I watched as the pure white snow falls from the sky reminding me of a girl I once knew. Her skin was as pale as snow and her hair was prematurely grey. She was as delicate as the snow that falls from the sky- the snow she was named after. Not the one that she would become obsessed with. My breath puffs out in front of me as the cold air bites at my skin.

I remember the first day I met Snow. She came into my life like a blizzard and had melted away too quickly for me to see or enjoy. I didn't have time to understand what had happened and to this day I am still at a lost- but I do know it was something akin to love; the closest I'll ever be to it again. Those days I spent with Snow I felt something new for the first time in my life and that was the last time I will ever feel it. I felt love.

My name is Alex. I once had a last name but now it is lost in the world- it has been lost for so long. I can feel everything- every emotion you have ever felt I have felt tenfold. It rushes through my body like a raging tornado and it is burned into my skin so I can never forget it. I've felt every single emotion- even the ones with no names. I've thought I had felt them all until Snow came into my life. I am an empath- your every emotion (and nearly your every thought) is an open book to me. Because of this power I have- I lost my name...But that is a story for later.

I was seventeen on the day- no the night I met Snow. The sky was painted grey and the navy blue was lost to the storm clouds that were rolling in- it was going to rain. I was startled awake by a wave of sadness. But it wasn't like sadness I had felt so many times before. This time was different. The sadness cut through me in waves and it felt like I was swimming through an ocean of blades. The sadness choked me bringing tears to my eyes as my heart pounded painfully in my chest. Glancing around the room with frantic eyes- all I could think about was stopping this pain. Taking a calming breath I closed my eyes again and struggled to distant myself from the emotion. Finally pulling away from the sadness I open my eyes and threw the covers off my bed. Standing in one swift movement moving quickly I stepped out of my room. I need to find that person. Trailing closely after the waves of sadness that was still sweeping through the hospital I was in I tried my best to keep my mind clear of the sadness. Rushing through the bright lit hallway I made my way past rooms filled with sadness and pain. Brushing those other emotions away I continued following the sadness.

Stopping at the top of the stairs that were in the front room- I was met with anger; two people and the sadness. The sadness swept through the room again but it came with a breathtaking wind of sorrow.

I gasped and suddenly the front door was being thrown open. A girl tumbled in and one of the angries was choked with guilt before they both ran away. My feet carried me down the steps towards the girl who had grey hair that fanned out around her. Kneeling beside her- her sadness hit me again and abruptly I was met with something I've never felt before- my heart clenched painfully and I stopped breathing for a second. The girl gasped suddenly and jerked away from me like she was just noticing that I was there. She gazed up at me with clear blue eyes and I met with another flash of the unknown emotion.

I clenched my teeth in my pain. "Are you okay?" I hissed moving a hand to wrap around my stomach which was burning in pain. Tears built in the girl's eyes and she gasped again before her eyes roll to the back of her head and she passed out. The pain dissolved from my mind and I gasped as black dots invaded my vision. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to keep myself from passing out. Seconds pass and when I could finally open my eyes without being dizzy, I looked at the girl who was sprawled across the white tiled floor.

The girl's skin was so pale that it made her veins that much more protaint. She looked to be about fourteen. She shivered a bit and I moved closer to her. Sliding one of my arms under her shoulder and another under her knees I lifted her with ease. I nearly fell back not expecting her to be so light.

Standing slowly from the ground I try my best not to jostle her as she shivers in my arms again. Turning slowly I am met with a wave of worry. I know its' Beatrice merely from her controlled emotions. Looking up the stairs I see her tall and curvy figure standing at the top of the stairwell. She brushes her black hair behind her ear and nods before racing away. I sigh as I slowly start the climb up the stairs knowing Beatrice will get a doctor.

I reach the top of the stairs and automatically turn into the always empty guest room. I place the girl down lightly on the bed and her body sudden jerks up like she can tell she is falling and she grabs hold of my shirt. I ease my hand from her body and lean back trying to remove her hands from the death grip. The grip tightens and I feel the sudden urge to run a soothing hand through the girl's hair. I brush hair from the girl's face and she shivers as I am hit by of a wave of sadness again. The sadness is just as intense as before but now it is muted a bit from the girl sleeping.

I clench my eyes shut in pain and one the pain and sad dull enough that I don't think I will cry. I open my eyes to look at the girl. What could have caused her so much pain and sorrow and sadness?

"Snow," She suddenly mutters as if to answer my question.