Fursona Online

Chapter 1: The world of furries

Fursona Online, the newest online game has been sweeping the nation and to think it's only been out for a month in the US. The game was created by Kotarou Arishima, as a fan of MMO's he decided to make one of his own, but unlike many other MMO's his is different for it has no human characters at all; in Fursona online the characters are all furry animals, each with their own class and skills. But that's not the only reason it is so unique for it is the first online game to use Kotarou's virtual reality helmet with a neuro-sychronization, a technology which allows the user to utilize their five senses in the game, this is something Kotarou had been working on since his time in college at the age of 18. Players control their characters through with their minds, their five senses allowing them to feel, hear, and taste whatever their character feels. Though most people had concerns about the idea on the fact that players could also feel the pain when their characters are damaged, Kotarou responded and said this. "Do not worry the pain players feel are in the game only. Once they log out and remove the helmets it will feel as if they never felt a thing. The idea of neuro-synchronization is to get closer to the theory of the singularity, the idea of augmenting our bodies and minds with technology. In this case it's allowing our minds to augment with technology, but as we continue to progress in technology the theory will be reached. As Ray Kurzweil's book says, the singularity is near and I will help in any way I can to reach it."

After hearing such amazing words, the game began to grow the support of millions around the world. Fursona online is the best game out this year, for those who haven't purchased their copy hurry up and buy one now!

"Fursona online is the best game out this year, for those who haven't purchased their copy hurry up and buy one now!"

"I'm two steps ahead of you dude." A boy watched the news on his TV as it continued to talk about the new online game; he turned to see the box that had the virtual reality helmet and the copy of the game that he had bought the day before. "Only a month and the game get all this hype, though what I heard in forums it's definitely something to die for. Speaking of..." He turned to his laptop and went back to the chat room he had made with his friend from online.

Kageichi: I got everything ready big bro, the VR helmet is hooked up to my laptop and I downloaded the game.

Ferdi: Okay, just remember where to meet ok? I'll be waiting for you there.

Kageichi: Yeah I remember, just give me a few minutes.

Logging off from the chat room, the boy grabbed and put on his VR helmet. It did feel a little heavy on his head but he lay back on his bed to at least lighten the weight. "Ok... establishing VR link." The helmet activated, lights began to flash inside as he began to close his eyes. "Neuro-sychronization activate, establishing connection."

The boy closed his eyes as he began to lose consciousness, when he woke up he found himself in a world of darkness. Looking around he saw nothing until two holographic screens popped up in front of him asking for a species and two classes in which he would fight as. The species also came with a browse file option, using a picture of the animal as their character to use. He used a pic from his files and chooses samurai and martial artist as his two classes. After typing his character name, a door of light appeared before him, engraved on the door were the words "Fursona Online". As the door began to open the boy slowly entered inside.

He closed his eyes from the blinding light for only a few moments when it seemed the light disappeared. As he opened his eyes the boy found himself in a new world, it seemed to be an old Japanese prefecture, a small town with houses and shops to buy different items from armor, to clothes, even weaponry. Everything looked amazing, but what truly caught the boy's attention was that the civilians were all anthropomorphic creatures; the boy could tell they were players, the way they walked around in amazement and talked to one another, it was obvious that they were new players like him. "I knew you'd use that character."

The mannish voice came out of nowhere, but it sounded familiar to the boy; he turned around to see what looked like a blue eyed fox wearing red glasses, but with a darker shade of red for fur covered by a black mortarboard he was wearing. He wore a brown Victorian era scholar's outfit with a white undershirt and dark blue pants, ending the ensemble with long dark blue socks, brown shoes and under his arms were a pair books. "I was wondering what took you so long."

"Hm?" The boy looked above the strange fox's head to see his character name, the name "Ferdinand". This made the boy smile and say, "Ferdi, it's really you! Oh man your foxnuki character look's awesome!"

"That's Ferdinand to you, call me by my full name will you?" He smiled adjusting the glasses on his muzzle.

"Aw come on big bro, Ferdi sounds so much better." The boy replied.

"Hehe, you're the same as ever Kageichi Kagi."

"So do I really do look like my panda?" He asked. "Quick what do I look like, I wanna know."

"Here see for yourself, I got this item just for the occasion." Ferdinand held out his paw as a holographic screen appeared showing several different items in the foxnuki's inventory. He scrolled down until he found what he was looking for and pressed the screen which summoned a full body mirror in front of him. "There, have a good look."

Kageichi looked into the mirror and saw a large panda with some of its white fur tied in a large bun on its head. He had blue fur on his arms, legs, the spots on his eyes, and even on his ears though there was also a shade of pink on the tip of his ears. He wore red samurai attire with a silver armor plate on his chest that one of three yellow circles he had. The top half of his outfit covered his chest while his large white belly showed under a cloth with a large blue paw print on it and a pair of red pants with flower prints and silver at the end of the legs that covered his bare foot paws. Kageichi also had a purple nose, and when turning around to his backside he saw that he had a pink tail as well. Noticing the katana on his waist he giggled and began to make poses with it. "This is so cool; I'm actually my wonder panda! Wahoo!"

"Calm down, you don't see the other noobs this excited." Ferdi chuckled as he dismissed his mirror back to the inventory. "So a samurai and a martial artist, those are your two classes?"

"Wait, how could you tell my classes?" He asked.

"Just look above my name, you can tell can't you?"

"Hm, oh yeah that's right." Kageichi looked above the foxnuki and saw his classes as well; he chuckled when he saw both classes were labeled mage. "Still the magic freak aren't you? How exactly do you do a class change from mage to a mage when you level up high enough?"

"Says the fighter freak, and actually it doesn't work like that in this game." Said Ferdi "Players can switch between first and second class easily; there's no getting to a higher level to get to the next class or anything."

"So you can switch whenever you want, even in a fight?"

"You really should read instruction manuals; did you even know that you're controlling your character with your mind?" Ferdi saw the blank expression on his face and sighed. "Well I guess that's normal since you're still new to the VR helmet and everything, time for a test run."


"Come on we're going out to the fields, you'll need to practice and level up." He said as he started walking. "Follow me I know a spot with low level monsters, just focus on walking."

"R-Right, just give me a second." Trying to hurry before the foxnuki got away, Kageichi concentrated and walked slowly to follow him.

"God I'm bored..." A snobbish young boyish voice said. "Hey, when are we gonna do something?"

"Be patient; remember we're supposed to watch the new recruit." An older gentleman answered. "We have to watch to see if she's capable in joining our guild. If you want to do something then why don't you help find her a target to test on?"

"Fine then, let me do all the work." The boy grunted as he opened up holographic screens in front of him, each were hidden cameras in different worlds that showed the players all around, he looked from one screen to the other until he found Ferdi and Kageichi walking out into the fields of the Sengoku era world. "Hey I just spotted a noobie, been a while since we screwed with noobs."

"Hm... it would be an easy one, very well." The older man replied. "This will be your test, hack one of the area's monsters and make it attack the panda and fox, understand?"

"Yes sir, I understand."

"We're here." Ferdinand led Kageichi into a large field in an open clearing away from town. "This is a good place to level up for beginners."

"Why is that, I don't see any monsters Ferdi." He replied.

"You know if you're gonna keep calling me Ferdi I'm just gonna call you Ichi."

"I don't mind, saying Kageichi all the time is a bit of a mouthful." Ichi chuckled "So this is where I can fight monsters?"

"Low level animals, look there's one now." Ferdi pointed to a large grizzly bear scratching his back on a tree. "Feral Grizzly, it's a level 2 which will still make it easy for you."

"Alright, time to kick some butt!" The panda unsheathed his sword and readied to fight.

"You... don't know how to fight do you?" He watched as Ichi stood still with his sword in hand, Ferdi sighed. "Ok listen; with the neuro-synchronization you're controlling your character with your mind. The command the brain gives for your body to respond is the same with your character, just think of this as your second body."

"My second body..." Ichi took a deep breath; he began to feel the weight of the blade in his paws, swinging it with fluid motion as he began to feel it an extension of his arm. "Alright, this bear is going down!"

"I'll get its attention." The foxnuki held a finger out; summoning a small flame he fired and landed a hit on the bear's belly, the grizzly growled getting on all fours and charging at Ferdi who quickly dodged to the side. "Alright you're up."

"Here I go then!" Kageichi charged at the bear with sword in hand, he dealt a blow to the bear's side draining some of its health down. The bear began to stand on its hind legs and attack with its claws; the panda dodged and guarded his blows without taking any damage. "Hah, is that all you got?"

"Finish it with one of your skills; just call it out and attack." Ferdi said.

Kageichi jumped back and quickly checked his menu; he only saw one skill for his samurai class so he sheathed his blade and went into a battojustu stance, his sheathed katana glowed brightly as the bear charged at him again. "Slash!" As the bear attacked he unsheathed his blade with a quick swing through its stomach. Ichi sheathed his sword once again as the feral bear fell to its death, a holographic screen popped up showing the amount of experience he gained after defeating it. "Alright, that was awesome!"

"Not bad for your first time." Ferdinand smiled. "Keep this up and you'll be a pro in no time."

"Hehe yeah, once I get to your level we'll do awesome quests." The excitement on Ichi's face was as obvious as the way his chubby body jumped in glee.

"Once you get to my level I'll be even higher."

"Hey can't you at least wait?"

"Not a chance."

As the panda began to pout, Ferdi laughed until he was suddenly hit and thrown to a tree. "Ah, w-what was-!?" He looked in shock as the feral bear had gotten back up changed; it stood on its hind legs its claws longer and sharper, it's back grew spikes and it let out a venomous roar. "A level 24 berserker bear, but how it shouldn't be in this area."

"B-Big bro, is this an event or something?" Ichi quickly jumped back as the bear attacked once again.

"Ichi get back, let me handle this!" Ferdinand released the books he was holding; they opened and floated in front of him as he began to glow in red energy. "Burn to death as the flames of purgatory turns you to ash: Erupting Fla-!?" Before the spell could be finished, the monster dashed in front of him and swung its claws. Ferdi jumped back and stood on the tree, jumping away as the bear swung again cutting the tree with ease. "Damn, what's going on?"

"What do you mean?" The panda asked.

"A feral Grizzly shouldn't turn into a berserker bear, and it shouldn't be that fast." He answered. "It must be a bug in the game; being level 23 I could take it down if only I just had time to finish my spell."

"Finish your spell?" Ichi looked back to see the bear getting ready to attack again, knowing that the foxnuki was the only one who can beat it there was only one thing to do. "Alright Ferdi, let me give you a distraction."

"What?" Ferdi said shocked. "Ichi just let me handle this; you're a level 1 you can't hold it back for long."

The panda readied his sword again, "Well then, you better hurry up that spell!"

"Kageichi!" Ferdinand's plea was on deaf ears as Ichi charged at the bear, he saw as the beast swung once again only for the panda to quickly dodge. "Always acting like the hero... alright I gotta make this quick."

Ichi continued the dodge the bear's attack, countering with his sword as it only did minimal damage to it. Its health bar slowly going down, the berserker roared and charged with an onslaught of attacks with its claws. Ichi could only guard with his sword as it attacked, but the blows were too strong as the last one threw his sword right out of his hand; he jumped back dodging the attacks again before he felt his back on a tree, the larger bear overshadowed him and was ready to strike. As it attacked with what would've been the final blow, the panda smirked and attacked with a three punch combo ending it with a blow to its face; he ran behind it and readied himself in a martial arts stance. "I may be a noob at level 1, but don't underestimate me. After all I'm a samurai and a martial artist!"

The berserker roared and attacked again, Kageichi grabbed its paw and attacked countered with a fist to its face. He continued the same pattern with different moves, an elbow to the chest, a knee to the stomach, and a spin kick on its side. As he continued to dodge and counter, he caught a glimpse of Ferdinand readying his attack. "Big bro, are you almost done?"

"Burn to death as the flames of purgatory turns you to ash: Erupting Flames!" Ferdi targeted the bear; his spell now activated as pillar of flames shot from the ground and headed straight for it. "Move out of the way!"

"Whoa!" Ichi dodged another attack just as the flames enveloped the berserker. "Whoa, that is awesome."

"I hope that worked." The flames began to disappear as the bear was still alive, its health bar on red. "Dammit, it only has ten percent of health left."

"Then let me get the final blow, luckily I saw this martial art skill with my samurai one." Kageichi's clenched his paw into a fist, charging at the bear one more time his fist began to shine in a blue light. "Take this: Bear Fist!" Dodging one more attack, the panda countered and punched the bear's stomach landing a critical blow that made the beast explode on impact. "Huh, where'd it go?"

"That's what happens when you kill a monster, it disappears and you gain its experience." Ferdi answered, just as he did screens popped out in front of them showing them their experience.

"Oh hey, I jumped up to level three!" Ichi laughed. "I guess the fact I dealt the final blow gave me some extra EXP. Still though, how'd that bug get into the game?"

"New games always have some bugs, though now I wonder if it was just a bug." The foxnuki thought for a moment before sighing. "Never mind, come on let's go back to town. We'll go buy some new items and do a few quests."

"Alrighty then, after that whole thing I'm all hyped up and ready to go!" Ichi ran off ahead of him in excitement.

"I wonder how long it'll take... for him to realize he left his sword?"

"What the hell was that?" The snobby boy asked. "Something like that was beaten by a total noob?"

"He had an experienced player with him; it was obvious they would defeat it." The older gentleman responded. "In any case, the young miss has proven she is worthy of joining our guild."

"I don't think so after getting beat by a noobie... but fine."

"Well then young miss, under our guild master's request I welcome you... to the Gate Hackers."