Shouldn't this feel wrong? I don't even know his name. This male, my new mate wasn't even my intended match. Alexandra Scottsdale thought to herself as her head rested on the bare chest of her new mate. She wasn't upset over the matting, he was handsome, well handsome didn't cut it, he was drop dead beautiful. Everything she could hope for in a male physically. He was quiet, protective, and at times scary. Her coupling night was something she was always waiting for, hearing the stories from her friends and sister in laws of the "First Time". Her grandmother warned her to be prepared for the pain, that he was an aggressive male and might not take in consideration of her lack of experience.

"Alexandra." His heavy voice woke her from her blissful state.

"Yes." Was all she could answer as she raised her head to look at him.

"Did I hurt you?" He ran his hand down her cheek, brushing her lips with his thumb.

"No, not at all. You were." She blushed. "Quiet patient and kind."

"I never wish to hurt you. I know this isn't the matching you expected. I'm not the male you wanted." He looked away.

"No, you weren't, but after everything that went on this past 24 hours. You're the male I needed. I honestly never wanted but one male, that male was a dream like every little girl has, I'm finding that you and he might be the same." It was Alex's turn to look away from him.

"Why do you say that?" He lifted her chin.

"I was beyond humiliated today, the most powerful Alpha in the northern lands only daughter and promised in contract to a male, a male who ran away, a coward, he never had to sign the papers, he took everything my father had saved for me, Am I that unpleasing?" She felt tears burning now but continued. "Then you came in like a knight in shining armor. Not only did you save me from my death, but you saved my heart when I felt it was t be shattered like the cliffs that gave way. You saved me. But why?"

"He is stupid, you are more than pleasing to the eyes as well as to the body. It is all his fault and his shame. I had requested your hand but to late, you were taken. I wouldn't give up, because, honestly My beautiful Alexandra, I've dreamed of you every day of my life since I was born. The moment I saw you I knew you were the one. I knew you were my princess. I knew you would be my wife, my mate, my equal. Don't ever think that you are undeserving of love of being wanted. Why did I save you? How could I not. My life would be nothing." He pulled her up to his lips kissing her. "I love you."