Once upon a time, we used to be the best of friends,
then things changed,
She stopped talking to me, and I to her,
That time of my life is hazy, like I can't see,
I was alone and nobody talked to me.
But then I began to come back, I began to laugh and smile,
and she and I, though we kept a fair distance, talked to each other once again,
Both of us were cautious, wary around each other,
yet I poured my heart out to her, and she to me.
But I was still scared of falling into the black puddle I'd been to,
so I chose my words carefully, my friends, and my "crew",
but then I found some people, these people who brought out who I was,
being with them was easy as breathing, and I not only laughed,
but made others laugh too.
I was happy. Whenever I would look at the people I used to be with,
these people who couldn't be themselves because of what others would think,
While I was being who I was, they were being someone the weren't,
and at that time, all I could think of is that its their loss.
They seemed happy enough without me, I realized I'd just been a tag along,
everyone talked to me because I talked to the most important people at school,
everyone wanted to be me because I hung out with the people that were "cool",
But it wasn't me they liked. Not really.
Now, barely anyone greets me but those who I talk to,
but I just don't care, I can't care,
because life is so much fun without that and I don't think I'm missing out on anything at all,
then I found that I hadn't conversed with her in what felt like years,
we both felt the same thing - it had been a long time,
with both of us caught up in our lives.
And soon I began to notice, its not like she doesn't talk to me,
she barely talks to anyone at all,
while I was busy enjoying life and being in my element,
it seemed like she had met her downfall.
She didn't talk, she didn't eat, she slunk past me like a shadow,
until she turned almost invisible, I had to strain to see her everyday,
and everyday I see her, she looks as if she is deep in thought,
the world is laughing and chattering around her but she pays no attention,
I tried to shake her out of it, like she didn't know what she was missing out on,
but no, she would smile at me, and when my back was turned she would go back to thinking,
and after a while, I stopped trying, and so did everyone else.
Now when I notice her, sitting with her friends who don't seem to know that she exists,
staring into space, her wrist supporting her chin,
not aware of the world around her,
I wonder if,
something is wrong.
But I know better than to ask.