Written originally as a super rough English assignment, a response to Where I'm From by George Ella Lyon. Again, this is pretty sketchy so criticism is welcome!

I am from a fairy-tale,

Where mommy was a warrior and daddy was always there.

I am from puffy dreams of dancing,

sweat steamed mirrors and pink slippers of ballet

I am from a world of imagery and color,

of grass-stained knees and dirt filled nails

cartoons of innocence littering television,

without the pods and pads of technology.

I danced to the melody of the piano

to the angry screech of taps,

when blisters and corns were unheard of.

I'm from problems bubbling on the horizon,

A life of oblivious bliss

When letters in math resulted in double vision,

The jotted words of literature at my fingertips.

I am from the age of transition,

of metal brackets and flared jeans.

From four eyes reduced back to two

from a mouth of metal to slimy teeth

Trouble lured me near, afar I couldn't stay

Introducing the late nights of insomnia

and the stress of pliƩs and pirouettes

I live in a world of answers,

within the stroke of a keyboard

Of calloused feet and tilted hips

With hyper-extending legs that reach forever.

My life in the clutches of my mother's sacrificing hands

Of makeup and muscled thighs.

Passed the days of a princess,

My own warrior I've become.