Hello everyone!

I am uber sorry but this isn't a chapter. I'm going to tell you why I haven't been updating. Okay so I have to move out of my house :( the owner I'm renting from is trying to sell it and I'm not willing to buy in this area. I was supposed to be out by today but I couldn't find a place in time so I'm staying in a hotel right now :/ sad but technically at this moment I'm homeless. It's unfortunate but I have to deal with these cards I was dealt. It's hard to keep it together but I have to for the sake of my family. My stress is really high and everything in my life seems to be crumbling. I really am sorry it has taken me sooo long to get back to y'all but there's only do much stress someone can take before they break.

Much love

-M. Vanderbilt

P. S - if anyone wants to edit the chapters that are already up, that'd be nice and appreciated.