Chapter One: Emma

You know that girl, with the beautiful blue eyes, and the blonde hair? She's tall and skinny and just amazingly gorgeous? There isn't a pimple on her skin, every boy worships her, and every girl wishes she was her? Ha. Well, that's me. Yes, I'm that girl. Or, I was. My stilettos clicked every time I walked down the crowded hallways. People always moved right out of my way. I had everything. Or so I thought... After reigning for seventeen years of my life, my world was flipped. All because of one stupid asshole of a guy.

It was September, the days of drinking and partying on the beach were over. It was time for school. Most people hate the beginning of the school year. But, me? Never. School was where I was the Queen, where everyone would happily give up their arms or legs to just sit near me. I had power. I had endless power. I know secrets people have trusted me with. And as the saying goes "Knowledge is Power." Every single one of my blind followers had accidentally told me a secret. Some secrets were pretty big, and I would be the only one to keep them out of jail. And some small, embarrassing secrets... but most of all, no one had anything on me. And then this asshole came along. He ruined everything.

His name was Vince. Even his name made me want to throw up. He was the typical Goth kid that sat at the back of the cafeteria. He was the guy everyone tried to avoid. They said his eyes were more black then a black hole. That he had no soul. His sarcasm was dark, as well as his humor and everything about him. From his hair, to his clothes... black... everything. He's probably the type of person that you would never want to hang out in a dark alley with.

"Emma? Are you even paying attention to what I'm saying?" Amber asked me. I looked over to her in a daze, that kid just freaked me out. I was looking at him. Trying to figure him out, there was no doubt he was a loser, but just something about him drew him to me... I can't explain it.

"Em? Why are you looking at that freak?" Josh asked from beside me. He was the only one that ever called me 'Em' rather than 'Emma', and I liked it. The way he said it with his deep gravelly voice, it just made my skin crawl, but in a good way. He snaked an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I breathed in his manly scent. No doubt an expensive cologne.

"Mmmm? What? No, I'm not looking at that freak, have you seen him? God, he gives me the creeps." I said, not exactly meaning it. Yes his appearance was totally freaky but something about him was... I don't even know how to say this. He seemed misunderstood.

Amber went on talking about the parties and how she was sad that Summer had ended and we were back in this 'hell-hole', as she put it. I really wasn't paying attention, I could care less about what that airhead was talking about. Instead I let my eyes wander over to the back of the cafeteria where Vince was sitting. His head snapped up. I almost jumped, the movement was so sudden. He looked at me. On his face was a look of disgust. But I tried to peer into his eyes, past his dark bangs. To really get a look at him.

Meanwhile Amber kept on blabbing, and I pretended to be interested in what she was saying, nodding and saying "Mmmm hmmm." But really not having a damn clue what she was yapping about. She finally stopped talking and I said to the people at the table (most of them, guys who had a massive crush on me) "Anyone want anything? I'm getting a coke."

"Yeah, Emma, get me a diet coke? Thanks." Amber said.

I stood up from the table and walked to get in line. My eyes looked over to Vince, but he wasn't there. I frowned, but I wasn't even sure why. I shouldn't care about a freak like him. It could ruin my whole rep. I barely had to even wait in line, everyone moved for me, saying "Oh hi Emma," or "How's it going Emma?" I reached the top of the line to find Vince standing there.

"They say that if you look in my eyes you can see the Devil." He said to me, staring right at me. For a moment, I was lost in his gaze, his black eyes almost hypnotising me. "Can you see the Devil? Emma?" He asked me. But I was so lost in his eyes that all I was able to say was "Beautiful..." I shook my head.

"What do you want, Vince?" I asked in a bored manner. "Pass me a straw, will ya?" I asked with a fake smile on my lips. Gesturing to the straw dispenser.

He slammed his food tray down and looked at me, with those dead, cold eyes. "You know what the problem with you is, Emma?" I stared him down. "No, what's my problem, Vince?" I snapped. "Is it that I don't sulk around and creepily stare at everyone, and then make murder plans or whatever in my head?" I asked, casually, while patiently waiting in line.

He smiled. But not a nice smile, a dark smile. The type you would see if you watched some horror film with the villain who is about to kill someone. It had an eerie feel to it. "No, your problem Emma, is that you think everything is going to be handed to you on a silver platter in life," he grabbed a handful of straws and said "If you want a damn straw, here!" he flung them at me. "There you go, your highness." He mock-bowed. "Happy?"

He quickly stomped off, leaving me with nothing to say. By now, everyone was busily watching the drama unfold.

"Spaz," Josh muttered under his breath, but in a way that Vince would hear him. I watched as Vince turned around smoothly, a seemingly calm look on his face. But everyone who knew Vince, knew that there was no way that this would end nicely. Everyone knew what would happen next, and everyone was secretly hoping that a fight would erupt.

Vince seemed like your average kid, with an average 5'9, 5'10 figure, an ant compared to Josh's 6'2 height. But everyone knew that under that tight t-shirt there were muscles. And behind those Devil eyes, anger bubbled. The whole fight unfolded in a matter of seconds. Vince charged. Chairs were knocked over. I think the table was close to flipping too. One second josh was sitting there with a sly grin on his face; and then next Vince was on him. The momentum of his speed knocked over Josh while he was still in his chair.

I watched in horror as Vince pounded the shit out of Josh's face. There was no way Josh's face was going to be pretty after this. Blow after blow, so filled with anger. The air shifted in the whole place. Everyone was gathered in a semi-circle around the two, and yelling incoherent things. The words "Fight! Fight!" Were slurred as they were said by the cheering crowd of people.

It was total chaos. Madness.

This was my first real encounter with the person who ruined my life, and possibly saved it.

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