We had tried it in five other lives. We were married but we couldn't stand being married to someone like us in every way. So we'd kill each other. We were going to try again, but I met Luther and Sage had met Lilith. (That's how it all started- Luther and Lilith were just like us and then the games started.)

"Stop that." Sage says sitting forward and pressing his hands together and resting his chin on his thumb.

"Stop what?" Sage glares at me and I look away. "Are you tried?"

Sage shifts beside me and I see him wave away my question. "You know exactly what I am talking about. You were thinking."

"Yes, Sage surprisingly other people do it to." I answer leaning back into my couch.

Sage glares at me and I smile widely. "You were thinking about us."

"Oddly, I still remember that. What did you want me to do- forget it?" I asked almost hurt that he would think that; cause I know he has.

"I never said that. Your human emotions are showing again, Schell. This is why you don't need these humans." Sage said no longer looking at me.

"Emotions?" I said hoping to avoid the fact that Sage was right- again.

"Yes; jealous, anger, love." Sage shakes his head. "Love- Schell I'm so disappointed in you." I scoff and look away from Sage. "Now watch the show is starting."

A scream echoes through the club and I smile as I turn back to the window. My eyes pinpoint the girl that is being dragged into a closet by a semi- familiar lowly demon. My eyes flicker through the crowd and I see the familiar 'I' on Anthony's wrist light up. He is grinding in between a pair of girls his green hair flashing between blue and acid green.

"I see you invited the incubus for my gift." I say standing up from the couch. My dress swirls around me as I move closer to the one way glass.

"Yes, the scubus is also here." Sage says and my eyes quickly find her dancing in a crowd of guys. "We are having a full out party."

All of the lights flash off even the strobe lights and the music stops. A scream echoes through the dark club followed by another, and another. A white light flashes through the room and Sage chuckles.

"Are you ready for the hunt?" Sage asked.

"I'm always ready for the hunt." I say glancing back at Sage with a smile.

Sage disappears and my ring flashes with warmth before I disappear after him.

I arrive on top of the bar as the lights flash back on and water rains down on the crowd. I smile as a sword appears in my hands. Whipping around I place the blade of my sword under the bartender's neck. He looks at me with a face of fright and arousal. Leaning close to him I press the blade deeper to his neck: without cutting the skin.

"Hello, there." I purr making him lean closer to me, "Are you ready to fucking die?" The man smirked and nodded before he realized what I said as I drew the blade across his neck. Blood sprays from his neck and splashing on my blue dress.

Turning around I see a shadow sweeping through the crowd. People fall and I smile Sage is already having fun.

I'm lying on the counter of the bar. My eyes are closed and I can hear the other demons moving around, the empty bloody club. My blue dress is a lot darker now and sticky. I feel warm breathe near me and the familiar smell of a blood covered Sage fills my nose.

"Did you have fun?" Sage asks as he leans on the counter.

I open my eyes to see the ceiling and the edge of Sage's brown hair that is stained red with blood. Looking up I see Sage's pale face and his bright red eyes looking back at me. "Yes darling I had fun- did you?"

"You must have had fun- you never call me darling." Sage says, "You must on a blood high."

I frown at Sage and sit up. Hair falls into my face and I turn to glare at Sage. "I was and you've just fucking ruined it." I say shaking me head as I turn to peer out at the bloody club as does Sage.

"You are always so testie when you are on this world. I'll never understand why you want this world so much." Sage replied as the incubus lay on the dance floor with a naked girl on top of him. He sees me as he runs a hand through the girl's hair. He smirks at me and the 'I' on his wrist lights up and he changes. His blonde hair becomes long and red and his skin pale. He winks at me and I take in his mix matched eyes with a smile.

"You don't need to understand. You just need to act and be my king." I answer Sage. The door on the far side of the bar flings open and my husband walks in. I smile at his glare and wiggle my fingers at him. "Hello Luther."

"Schell, you didn't invite me to the party." Luther said with a glare kicking some of the dead bodies as he makes his way over to us.

"Well, I didn't throw the party. Sage here did." I say glancing up at Sage. Sage smiles down. I hear Luther huff and suddenly I'm under his weight as he presses close to me.

"Well isn't that nice of Sage?" Luther asks placing a kiss on my lips as he glances up at Sage.

"I guess- but it'd be nice if my husband wasn't such a lying piece of shit." I hiss angrily and push him away from me. Luther glares and I slap him suddenly. The scene changes rapidly from around me and we are suddenly outside in a forest.

A wave of dizziness hits me and I stumble moving to hold onto the tree. "What has he done?" I ask as pain rips through my head. I grip my head and bite my lips to stifle my moan of pain.

"It's likely that he has given you a dose of a potion. He also seems to have given one to Lilth." I open my eyes to see Sage leaning against a tree. "What will he gain from it- I know not."

I chuckle, "Isn't this a surprise- the man who knows all does not know?" I say smiling at Sage before grimacing in pain.

"Ha, ha." Sage says drily. "You are very funny- when you are in pain."

"Ahhh!" I scream aburtly and fall to my knees gripping my head. "Sage! Fix this!"

Sage sighs and I can see him rolling his eyes before warm hands touch my head. "You are a spoiled little queen bee."

I smile, "And you are incomptent King."

There was darkness after that. That's when it all started.