"for a badgers sake, tygur, what does it take to wake you up?!" muttered Chester, tugging tygurs tail. Tygur, snoring soundly, moved his wing, unknowingly slapping Chester in the face.

"ALRIGHT, THEN, NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!" Chester yowled, rubbing his face with his paw. standing on his back legs, Chester shoved tygurs hammock upside down, dumping the sleeping aro on the hard floor. "YOU LAZY WINGED SLUG! IT'S SUNHIGH ALREADY! IT'S TIME TO GO! GET YOURSELF OUTSIDE BEFORE WE LEAVE WITHOUT YOU!" Chester yowled at tygur before storming out of the room, his tail whopping him as he left.

Tygur, still only half asleep, tried to remember what he was supposed to do. Suddenly, his thoughts snapped together. His training! Quickly, tygur assembled his things and stumbled into the sunlight, nearly tripping over his unusualy long leg feathers as he ran to where Chester and Miri stood, Chester riding a brown unicorn, Miri riding a black and white horse-sized lop eared rabbit, while a golden rabbit of the same size, it's saddle gleaming with polish, waited for tygur while chewing on its harness.

"I thought it was just me and Chester going." tygur said to Miri as he threw his belongings behind the rabbit's saddle and mounted it. "I talked with betula and scy. They said I could come." Miri responded. Shrugging his wings in an agreeable way, tygur then mounted the golden rabbit, and the journey began.

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