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Predators Prey

The night was my mistress, the night was my first true love, and within I became my true self, I pushed aside the veil and walked a predator. My prey was easy, they barely put up a fight, and a part of me felt so disappointed every time there eyes glazed over, when I knew that I what I wanted was mine. That would never stop me from going out, from taking them for only a few moments, away from there mundane existence, even if they would never fully remember what had taken place the night before. The pleasure I brought them clouded the minds till it was nothing but an erotic, pleasure filled memory that would haunt them for the rest of their lives. They would never find pleasure better than I could give, and they would crave it till death.

The thought always brought smirk to my lips, a smirk a thought, and ego boost that I would never lay out during the daylight hours. No, it was only when the sun gave way to the effervescent glow of the moon that I was revealed.

My game was seduction, and I was the best you'd ever find. Every movement I made through the shadows of the club was like sex, it was so purely sexual that no one looking could resist me, could look away from my movements, and I knew that this game was unfair, I had an advantage. Tonight my prey was in the corner, tonight my prey was someone who I myself could not resist. His energy was crawling under my skin awaking the desires of my blood, he called out to me. It had been a while since I had seen someone who I knew could fully satisfy my cravings, not since I had first awoken to my true existence.

I had been sixteen when it had happened, and I had felt something rip free from with inside me. My body had felt like it was on fire, until being consumed by a craving and a need a desire that had then been beyond my understanding.

It was simple enough to say that I had not been myself that night, when I had crept from my bed and traipsed into the night. Luckily my father had never noticed me leaving, or I things could have seriously wrong for me, in truth it could have led to my death. My kind cannot be attracted to those of the same blood, the genetic connection repels our nature, which is why we centuries ago we would be sent out on our own for the first night, so as not to harm us.

Much like I did tonight I had felt my overwhelming sexuality and a need to use it and explore it. Only on that night I had not been aware of my true self enough to go where there where strangers and shadows, instead I had found a comfort in a friend, my best friend.

My true self noticed what I had never done before within the light of day, the energy that flowed through him, that made me want him. It had been so strong that I had no chance of denying it, and no control over using my own natural advantages. That had been the first night that I had truly fed, that I had felt my body come alive and awaken. It had also been the first night I had ever hurt someone.

He wasn't dead, no, but he was not awake, his energy had been consumed, and according to all I now knew there was a chance that he would never be awake again.

As I watched my prey, these thoughts barely registered my instincts where stronger, and the night was mine. I would have this man, and he would feed me the way I had not been fed in so long. The thought brought an overwhelming sense of desire and need, and all control I had withered away. It was time for me to capture what it was that I needed.

My movements where graceful and elegant, my body felt so good, so alive as my eyes never wavered from they wanted. And as my prey looked up and caught a glimpse of me, I noticed that look in his eyes, the way his face became set in awe and wonder. There had been no challenge no resistance, this person would be mine for the next few hours, and I would feed my hunger. The poor thing had never had a chance.

Soon enough I was close enough to touch, to run fingers over skin, and to feel the energy so close to being mine, to feel a desire for me. This human wanted it just as much as I did, and after tonight he would spend the rest of his life longing for it, and knowing that there was no else who could ever give it.

My lips found his in a taste test, and my blood began to burn with need. Tonight I would not be dragging it out, there would be no games. Tonight I would take what I wanted, hat I needed, and I would do it quickly.

"Come with me." I whispered softly, feeling a shiver run down the human's spine.

"Yes, oh god yes." Was the human's reply, his eyes glazed and locked solely on me.

There had been no other that he could have possibly answered, but it still made me smile, as any true predator would. There was nothing quite like this moment, there was nothing quite like what I was about to do, and there was no way that I could truly explain to anyone how good it made me feel, to fully understand you'd have to feel it yourself.

The way he followed me into the night, without waver, without any sign that he could do anything but follow was a rush. I led and he followed, not once doing anything until I made it clear that it was okay for him to touch me. Then it was a blurred hurry, as if he couldn't get enough of, needing to touch everything as quickly as possible, and as the desire washed over me I found myself in a similar flurry. I needed this human to feed me, to quench the desire, to satisfy that itch, that burning in my blood.

Clothes where gone and bodies came together, hands grabbing onto to flesh to take in more, to feel more, to feel it harder, faster. My desire bled into him and vice versa, making it seemingly impossible to tell who really wanted this more, who was in control. As he moved in me again and again I felt the energy building, I felt it calling to me, slowly beginning to flow into me. This was the part I loved more than anything, as I clung on tighter, moving faster, my kisses become hotter, and my body screaming out in pleasure.

It tasted so sweet as I took it in, as I savoured what I needed to most, and waited for the final moment when it would rush into in a blast of sweet pleasure beyond anything imaginable. The human above me must have felt it to as his eyes widened in ecstasy, his body finally letting go of what I needed the most, feeding in me until I almost couldn't take anymore, and was left panting and sated.

My body hummed in satisfaction as I disengaged myself , and I pulled myself away from the bed, and the human who was no longer of any use to me. He had given me just what I needed, and as I made my way back into the night I felt better than I had since that first time.

This wasn't the end of my night however, instead of heading back home as I was want to do after feeding, I headed to where I usually avoided after feeding. Tonight was different to all the others, and although my true self was still out for the world to see, there was no way for me to resist what felt I had to do.

At this time of night visitors were not allowed, but something like that had never stopped me before, not with the moon so bright in the sky, and my body still humming, content for the time being. It all made it seem so easy getting past the nurses and sneaking into the room where he lay.

I was quiet, though the noise wouldn't have bothered him anyway. If it was during the day I know that I would have felt guilty that there would have been a pain in my chest that would leave unable to breathe properly and would have brought tears to my eyes. As it was I just stared at his form feeling a fleeting amount of regret, that couldn't even begin to outweigh the pleasure from being fully satisfied. As satisfied as I had been the night that I had caused this, that I had stolen away my best friends energy, more than a human being should have given.

Staring at his motionless body my body purred ever so slightly, giving recognition to this boy who had given me my first taste of complete pleasure. As I stood staring I knew that the other human tonight could never truly live up to that first time, it was just so easy to forget when he wasn't in front of me, because nothing would ever beat the first time, especially when the energy tasted as sweet as his had. There was nothing that could ever compare to again. A part of me revelled on that, and when I leant forward to touch him that part stirred at me, bringing a predatory smile to my lips.

When the morning came I knew that I would feel bad about that feeling, that thought, that reaction, but it wasn't morning and until then I would be free from feeling such things about what I truly was, about the secret that I kept from the rest of world. Even my father had no idea about any of this, he may have noticed a few oddities, but had never put them together, which led me to realise that what I was didn't come from his side of the gene pool. If my mother was here I'm I would know more, but she had basically given birth to me and disappeared.

Being what I was now I could understand that feeling to just leave things behind, to do whatever I wanted. The urges we got where stronger than anything else, and when the sun went down and our true selves came out there wasn't even any guilt for us to feel over it. I know that when she left she probably didn't even give it a second thought, and there would probably come a day when I would be the same.

'Did you feed tonight, Aria?'

The voice came into my head suddenly, almost knocking me off my feet. I recognised that voice, but there was no way that it could have been real. My eyes had been watching him the whole time, and his mouth hadn't moved, heck the only movement was the slight up and down of his chest as he breathed. Nevertheless I had hear those words, had felt in my mind, stirring something within me that I hadn't felt before, that the real me knew on instinct but had never truly experienced.

'You always come here after you feed, why is that?'

The words startled me again, and I took a step away from the bed. If my world hadn't already been opened to the world of others then I knew I would have run screaming, after all if I could exist then why not anything else. This was, however, outside my range of knowledge, because he was in a coma, he wasn't supposed to be waking up. I had known that the morning after I woke up in his head, a memory of what had occurred the night before, and the sudden knowledge that I had done something terrible to someone that I cared about. No one could recover from that kind of energy loss, and somewhere in my bones I knew that no ordinary human should be able to accomplish this.

"Ryan?" I whispered suddenly, my voice sounding more like daytime me than I would have liked. It sounded scared and human, and the real me hated it.

'Aria, you shouldn't look so scared, someone like you shouldn't even know what fear is.'

"This is impossible." I said suddenly turning on my heel, ready to get away from the boy on the bed, to get home to where I could go to sleep still satiated from my earlier feeding, and wake up just as human as everyone else.

'Running away? You think I won't be able to follow you where you go, after all my voice is in your head, and you can't run away from that now can you?'

Turning back I felt a primitive instinctual fear take over me. Everything I had learnt about myself I had gotten from my own instincts, they told me everything that I needed to know, like a book on how to get by the way I did. From what I could tell it was just in case there were no others of our kind around, and in this moment that was exactly what happened to me. A word flashed before my eyes, which had my whole body screaming out in a desire to get away.

It was common knowledge that woman mature faster than men, and what had happened to me had occurred at the tender age of sixteen, but for men it would happen at eighteen. If I had known what I was before turning sixteen, if I had grown up with someone else of my kind this would never have happened. My first feeding had been so good, had been so delicious because he was something like me.

"You're an incubus!" I stated my hearted pounding heavily in my chest.

My best friend had been something like me all along, and I had never realised had never known. The odds of something like this happening made my head spin, if I had only ever once met someone else of my kind, how the hell could this have happened, could be possible that my first would be like this, and that I would myself all of a sudden not as much of a predator as I thought I was.

'You should have gotten away before I awakened; now I will be stuck with you forever.'

"Forever?" The words came out as no more than a whisper, and I felt my knees give way, information that had never been available to me before came to the forefront, and I learnt that what I had done was like poking a sleeping lion. He was stronger than I was, and far deadlier, it was something I should have known sooner. I was no longer the predator, but I was now the prey to an incubus out for revenge.

"I'm sorry." I forced out, as I got to my feet. Knew I could never out run this, but I had to try, I had to stop looking at the body of a boy who had been my best friend. Being the prey changed my outlook, took away the power of the night, and a felt almost daytime human, and I felt guilt and fear. I had done this, and he was going to make me pay, because it was night, and the incubus came out just as I had.

Laughter filled my head as I ran out into the cool night air breathing heavily.

'Good luck, little Succubus.'

Okay so this came to me on a whim, and I kind of like it. It was weird the kind of high I got from writing the first bit, having a such raw sexual predatoryness in my mind while writing it. And my goal had been to have the word Sucubus as the last one used, so I hope that it didn't seem out of place.

Anyway that's the first one shot I've done for a really long time, because I don't think I'm too good at them, but I hope it was enjoyable anyway.