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-Jose POV-

Sitting in the cosy living room on my own seemed more normal now since it has been 4 months since Ollie had been deployed. Snuggling up with her favourite mug and TV show she couldn't help but think of Christmas and if Ollie would be home for it. It was November now and she knew she should start getting presents and making arrangements with her families.

The rest of the week Jose spent at work or planning for Christmas break with her family. She had sent a letter to Ollie to ask about Christmas and whether he was coming home for it but she hadn't got a reply back yet. Sometimes she would get nervous that he hadn't replied yet and wonder what he was doing all the way out there without her, if he was okay.

A few days later a letter came in the mail addressed to her with a rough dirty look to it. She knew it was Ollie then, tearing it open and reading it carefully taking in all his word and every little detail.

My Dear Jose,

I apologise to you because I cannot make it back for Christmas. Although the thought of having you under a duvet with me watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate makes me want to jump on the next plane out of here. But sadly I have another month here and will be back in the New Year. I hope that you are not too sad because I hate it when you cry.

I love you with all my heart and with every inch of my body I crave your touch and the feel of your skin.

Much love,

Your Ollie X

She let her tears fall as she read it, each sentence making her cry harder. She understood though, she couldn't just have him back whenever she wanted she had to wait for him to be returned to her. She was glad that he was safe though and able to write back to her. All Jose really wanted was her husband home and safe in her arms where she knew that he was definitely safe and sound. Was that too much to ask for?