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Chapter 1

I sighed walking out of the building. They said they'd call me within a couple of days if I got the job. I sure hope I did, I owe half of last months rent and I've got three weeks to come up with that on top of next months. Not including the cable and electric bill. Jasper and Tyler have been helping me out but I can't keep letting my older brothers take care of me. It's annoying and I should be able to support myself by now. But I can't keep a stupid job! Or even find one! I hopped into my old beat up Jetta and zoomed out of the parking garage towards my apartment. My phone started going off "Hey I just met you and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe!" that stupid ringtone my sister-in-law picked. That retarded song blared as I came to a stop at a light.


"Hey baby sis, how'd the interview go?" Jasper said and I rolled my eyes.

"I think it went okay," I silently hoped it did. Money was my bf's priority. Jasper and his wife owned a chain of gyms throughout a couple of states and they lived on the nicer side of town. Though Tess looks like a trophy wife, she would never be one. That's not her personality which is why I like her. But if they knew that I could barely afford to buy groceries, they would force me to move in. Literally.

"Thats good, they'd be dumb not to hire you," I could hear him munching on food. "Tess said to come over ASAP."

"Okay I just have to go home first and change and I'll be right over." We said goodbye as I pulled up to my crappy apartment building and hopped out. Walking up to the second floor, I tried my best to avoid those tough looking guys who sat in front of the building. I could feel them eyeing me but I kept my head down, letting my hair cover my face. This is the first time I was truly grateful for wearing my hair down. Ever. I whipped out my keys and ran quickly into my apartment avoiding any type of social engagements.

One good thing about my crappy apartment was my top of the line furniture. I went to school for interior designing and I had one heck of a job until my boss said that I wasn't good enough and fired me. I had to move out of my nice apartment and I got little jobs here and there but nothing to keep me from scraping to get by. I refused to sell anything even though its all worth a couple hundred thousand. Its just too nice and it'd be like taking my dignity away. The little that I had left anyway. I tossed my shoulder bag on the sofa and went to my room to change. I slipped out of my interview clothes and threw them in the hamper before walking into my sorry excuse of closet.

I grabbed a pair of worn jeans tugging them on followed by a baggy t-shirt. I put my sneakers on and went into the bathroom. My auburn hair was loose and a bit wild and you could easily see my split ends. It fell against my face making my freckles appear a bit more prominent. My eyes were a nice shade of grey and one of my only good assets. A lot of people say I look like that chick from Easy A and I kind of do. She's the only person I've seen with eyes just like mine. Even though she naturally blonde her auburn hair in the movie match my own. I pulled my hair out of my face into a ponytail before grabbing my bag and walking back out the door. I once again kept my head down heading towards my car.

"Hey sweetheart, ain't you gunna say hello," one of the guys said and I kept walking. Not saying anything. They all laughed and I rolled my eyes. The drive to my brothers house was quick. I rolled up to the oversized two story house. It wasn't quite big enough to be called a mansion but it was more then they needed. But Tess had a big family and they had cook outs here all the time. And Jasper wants a whole bunch of kids. I walked into the house without knocking and went straight to the living room. Jasper was on the couch holding the 2 year old, Erica while Tess was cuddled up with a sleeping Johnny, their 5 year old. Tyler was laid out like he lived here with some girl draped over him looking like a...not going to say it. Tyler's the one who claims he's never going to settle. "Too many girls not enough time" is what he always said. But honestly, he just needs somebody to put him in his place and keep him there, not some loose girl who will open her legs because he thinks she's pretty.

"Hey Gabi," Jasper said not taking his eyes off the game on tv.

"Hey," I said quietly plopping down next to him.

"'Sup sis," Tyler smiled at me. "This is Jordan, Jordan this is my baby sister Gabriella." I rolled my eyes at my full name and gave her a small smile.

"Omigosh I have like heard so much about you!" She piped and my eyes widened. Tess, Jasper and Tyler laughed. They knew I wasn't a fan of new people. I nodded trying to recover from my initial shock offering a smile. "We are going to be best friends! I mean we can go shopping together and go get our nails done." I heard them stifle their laugher as I cringed. Not my thing. At all.

"That's..interesting." I said trying I smile but failing miserably because they burst out laughing again. Jordan frowned obviously not getting the point. Dumb bimbo.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"Nothing babe, Gabi isn't as much as a social butterfly like myself." I glared at him. "She doesn't like new people." Amen to that. I fidgeted uncomfortably.

"Aunty Gabi!" Johnny shouted awaking from his slumber. He got off Tess and came over and jumped on my lap. "Hey Aunty Gabi." he said wrapping his tiny arms around my neck and I smiled pulling him into a hug.

"Hey Johnny, how are you?"

"I'm good! I got a new truck and Timothy came over to play the other day!" He continued to jump excitedly up and down on my lap. "I missed you Aunty Gabi."

"Why don't you go get your truck to show Aunty Gabi?" Tess suggested and he climbed off my lap and sprinted out of the room. I chuckled. Seconds later Johnny came stumbling in with an arm full of toys. I moved from my spot to the floor where Johnny showed me how to play with his new trucks and all his other toys. I played with him for about an hour before we migrated to the kitchen. Tess and I started to make lunch while they asked me about the interview.

"So tell me how it was?" Jasper asked putting Erica in a high chair.

"Well it was okay except the girl that was asking me questions seemed a little..."

"Prissy?" Tess suggested slicing up some apples for Johnny while I went to work on the chicken breast.

I nodded, "Yeah."

"Well that's how it is over there," Tess said putting the apple slices in front of Johnny and he started eating them. "Tate, Inc. is very high on the social latter and all the people there are..."

"Of high social standards?" I asked and she nodded. I sighed. "Then why did I even try to apply there. I mean seriously," I cut the fat off a piece of chicken and began slicing it. "What are the odds of the wanting to hire the quiet red head?"

"Why wouldn't they hire you?" Jasper said clearly getting exasperated. "You always sell yourself short Gabi and your worth way more than you give yourself credit for." I resisted rolling my eyes.

"He's right Gabi, you've got a really impressive resume and good work ethic." Tyler went over to the cabinet and pulled out a couple of wine glasses. After he poured all of us a glass they went on ranting about how I just needed to "open up more" or even "be a bit more social". I scrunched up my nose and put all my effort into cooking the Paella. Another one of my few talents. Cooking. Well it was more of a distraction but I didn't cook too often because I couldn't afford to buy all the stuff I wanted to have at my house so I could cook good proper meals.

The conversation continued easily as they seemed to change the subject to their business. Tyler also owned a few gyms but in another state so my brothers were both well off. Tyler wasn't nearly as good at business stuff as Jasper or I but he kept it going with Jasper's help. Well Jasper technically runs it but its in Tyler's name. In exchange, Jasper gets a good cut in the profits. They've both offered to give me a percent in the "family business" but I didn't want to and at the time I didn't think I'd need it. Now that I do, I'm wishing I had just taken the little percentage just so that I could stay afloat. After we finished cooking, we all sat and munched on the paella.

"Damn sis this is delicious!" Tyler said wolfing it down beside Jordan who was just watching him with wide eyes. She'd been talking a little with us but whenever she talked she sounded...stupid. She was a genuinely nice girl but we all knew she wasn't going to last. That's just not how Tyler worked. We finished our food and went back into the living room to watch some sport. We spent the rest of the day just sitting around their house and doing nothing. Well I played with Johnny for a good portion of the time. Tyler and Jordan left because they wanted to go out clubbing with some friends. When I finally left their house it was kind of late, I hopped in my car and drove the opposite direction of home. I drove to the outskirts of towns and took a couple turns until I arrived at a relatively large house.

It was up in the woods and very secluded. It was a beautiful house and I grew up coming here for weeks at a time. When I was in high school my summers were spent up here most of the time. I got out and walked up to the door. I was about to knock when the door swung open to reveal my best friend, Ryan. He was the guy that was always single for no apparent reason. He was beyond attractive but he never went out on dates and he wasn't a hook up type of guy. Even though we have done things together a couple of times. And I gave him my virginity because he was the only person I trusted enough to give myself at the time. To be honest though, I never really understood why he was friends with me in high school.

Captain of several sports and straight A's but never left me behind after we bonded in first block English when we were sophomores. He never sat with the people that you'd expect him to sit with. He always sat with me outside under the tree or in the library. Even though my grades were average and I wasn't a party girl, he never left my side. Ever. I would trust him with my life. The only thing I was ever known for in high school was the dance team. We went to all the dances together and he never complained about having me there. He never dated much in high school either but he I know he did hook up with girls. He was far from a virgin when I asked him if he would take mine. And over the years, if one of us needed each other in that way, then we never stopped it from happening. Its not like I wanted to though and he didn't seem to either so we didn't. He pulled me into a tight hug and I sighed in his arms. It felt good. Being in his arms. Safe and secure. Somewhere I knew I could always come back to.

He pushed his face into my neck and took a couple of deep breaths before pulling away to kiss my forehead. "You alright?" He asked and I nodded, letting him pull me into the house. The house was dark as he led me into the kitchen the lights came on automatically. The one think I loved about this house was that lots of it was just glass. Like the kitchen the entire wall was windows and you could see straight out into the dark woods. Along with the living room. The house was decorated very modern due to yours truly. After Ryan's parents gave him this house a couple years ago, he told me to go crazy and I did. He let me do my thing and he loved what I did when it was finished.

"Where'd you come from?" He asked setting a glass of strawberry soda in front of me. I looked at him and all his shirtless glory. Ryan was beyond ripped. All his muscles were defined and hard making me want to touch them. Not only that but he had a couple of tattoos to add to his sex appeal. He had one on his shoulder and another on his arm. He also had one going down his side which is the same as mine because we got them together. It said: Friendship is one mind in two bodies in hebrew.

"Tess and Jasper's with Tyler and his latest," I said sipping my soda. "Her name's Jordan." He rolled his eyes and gulped down his soda.

"She'll be gone within three days. How was your interview?" He came around the island and started kneading my shoulders. I could slowly feel my tense muscles relax under his hands. I closed my eyes and relaxed into his touch.

"It was good," I said simply not wanting to go into detail. "I don't think I'll get hired but at least I tried." He stopped moving his hands and my eyes snapped open. I looked up at him and his face was hard. Oh god, here come another lecture.


"I didn't come here for a lecture Ryan," I cut him off softly. I moved my arms slowly up his chest, I held back a smile when I saw him shiver, and hooked my arms around his neck. "I missed you." I said hugging him and his arms came around, enveloping me. I rested my head on his chest, breathing in his masculine scent closing my eyes. I could feel him sigh again.

"I missed you too Gabi but its late," He laced our fingers and tugged me. "Lets go to bed." I followed him up to his room. I dropped his hand and went over to his dressed and pulled out one of his shirts and a pair of clean boxers before stripping down. Ryan has seen me naked many times but I could still feel his eyes burning into my back as I took my bra off, leaving me in my underwear. I let my hair down. "You could just sleep like that you know?" He smirked at me and I glanced at him over my shoulder. His eyes glued to my legs and ass. I rolled my eyes, pulling his t-shirt and boxers on before hopping into bed. He turned the lights off and I crawled over to me, wrapping me in his arms. My phone started blaring. Hey I just met you and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe!" Ryan laughed and I glared at him before looking at my phone. I didn't recognize the number but I decided to answer it anyway.


"May I talk to a Ms. Gabriella Michaels," It was a female.

"This is she, may I ask who's calling?" I sat up and pushing my hair out of my face.

"Oh this is Lea from Tate Inc., and I've called to let you know that you did get the job as the Mr. Tate's secretary." My mouth dropped open and Ryan looked at me with scrunched up eyebrows. "You will start on Monday be there at 7:30am for the first day but any other day you start at 8am sharp, you won't get off until 5pm with one hour break for lunch. Someone will train you on the basics and you'll go from there. Right now Mr. Tate is on vacation and he won't be back until the following Monday and when he returns he will discuss your pay and everything. You will receive money for the first week even though you don't have a set rate yet." I took another deep breath, taking it all in and she continued. "You will have to dress up everyday, unless Mr. Tate says otherwise. Do you have any questions?"

"No thank you so much!" I said excited.

"Your welcome. Now don't screw this up, many people would die to have your position." Oh don't I know it. "It was nice talking you Gabriella and I wish you the best of luck." The line went dead and I stared at the phone before jumping up and down on the bed. Ryan was staring at me like I was some type of crazy person. I plopped down beside him and gave him a sloppy kiss on the lips.

"I got the job!" He smiled and pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so proud of you!" He pulled back and kissed my lips softly. His lips felt so good on mine. He gently bit my lip and I opened my mouth slightly letting him in. His tongue massaged mine softly as his hand came to cup the back of my head, treading his fingers in my hair. We pulled back at the same time. "When do you start?" he asked pulling me into his arms and stroking my hair.

"Monday," I yawned and he pulled the comforter up around us. He kissed my forehead.

"We can celebrate tomorrow if you like," I nodded letting exhaustion hit me.

"That sounds nice," I said letting myself drift off into sleep.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

I woke up with Ryan smiling down at me. "Morning Gabi," he said setting a tray down beside me. There was a whole bunch of my favorites on there. Pancakes, sausage, eggs and even some yogurt. To top it all off there was a gigantic glass of milk. "I'm going to hop in the shower and then you can shower before we stop by Jasper's." I nodded.

"Did you tell him I got the job?" I asked stuffing my mouth with some pancakes.

"Yes," he nodded. "Tess was all excited and was saying something about going shopping for some new business clothes." I internally groaned. I am not a fan of shopping. Ryan got up and went to the bathroom. Believe me when I say that Tess can shop. Actually I think that's an understatement. She will literally be at the mall from when it opens to when the guards kick you out because it's closing. No joke. Plus knowing her, she'll want to spend tons on me. There goes my Saturday. I eat my food and hopped in the shower once Ryan got out. By the time I was finished with my shower, he was all dressed and ready. I picked out a clean shirt and another pair of jeans from my drawer. They were one of my more worn pair, they've had better days but I didn't really care. I pulled my wet hair up into a pony tail and we were out the door. Ryan decided to drive his car behind me because I was going shopping with Tess and he needed to be home by a certain time and he didn't want to take my car. When we got to Jasper's house, Tess hugged me before I could even walk in the door.

"I am so proud of you Gabi!" she squealed excitedly pushing me into the house. Ryan followed as she led us to the living room.

"Congratulations sis!" Jasper pulled me into a hug. He passed me to tyler.

"Now that your working with the big boys can we get invites to parties?" Tyler asked smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"Why, so you can become a gigolo?" Tess asked grabbing her purse and my arm. We laughed and she tugged me toward the door. "We'll be back later!" she shouted shutting the door. She led me to the garage and hopped into her newer Denali. The drive to the mall wasn't too bad except for her constant nagging me about the call I got last night. She wanted all the details. I mean how many details were there? I can guarantee there weren't nearly as many as she asked for. As soon as we stepped into the mall it was a nightmare. People were everywhere, walking, talking and oblivious to anything else. I stiffen immediately as someone shouldered me unintentionally. Tess linked arms with me, catching on to my discomfort.

"Let the shopping began!" she said happily dragging me into the first store. Let the torture began.

~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~

After a hair appointment, getting my nails done and having more than fourty combined bags I was beat. Tess made me get my long hair trimmed and styled and though the look was rather simple, I liked it. She also made me get authentic nails. Or is it acrylic? Yeah I think it's acrylic. They weren't too long and I loved the midnight purple color but I was never a fan of getting my nails done. She told me that people of that "status" wouldn't step out of their house without their nails being done. I shrugged it off.

Tess even took me to a department store and had one lady teach me how to use make up. It was strange but Tess fell in love and bought me a whole load of expensive make up from Mac. I'm pretty sure she made me buy something from every store in the mall. Even Victoria's Secret! She said that I never know what's going to happen in the office before buying me more than fifteen lacy bra and matching thing sets. I was happy about the bras because mine were getting a little old but thongs...really? She got me to try on a large selection of high priced pencil skirts, butting up shirts, business blazers and pants suits. She even got me some dresses, dressy shorts with several matching tops. Not even going to start in shoes. All types if heels, wedges, boots, sandals in all the colors you could think of. She got me so much stuff web had to drop some stuff off at her car because we needed hands to get more stuff. Right now she had me in a nice pair of shorts that fit me nice lying with a matching shirt that was loose and swayed a bit. She demanded I wear wedges and gave me a new purse and sunglasses before we enter her house. It was dusk and I was surprised to still see Ryan's car in the driveway.

"You look good Gabi, stop worrying!" she said as I tugged my shorts down. They wee a little too short for my taste, reaching higher than mid thigh. Though my legs were one of my good assets I still wasn't confident. Despite the wax I got. I cringed remembering the other wax I got. Not too pleasant. "Come on Gabi!" I hesitantly walked into the living room chewing on my lip nervously. I took one last deep breath before stepping in the room. The silence was a bit unnerving and I chewed on my lip a bit harder.

"Damn Gabi, you clean up nice," Chance one of Tyler's friends said with his eyes raking my body. Awkward.

"Shut up Chance!" Jasper said glaring at him and then smiling at me. "You look really nice Gabi."

"She does but those shorts are a little too short," Tyler commented and I rolled my eyes. Thats one downside to having two older brothers, they never grow out of the protective stage.

"Come on Tyler!" Tess said, "She's a grown women! And she's got nice legs."

"Damn right," Rick muttered with his eyes giving me a once over. He stopped once Tyler and Jasper glared at him. You got to love having older brothers right?

Gotta love having older brothers right? Lol I don't have any older brothers even though I've always wanted to. I only have an older sister and a baby brother who born 5/11/12! So he's young but anyway what do you think? Am I a crappy writer? Is Gabi cute or what? Lol let me know!