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It was a bright sunny afternoon in London. People were going for runs, walking their dogs, on bike rides, nearly anything you could think of. During the summer, London was lucky to have nice weather; but today was different than every other day. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, no one wanted to be indoors. Except for one young lad...

Louis was sat in him and his best friends flat, on the couch comfortably. The only thing was, the older boy thought he was falling for his best friend. They had known each other for 2 years already, and were basically brothers. But not in a weird way that he loved his brother. At least, he hoped.

Lately, Louis had been exploring the wonderful world of Tumblr, a blogging website. He found it confusing, like any newbie that first started. He had managed to make an account, a fan account, dedicated to One Direction; the boy band he was in. The lad already had 53 followers!

It was one of those days off. Yesterday, all 5 boys had been filming for their next music video, so today they decided to do nothing. Well, except for Louis' best friend, who was out somewhere since 1 pm. 3 hours had already passed since he was gone.

The Doncaster boy, Louis, was busy scrolling through the dashboard. There wasn't really nothing new. Some pictures were of his friend outside, wandering around the subway station. No questions were asked, Louis' best friend was quite the odd ball.

The thing that had caught Louis' eye was a picture of him and his best friend; Harry Styles. No, it wasn't a picture, it was a moving picture. A moving picture of the two looking at each other with such passion, it made the boy push the laptop away slightly. He scrolled down, reading what it had to say.

"you guys never tell me they aren't in love"

"aww just look at each other and how Harry glances at Lou's lips"

"x factor days = fetus. Still cute though"

" reblogging for that ^ comment"

"if a stupid Calderdick says Larry isn't real, i'm sending this picture"

Louis chuckled. Calderdick. He never really liked Eleanor. She was a nice girl, with a great taste in style, but he couldn't find himself to like her. Management had suspicions of him being gay, which he denied, but they still got him a girlfriend. It wasn't so bad hanging out with her. She wasn't like Hannah, who was his actual girlfriend. Eleanor was just like a friend to Louis.

He then caught sight of the word 'Larry'. Louis had heard it all before, from Management, fans, and even from Niall. The Irish boy had said, "You two are so cute together," during one of their interviews around Valentine's Day. Harry had said Louis and him would be each other's Valentines, which Lou accepted; as a joke.

Honestly, Larry didn't bother Louis. He loved his best friend, in a friend way of course, and wasn't ashamed of it. They always had something to talk about.

Louis went to the search bar, and typed in 'Larry Stylinson'. Pictures, rants, and even fanfictions appeared. He had no interest in anything but the pictures.

Awhile later, Louis himself could even see the tension between him and Harry.

He shook his head, going back to his dashboard. "I'm not gay. I'm straight." Louis told himself.

Suddenly, his phone began ringing. Reaching over to the coffee table his feet were on top of, he snatched his iPhone.

"Hello?" He pressed the phone to his ear.

"Hey mate!" Liam's familiar voice came through the speaker and into his ear.

Louis shifted, closing off Tumblr. "Hey, anything new?"

"Yeah, actually, I was wondering if you and Harry wanted to come over later for a sleepover!"

Liam was only younger than Louis by a year and a few months, but that didn't stop him from wanting sleepovers.

Louis sighed. "Liam, we don't call them sleepovers, we're adults." He said sternly.

There was a pause, before both of the boys started laughing.

"Ha ha, very funny Lou," Liam snickered from the other side of the line.

"Sure, what time should we come over?" Louis questioned, pushing the laptop off his lap and placing it on the table.

"Whenever you want, really. Zayn is coming at 6, Niall is here already. He came over this morning saying he had nothing to eat," Louis could picture Liam shaking his head at the little blonde boy.

Chuckling, he answered. "Alright. We'll be over soon."

"Okay. See yeah." Liam said.

"Bye." Louis hung up, and at the same time, the front door unlocked then flung open.

Louis looked over, seeing Harry's messy curls everywhere and a grin on his face.

"Hey Lou!" He exclaimed, closing the door and locking it. It was always better if it were locked. They did not want fans sneaking in.

"Hi Harry. Where were you?" Louis asked, turning on the TV to watch Friends.

"Subway," Harry said, sitting down beside him and kicking off his shoes.

"Why?" Louis raised his eyebrows.

"I don't know," Harry shrugged. "I got bored of grocery shopping."

"Did you even get the groceries?" Louis sighed.

"No, but you'll never guess what happened today! This guy was smiling at me and talking to me." Harry began talking.

"Wow, that's so interesting. Maybe it's because you're Harry Styles?" Louis rolled his eyes, looking at the TV.

"Yeah, but he was being real friendly! I think he was coming onto me. I found out after when we were getting off that he was gay." The younger boy explained, trying to fix his hair.

Louis snorted. "And how'd you find that out?"

"He told me after he gave me his number." Harry flipped out a piece of paper, raising his eyebrows up and down.

The Doncaster boy shook his head, frowning. "So.. why are you telling me this? Why should I care? I don't care. What did you have for lunch today?" He spoke a bit too quickly.

"I had lunch with you before I left, remember? And wow, you don't have to get all defensive about it-" Harry began saying but got cut off.

"I'm not being defensive!" Louis shouted, earning an odd look from Harry. "Why should I care about some gay guy you met? I'm trying to watch TV."

"Well, I didn't mean anything by it. I just think it should be something we should be able to talk about." Harry said carefully, eyeing his best friend.

Harry knew he had feelings for the older British lad. They weren't just best friends in his eyes. Well, in Louis' they were, but in Harry's; he loved Lou. His immature personality, his laugh, how he could make anyone smile easily, his eyes which were always bright and happy looking...

"Well I do not want to talk about it Harry, this conversation is over." Louis said, bringing Harry's attention back to reality.

"Yeah, but Lou-"


"Okay.." Harry sighed. "But just so you know.."

Harry did the last thing Louis thought he would do. Break out into song.

The Chesire lad jumped up on the couch, and began singing.

"If you were gay, that'd be okay, I mean 'cause hey, I like you anyway. Because you see, if it were meeeeeeee, I would feel free to say that I was gay!" Harry sang, dramatically waving his arms around for affect. "But I'm not gay," He added.

"Harry, please, I'm trying to watch TV." Louis scowled, refusing to meet Harry's eyes. He could feel Harry staring at him though, and finally looked over. "...What?!"

"If you were queer," Harry began singing again.

"Ugh, Harry!"

"I'd still be here."

"I'm trying to watch this show, Harry!"

"Year after year," Harry continued.


"Because you're dear to me!"

"Agh!" Louis shouted, frustrated.

"And I know that you,"

"What?" Louis interjected.

"Would accept me too!" Harry kept singing to his friend.

"I would?"

"If I told you today, "Hey guess what? I'm gay!"" Harry jumped off the couch, adding again. "But I'm not gay."

Louis sighed, rolling his eyes.

"I'm happy just being with you! So what should it matter to me what you do IN BED WITH GUYS?" Harry sang loudly.

Louis' eyes widened. "Harry, that is wrong!"

"No it's not!" Harry argued.

"If you were gay, I'd shout HOORAAAY!" He continued singing, dancing around in front of the TV now. Louis was annoyed, but could still feel himself blushing.

"I am not listening!" Louis plugged his ears.

"And here I'd stay!" Harry sang.

"Lalalalala!" Louis shook his head at Harry.

"But I wouldn't get in your waaayy!"

"Harry, dear god!"

"You can count on me to always be beside you every day, to tell you "It's okay, you were just born that way, and as they say, IT'S IN YOUR DNA!"" The younger boy kept singing.

"YOU'RE GAAAAYYY!" Harry sang, dragging the "gay" part on, and using jazz hands.

"I AM NOT GAY!" Louis added.

"If you WERE gay," Harry winked at him, finishing by plopping down on the couch.

The two British boys were quiet. Louis was staring at the TV, blinking, as Harry looked at him, smirking.

"Soo?" Harry pushed on, wanting a reaction to the song.

Louis didn't know what overcame him, but he turned to his best friend, grabbed his shirt, and pulled him forward. Their lips touched for a few seconds, before Louis pulled away.

"If you tell anyone about this, you're dead," He threatened, glaring at Harry.

The curly haired boy only smirked. "I knew you couldn't resist me."

Louis couldn't stay mad at him. His glare slowly disappeared, and he found himself nodding. "Yeah. I knew I couldn't resist you either."

This made Harry's cheeks turn red and his smile grow bigger, as he leaned in and kissed him. Louis kissed him back, but pulled away again, making Harry frown.

"Hang on, we have to go Liam's house for a sleepover..."

"He can wait awhile." Harry said, his eyes sparkling as he climbed onto the older boys lap. Louis reached for his phone, dialling Liam's number.

Harry started attacking Louis' face with kisses when he heard Liam pick up.

"Hello?" Liam answered.

"Hey, L-Liam,"


"Yeah, I'm gonna be.." Louis giggled, Harry tickling him. "We're going to be a bit late."

"Wait, what are you guys doing?"

"Bye!" Louis hung up, tossing his phone aside.

Harry smiled, his dimples showing, as they both leaned in; kissing passionately.

"What is Management going to say?" Louis wondered out loud, talking against Harry's lips.

"Who said they had to know?" Harry pulled away slightly, smirking.

Louis smiled.

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