She watched the flower.

Here, this is what women like isn't it?

He'd given her it in a small pot. It was too small and the plant was suffocating - she could see it. If it could scream, she knew it would. She wondered if she should scream for it. She wondered if anyone would come.

The door opened and she turned to face her husband. There was giggling in the corridor.

You've remembered we're going out, haven't you? You'll stay in here, out of the way...? With your plant, yes?


She wanted to say so many things, the words were choking her. Smothering each other, fighting to be free.

She nodded.

Good girl.

The door slammed.

The petals were beginning to fall off the plant. She hadn't watered it. She hadn't moved.

He was there again. Speaking at her.

Are you even listening? Oh very well, I'm going now. Understand?

She didn't move.


The door began to close.

Your plant's dead by the way.

It is not dead.


The door flew open.

What did you say?

I said, it is not dead.

Well...Well why are all the petals coming off then?

Why have you left me in here while you go out with other women?

He left. He didn't come back.

She watered the plant.

After pulling off some of the dead petals, she could see the green stems, still very much alive. She transferred it to a bowl that had a little water she used to wash her face.

This plant had life yet.

A/N - This is yet another idea I had that I felt I had to get down quickly, so I think as it is, it's a bit under-developed but I couldn't really see how to make it more detailed without losing something so any ideas or advice would be welcome. :) Also, I know hardly anything about plants, I thought that flowers fell off and then re-grew and the stems and roots would have to be dead for it to not grow any longer but I might've got that wrong!