I think I screamed, but I can't be sure. Dominik dragged Drake by his hair, out of the car. I felt sick as Drake desperately screamed my name. Unfortunately, I was as stuck as he. Dominik had locked the car, and shaved the pegs down so that the only person who could unlock the doors was the one with the key. I watched Drake struggle against Dominik, but he was far too small, far too frail, such a fragile boy. I smashed a fist against the window, only managing to make a little crack in the glass and a very painful crack in one of my bones. I gasped, cradling the hand to my chest. Drake kicked at Dominik, but Dominik only laughed, tugging harder on Drake's long blond hair. Dominik drove his foot, hard, into Drake's ribs.

I heard them shattering from inside the car.

Unable to do anything else, I began to question my sanity. Was any of this really happening, or was it some terrible nightmare or an escape from something worse?
No- what could be worse than losing Drake? For all I knew, he was dead. The punishment for even laying a hand on Dominik's precious little Vincent was death. Nothing more, nothing less than your life.

I covered my eyes as Dominik easily broke Drake's arm. I didn't need to look to know that the bone was sticking out. I cowered in the back seat of Dominik's car, whimpering as tears streamed down my face. Was there absolutely nothing I could do to help my closest friend? The only person who could even remotely understand me? How very pathetic, I told myself. Sickeningly pathetic. As I raised my foot to kick at the window, I heard the first gunshot and knew that I only had a few seconds if I wanted to save Drake. I threw my weight against the window and it shattered.

I clambered out of the window, cutting myself and tearing my clothes on the glass. I landed just where it had, and sliced my hands and feet open. Disregarding my pain, I franticly tackled Dominik as he attempted to fire another shot at Drake. The large gun in his hand went off and the bullet hit a tree. I think he yelled something then, something like, "Vincent, what-?!" I covered his mouth with one hand kneed him in the stomach. He coughed against my hand. Dominik was much taller than I, and I knew that I could only hold him down for so long.
"Run, Drake! Get away!" My scream tore my throat. Dominik laughed.
"I knew you'd turn on me someday. It was only a matter of time." Dominik attempted to hold his gun to my head, but I tore it out of his hand, rolling off of him and scrambling to my feet. I shot him three times without hesitation. The third bullet was overkill, of course. Dominik lay dead on the forest floor, his blood running freely. I clicked the safety button and shoved the gun into the back pocket of my jeans and hurried over to Drake.

The smell of blood in the air was purely overwhelming. Drake was bleeding badly from his arm and ribs, and I asked if he could stand.
"I don't know, Vin. I'm pretty sure you can shove me in the backseat without much trouble, though." Drake smiled unsurely and I moved over to Dominik's body. I emptied his pockets into mine, and unlocked the car. Opening the door to the backseat, I gently lifted Drake to the best of my ability. He made no complaint and only winced once as I laid him in the backseat.
"Are you comfortable?" My voice sounded terribly unsure. I glanced at Dominik's body, expecting it to stand any second now.
"You can take him with us. I'm sure Howl would find good use in his parts." I scowled and shook my head, still staring at the bloodied body.
"Come on, kid. I know how attached-" I slammed the door, not wanting to listen to Drake's comments. I regretted this immediately, as he began to cough up blood. Despite this, I was still proud, and I didn't speak to him for another hour. I just sat in the driver's seat, my hand poised against the key in the ignition. Drake and I began to converse after that, and I eventually gathered the courage to start the engine and drive out of the little clearing, down the make-shift road between the trees.

I stopped the car after I had driven deeper into the forest and climbed into the backseat to be with Drake. He was still bleeding badly and we both knew that he wouldn't last long.