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I knew this was going to be a bad idea from the very start. We didn't have much time before this day to get to know each other or even meet privately. But somehow when I saw him standing at the altar, we both knew that this was going to be something special. I, Josephine Rose, was getting married to a guy who i have never truly known in my whole life. An arranged marriage.

In our families there were a few arranged marriages, dating back a few generations. My mother and father, my grandparents and each of their children, it went back further than I can remember. It is a tradition in our families, some silly tradition that someone years and years back made up so they could ruin our lives.

"I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Green." The priest announced to the whole crowd. "You may now kiss the bride." And with that he did. Oliver kissed me, with so much passion and love that I didn't think would happen. I didn't believe that we would feel this way about each other since we had only met about 3 months ago and that is about it. I couldn't believe my heart as it jumped for joy in my chest. I melted into his kiss and soon enough we stopped and looked into each other's eyes.

"Wow." Was all I could muster up, I couldn't think what else to say. He smiled at me and took my hands in his.

"I know what you mean," He began, "It's a strange feeling but it's so quick that I know you're the one." His loving eyes looked at me with longing and trust. I smiled back at him and we turned to face our families. They were crying and cheering as we walked back down the aisle towards the car parked outside the church. I smiled at the big limo that was awaiting us. I felt I was like a princess, getting into her carriage, as Oliver opened the door for me and I got in. I turned around as we drove away, watching all my new and old family and friends waving goodbye behind us. I knew they couldn't see me but I waved anyways.

I then sank back down into my seat and looked over at Oliver who was staring at me.

"What?" I asked, feeling a blush come over my face. He took my hand in his and smiled at me.

"You're looking so beautiful." His sexy voice was too overwhelming and I leaned over and kissed him. As I pulled away he was smiling and looking me straight in the eyes. I always dreamed this day would come, I thought it would be out of love but this was an arranged marriage. I thought an arranged marriage was wrong and I wouldn't love him but my feelings for him are changing and this honeymoon could change it all. Wait a minute, where were we going for our honeymoon?

"Erm, Ollie, do you know where we are suppose to be going for our honeymoon?" I asked, his eyes still glued to mine. He smiled and shrugged. "Guess our mums kept secrets from us both." He smirked and we shared a laugh. I felt like i was already getting to know him. The journey to the airport was about half an hour. In that half an hour, we talked and chatting about our hen party and stag dos.

"Yeah so I got bombarded with so many guys telling me how lucky I was to be getting to marry you." He said and smirked at me slightly. I smiled and laughed lightly. I knew that I didn't have to be shy or holding back anything with him since we were going to together forever. Our relationship grew more in those moments.

"Oh same, I got told so many stories of your bravery in the war and in Afghanistan," I held onto his hand tightly as I said them words, "So are you going to be away again?" I asked, letting him see in my eyes that I'd really miss him if he went.

"Yeah I am, in August" He said and looked down at our entwined hands. I must have looked sad because he came closer and put both arms around me and held me tightly to him. "But I will not forget you." He whispered in my ear. I smiled and gripped onto him, holding him as tight as he had me. I didn't want him to leave, I wanted to get to know him more, a month and a half wasn't enough. Plus he'd miss our first Christmas and I was hoping he'd be back for my birthday on the 3rd of January. As he pulled away I kissed his cheek and he smiled.

Then the car stopped slowly and we shared another kiss and he helped me out of the car. I had to get changed from my wedding dress into my more comfortable clothes for the plane ride. He checked us in and we made our way to the toilets that were close by.

"See you in a few," He said before we went in, "I'll wait out here when I'm done." I nodded to this and smiled, we both went in and got dressed into more comfortable clothing. When I got in there I took a deep breath and tried to fix together what had just happened. I had gotten married to what could be the man of my dreams, he was gorgeous and funny and amazing. I smiled to the reflection in the mirror, I had my make up done of course. I decided to take it all off and re do it to something less, flashy. So I took off my wedding dress, which to my luck was small and easy to fit into my plane bag. I put on the 3 quarter length sweat pants and a red plain top. I swapped my white, gemmed high heeled shoes for my black trainers. I felt more comfortable now, I put up my hair into a messy ponytail and then I looked at myself in the mirror then I looked down at my hand. The ring was amazing, it was big enough for me, I didn't need expensive. I put everything inside my gym bag and left the toilets. When I got outside I saw him waiting for me, he was wearing jeans and a grey top that outlined his figure beautifully. As I walked over he turned to me and smiled, looking me up and down.

"Bea – U – tiful." He stated and winked at me. I giggled and blushed slightly. We walked to the boarding area, hand in hand and talking about what we thought our parents and family members. We sat down waiting for our calling to board the plane.

"So Ellie, what's she like?" He asked me. My sister, well that was a story of a life time, she was my little sister but we didn't exactly have the same, likings.

"She's into the whole gothic scene now, all I know is that the song she listens to is more like screaming." We laughed at this for a while. "But she's my little sister, I can't be mad at her for anything, even if she does wake me up at 3 in the morning with screaming men."

"That's like me and my brother, Joe is like a footy mad guy and I'm happy he likes to go out and drink with his footballing friends but bringing them home at 1 in the morning, when I have to wake up for work early, isn't the best idea." I giggled and smiled at how we had something in common, a hate/love relationship for our younger siblings.

"I must say Jose, you're really easy to talk to." He announced and I blushed and kissed his cheek.

"So are you Ollie." We looked at each other for a while and smiled. We saw that we had a while to go so we decided to get some rest. But then I found myself asleep on his shoulder and I awoke I found an airhostess, awakening us to get us on the plane. There was about 20 other people around us still boarding the plane. A couple next to us with their two children were rounding them and their toys up. I smiled at them and got all our things together. We gave our passports to the man at the desk and made out way onto the plane. We finally found our seats and it looked like there was going to be no one next to us. I bet mum reserved them and told them that they weren't allowed to let anyone on them. I smiled to myself as I got comfortable in my seat.

"So are you excited to be going to Miami?" Ollie asked me, setting his little TV to a movie called Sherlock Holmes 2. I nodded with excitement and kissed his cheek.

"I've always wanted to go, the beaches and the pure blue oceans." I rambled on, I smiled at him and giggled, embarrassed of my rambling.

"Its fine, I'm excited too." He added and then saw my hand on the arm rest and put his hand over mine. Looking up at me, his brown eyes made me weak at the knees. We stared at each other for a while then got closer and closer, as we were about to kiss, the airhostess came over and asked if we would like a cup of coffee or tea. We both ordered a cup of tea and I told him of how my mum would get me a cup of tea when I got home from school and work and when I was ill. He listened intently and nodded along, he looked like he actually liked to listen to me rambling on and on.

"Sorry I'm rambling." I apologised and put my hand to my mouth. He took my hand away and smiled, "I like to listen to stories." He said and it made me smile, inside and out.

"So yeah my mum is always there for me and I know it." I finished and he smiled. After this we went to watch our own movies, I watched Easy A and he watched Sherlock Holmes. When the plane was a few moments away from landing we had to pack everything up and away, so we decided to chat again. As I heard about his work and his friends I learned more and more about his life. I felt like I'd known him forever.

"Joe isn't really into the whole sport scene but he come with me to matches just to join in the fun." He said about his friend Joe, who I had learnt was an actor on Broadway and had a family of his own, a son called Casper. All his friends sounded so nice. I didn't really have many stories about friends, expect my best friend Debbie.

"My best friend Debbie, my head bridesmaid, yeah she's into the whole Broadway thing, she loves to drag me along to them." I laughed and he did too.

"So what are your hobbies then Mrs. Green?" He asked winking. I blushed as he called me that, it had been the first time, doubting the last though.

"Well I have many," I started, thinking of what my hobbies actually were, "I love animals, I've always wanted to become a vet, also I love sports, like tennis, football, I know its weird but I'm a sports loving girl." He smiled at this since he was a sporty guy himself. "I also like to paint, it's been my passion since I was younger and I always had thought of becoming an artist, but my mum says it doesn't pay well." I looked down at my lap. Mum always told me what to do, really she was controlling my life but now I was married she couldn't anymore.

"It does, if you're good." He said, giving me an encouraging smile. I smiled back and told him of my grades in art. He told me about all his school grades too.

"We are now landing in Hawaii." The pilot said over the intercom. I smiled and braced myself for the landing. It was always slightly bumpy.

"Ready?" He asked me, I nodded and smiled at him. We held hands as we landed and then we had to get out stuff from the above. Ollie got my bag for me and gave it to me smiling. We got off of the plane and made our way to get our bags. As I saw my blue flowered bag coming round the side and Ollie got it off for me, using his amazing muscles to get it for me, knowing it would be heaving. As we walked out to the meeting area, we saw a guy with a Hawaiian shirt on holding a sign saying Green's, we smiled and walked up to him.

"Oh you must be the new couple!" He said, hugging me and shook Ollie's hand. We found out that his name was Dustin and he was going to take us to all the places we wanted to go throughout these 2 weeks.

"This hotel is lovely, it's right next to the beach and is always a fav for the tourists." He said while driving us there. We sat in the back, snuggled against each other.

When we got to the hotel it was amazingly gorgeous, it was lit up with blue lights around the sides. It looked so expensive, my uncle and aunt had paid for this and I would have to really thank them a lot. Ollie checked us in and then we made our way up to our room. We got into the room and saw that it was a double bed only. We looked at each other and I could feel the awkwardness between us. What would we do?