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Kayter looked at her five new-hatched kitts. They all looked like normal aros, except one. A handsome flame-orange Tom with three black stripes on his back, and one on his head, which was hidden by his yellow crest of feathers. His wings, yellow as the sun, flutterd in an attempt to fling away the last bits of eggshell.

Kayter smiled proudly. When Azor saw this kitt, he would be far beyond ecstatic. This kitt was one of the few left. "A very rare breed of aro indeed." Kayter whisperd.

This kitt would grow to be a power-aro, one of the most powerful and rare of aros, next to the telepaths, which looked just like normal aros when born. Judgeing by the kitt's color, he would have eather the power of heat and light, which caused fire, of the power of fire itself. And so that's what Kayter called him. Tygur, son of fire.

Yeah, I know. Short. But hey, it's only the prolouge. A really bad prologue. I'm going to replace it as soon as I come up with something better. The actual story is a lot better.