The stupid smile on Tsaro's stupid face told me that I stupidly messed up.

I never thought I would witness the day when anyone uncovered my identity, especially Princey of all people. I mean, he was a moron…Okay, maybe he wasn't, but I've established from the day he got me kidnapped that I deserved to think that.

I noticed a second later that my breathing seemed to race alongside my heart.

Rosie groaned and tried to stand up. Something gleamed from the corner of my sight, where she was. My eyes narrowed as I dropped Princey. Today's lesson: Never lie to the liar.

I flicked his forehead. "You expect me to believe you? I know what I saw," I said, then I pointed to Rosie. "Does that piece of jewelry around her neck not look like a necklace to you? Are you going to tell me now that her neck is actually her ankle?"

Tsaro glared to the ground. "There's no fooling you," he muttered.

"Hello?" the Ogre King said mimicking my annoyed tone. "We're in the middle of a battle. You—"

I waved the green man off. "Yeah, yeah," I said, throwing dagger eyes at Tsaro. "Give me a minute."

Tsaro and Rosie looked at me with astonished expressions on their faces.

The Ogre King inhaled deeply and blasted out sound as loud as my brother's speakers in the summer. "The only breaks in a war are the ones that you feel in your bones. You'll know what I mean after I'm done with you!" he bellowed. "I want that commoner's head, and I want it now!"

"A bunch of the Ogre King's men charged to my direction with their weapons raised.

I shoved Princey to the side of the knocked over popcorn stand and jumped into the middle of the town octagon.

When the blades clash, I flip out, only to then realize my footing's a little sloppy due to a recent game of California kick brick. I slipped back toward the ground.

"Miss Masquerade!" Rosie shouted.

As if the universe decided to become my ally and enemy today, I was caught by someone with a familiar bed head. "Diana, I got you," Oliver whispered.

I stood with his support and looked in awe. "What?"

He smiled with humour. "I figured if a Diana (funny) went into a phone booth, then came out looking like a certain masked thief, they'd be the same person," he told me quietly.

"I guess I was a bit careless on that note," I admitted. "Thanks for catching me, by the way."

We stood back to back. Oliver was armed with a hammer.

"I found out why they were afraid of losing their pendant," he whispered. "It turns out that this certain group of ogres turn into sand without it. They can become immortal with both pendants together."

"Got it," I said, knowing just what to do. "If you can cover me, I'll get it."

"Oliver?!" Rosie butted in, now in front of us. "I told you to stay inside!"

Oliver gave me a very quick wink and I nodded. I silently moved toward the stone throne on the fountain, while Oliver distracted everybody.

He scratched his head…or his hair, which wouldn't make much sense. But either way, that's how it looked to me. "Rosie, don't be so selfish," he said, watching her flinch. "If you're going to fight, I'm fighting with you. That's what friends do."

The girl that could easily be my sister (Rosie, if it wasn't obvious) stared at her best friend. My jaw dropped as I watched her step on her tip toes and kiss him. That was not exactly part of the plan.

I turned around briskly. I tried not to gag at this touching moment, because we were all sort of friends. Or it could be the fact that I just couldn't stand seeing someone who looks like me, kissing anybody.

Don't look. Don't look, don't look, don't look!

"Thanks," Rosie said after. "I don't know what'd I do without you."

The Ogre King seemed to want to intrude just after I climbed the throne. Before that could happen, I jumped onto his back. "What's this?!" he questioned.

That's when Oliver and Rosie looked over to my position.

The green guy tried to shake me off. "Hold still!" I exclaimed.

And while I hung on to dear life, the king's servants watched with gaping eyes. If I could just get one of my knives out of their sheaths…

"Tsaro!" I heard Oliver's voice. "The pendant!"

As if Tsaro would know what to do with that explanation.

My eyes snapped up when I heard Princey say something. I thought I could feel the blood draining from my face.

"Prince Tsaro, don't you even think of letting go of that arrow!" I shouted with wide eyes.

He aimed. "I can get the necklace off."

"Mr. Prince," Rosie said. "What if you hit Miss Masquerade?!"

Princey hesitated. "It's a chance I'm willing to take."

"Are you kidding, you idiot?!" I screamed. "You'll kill me!"

He looked like he was trying not to smirk. "It shouldn't be a problem," he said. "If I could shoot with my eyes closed, I could shoot a moving target."

"THAT'S TOTALLY DIFFERENT, PRINCEY!" I wrapped an arm around the green guy's throat and waved one hand in the air as if it were on fire. "AND AFTER ALL WE'VE BEEN THROUGH?!"

I would've freaked that I said that, under normal circumstances. But at this point, I had no time to think up any lies.

His arrow lowered. Then he shook his head. "It doesn't matter."

Why did I think I was going to die, you ask? Maybe because now, the prince I've been travelling with was shaking—I repeat, shaking—while he was trying to lock on to his target.

Should I have jumped off? At least remove my arms away from the necklace? Well, I could've decided that in half a second if Princey didn't decide to let the arrow go.