Alright, here you go. Short is how all my stories begin, please don't get mad at me. Enjoy and review!

I run, my thick, tangled fur catching on the ground and tripping my paws.

I look behind me frantically, at each moment expecting capture.

I would rather die than go back to the place of pain, where the humans in white would torture me without end.

My breathing is heavy, a result of the running, and the blood roars in my ears. I scream in fright as I see a huge blob in front of me, it's true appearance shrouded by the night. Instantly, I regret it as the beams of light head my way again.

I am running toward the unknown.

I have never been out of my cage before.

I could die doing this.

Leaping over another dark unmoving blob, I keep on running. I will always be running, as far as I know. In this world of chaos and confusion.

Let me tell you my story.