His lips against mine felt heavenly. The way our bodies melded together made me truly believe that we were meant for each other. The only thing this could possibly be was love. As usual, our kiss started out slow, a gentle, rhythmic pressure between us. His strong hands caressed my face, shoulders, and waist. My skin already tingling with excitement and lust, but Brandon was just getting started. He pinned me up against the lockers behind us. The cool metal was a sharp contrast against his hot body. I couldn't move back, so the only place to go was forward. Right where he wanted me. He began to kiss me harder, with so much vehemence that it almost hurt. I moaned, my lips parting, and his tongue slipped in. It seized mine and took control-

"Mr. Philbeck. Miss Vicks." Brandon brusquely pulled away from me, and glowered at the tall, middle aged man who was now between us. "My class started three minutes ago, so I suggest you say, 'sorry, sir,' and hurry your butts into their assigned seats." It was Mr. Daniels, our Sociology teacher.

"Sorry, sir," mumbled Brandon. He hurried off towards the classroom. I started to follow suit, but Mr. Daniels stopped me.

"Amelia," he started. God, I thought. Can't he just call me Mia like everybody else? "You have to stop doing this. I know you're a senior, but that doesn't mean you can blow off class just to make out with Brandon. Senioritis never leads to anything good, and it's hard to recover from."

"You should tell him this, too!"

"I've tried. Ever since sophomore year, actually. It's pretty much just a habit for him now. I know you're more reasonable. Please, just-"

"Please, don't give me the whole, "He's not good for you speech. My parents tried that when we started dating last year. I love Brandon, and he loves me. Nothing you can say is going to change anything." I was getting impatient. First, he wanted me to go to class, but when I tried to, he stopped me just to babble some stupid crap.

He rubbed his chin. "Well, go join the rest of the class. And I don't want you wasting mine or your peers' time anymore. Okay?"


I followed him back into the classroom, and started towards my seat in the back. On the way, I passed Brandon. He gave me a concerned look. I shot a half smile, saying, it's okay.

I sat down and opened up my textbook. We had started the lesson, but I couldn't focus. I wanted more of Brandon. I did love him. At least, I thought it was love. I constantly thought about him. When he was around, everything felt perfect. When we kissed, the world went away and left just the two of us. It had to be love.

More than that, Brandon had an influence on me. I used to be the shy girl in school. I'd never kissed a guy, and never had sex. Brandon came into my life in junior year, and changed that. At first, I was scared. But he was so charming, with his ice blue eyes, and dark brown swish of hair. And his smile… Once showed me what I had been missing out on, there was no turning back. With him, I felt… important. I felt loved. I liked it.

"Mia." The boy next to me at the table, Jace Creswell, was leaned towards me.

Jace was always quiet, like I used to be. He wasn't ugly or anything; on the contrary, he was pretty cute. He was tall, and his hair was wavy, and that perfect length where it landed just above his dark chocolate eyes. He seemed nice enough; he never got into fights or trouble, and was polite to everyone, but he didn't have any friends. If anyone talked to him, he wouldn't blow them off. He would just talk for a little while, then excuse himself, and walk away. Like he didn't want to let people in.

That used to be me. I knew how it was, so I generally let him be. I mean, I wasn't going to bug him to death.

I was actually surprised now, because he was talking to me.

"Mia, Mr. Daniels-"

"Miss Vicks." Mr. Daniels stared holes into my skin with a look so severe that I squirmed a little in my seat. "I asked you a question."

"Oh, yes. Umm… could you repeat the, uh… question?"

"Of course." He smiled at me, threateningly. I was not doing so hot after his warning a few minutes ago. "I asked why learning about vampires is so important in this class."

At least the question was easy.

Vampires were a major part of our society. Even though you rarely ever saw them, every now and then, they would cause trouble. They were nothing more than rogues, lawless and uncontrollable, but they had power, and kept our society rich with fear and hatred.

I grew up hearing on the news and around school the stories of normal, innocent people that had been bitten. It didn't matter if they were the nicest, most likeable person in the whole damn country before. Once they were bitten, they became one of them. They were no longer human. And they were shunned.

Two years ago, a freshman girl at school was bitten. She came the next day, hoping to keep it a secret, but someone had seen the bite marks, and told everyone. By lunchtime, the whole school knew what he was. I remember all the names they called her. All the horrible things that they did to her in the hallways. But she wasn't herself anymore. She was a monster. We were just reacting the way we were supposed to. Human nature said to protect yourself. And she was a threat. She left school early that day, in tears, and no one ever saw her again.

"They make up a whole class in our society, even if we never see them. They influence us, and society, which means we have to study them in this class."

"Very good! It's true. Vampires have a huge impact on us. To truly understand how and why, we first have to know about vampires themselves. Does anyone know any characteristics of vampires?"

Several people raised their hands. Mr. Daniels went across the room, calling on everyone.

"They have fangs."

"And red eyes!"

"They drink blood!"

"They're pale."

"They can't go into sunlight."

Mr. Daniels nodded. "Does everyone agree with that?" We slowly nodded our heads in assent. "And that's why they have such a strong hold over us. That is all we know." I thought about that. I guess it was true. No one really knew that much about vampires. "If you took the time to really learn about them, you'd see that there is more to them than that."

I noticed that everyone was quiet. This was getting to be one of those rare lessons where everyone is interested, and paying attention.

"Vampires usually look normal. Their fangs only come out when they are about to feed. Same with the red eyes. They have to drink blood to live. They can go out in the sun, but they are more comfortable in the dark, the same way we are more at ease in the light. That's why they are pale." He paused for a moment. "I'm not saying to go make friends with every vampire in Colorado. They are still dangerous, and you should always remember that. But you have to realize that there is more to them than just bloodthirsty demons. They are conscious beings. Your homework for tonight is to figure out some real facts about vampires. The internet is full of information, you just have to look."

Right on time, the bell rang. "Bye! Remember, be safe, be smart, and be legal!" As I gathered my books, I smiled at Mr. Daniels' own catch phrase. I walked out, and joined Brandon at the door.

"Hey, babe." Brandon took my books from my arms to his. "I'll carry these for you."

"Thanks!" I grinned.

"No problem. Hey, you want to go out tonight?"


"I was thinking The Loft. You know, the new bar on the East side of town?"

Brandon was a big drinker, and was always in on all the best places to go. "You've never been there have you?"

He shook his head. "But I know the guy that owns it. Don't worry. We'll get in no problem. I can probably even get us a few beers on the house. What do you say?"

Good old Brandon. He always knew exactly how to have fun, and how not to get caught while doing it. "Hell, yeah!"

"Great. I'll pick you up at nine."

Brandon was not late. At exactly nine, he pulled up outside of my house in his black convertible. I quickly finished up my makeup, and then glanced at my reflection in the mirror.

I was wearing dark skinny jeans, with red strappy sandals. I had on a red, ruffled shirt under a dark denim cropped jacket. My long, black hair was pulled out of my face, but cascaded down my back in perfect curls. I wore shimmery gray eye shadow, the same color as my eyes. All in all, I looked pretty hot.

I tiptoed quietly down the stairs. Crap, I thought. Who knew it was so hard to tiptoe in heels? I was doing okay, until the last step. My foot slipped, and my heel made a loud, dull thud on the floor below. I froze for a second, before continuing on.

"Mia, where are you going?" Shit. My mom.


"Out where?" My dad joined the interrogation.

"Just… out. To the park. With Brandon." I tried my hardest to make the lie sound believable.

"What are you going to do at the park?" My mom asked.

"There's a meteor shower. We're going up to that big hill to watch it." I had no clue if there was a meteor shower or not, but my parents would have no way of checking. They could barely work their phones, much less the internet.

"Oh, very cool! You two have fun!"

"Don't be out too late," my dad added. "You have school tomorrow."


I opened the front door and walked out to Brandon's car. He was looking especially sexy in a gray V-neck T-shirt and jeans. I slid over the door, and flopped into the passenger seat. "Sorry, parent problems."

He nodded. "I hear you."

"Don't worry. I'm good for the rest of the night."

"Let's go then." He turned up the radio, and we sped off towards The Loft.

As soon as we arrived, I could see that it was different than the other places we'd been. The music was louder, the drinks were cheaper, and the people were rowdier. I couldn't wait to get in there.

Brandon looked at me. "You ready?"

I smiled. "Yeah."

"Let's go, then."

When we walked in, the smell of alcohol hit me in the face. People were dancing, most insanely drunk. The music blared, with bass so loud that it was almost all I could hear. It was exhilarating. We seemed to be the youngest people there, but a few couples looked as if they also weren't quite twenty one.

We walked over to the bar. Brandon waved to the bartender, a big, burly, bearded man. "Dave!"

"Brandon! I was hopin' you'd be comin' in soon!" His words were slurred.

"This place is hot! I should've come sooner."

"Yeah, but yer here now. Who's this pretty little thing with ya?" He jerked a thumb towards me.

"This is Mia, my girlfriend. Mia, this is Dave."

Dave smiled, showing off his crooked teeth. "Pleasure ta meet ya."

I looked around. "Great place you have."

"Ya. I try to make it crazier than any other joint in Denver."

"You did good!"

"Thank ya! Now. Y'all are much too sober. What can I start ya off with?" Brandon got us each a beer.

I really enjoyed these kinds of places, but it was never my goal to get drunk. I like the sensation of numbed senses and a free mind that alcohol gave me, but I stopped before I got crazy enough to do something that I would regret. Brandon was a different story. Two hours and five drinks after we arrived, he was so wasted that could barely form coherent speech.

"Brandon, I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be right back."

"S' good I surpose."

I crossed the bar towards the blinking neon "Restrooms This Way" sign. I was passing some tables, when a hand reached out and grabbed my wrist.

"What the hell is a sexy thing like you doing here all alone?" The speaker, sitting alone at a table in the corner, looked to be in his early twenties. He looked rough. I was a little nervous.

"I'm not alone. My boyfriend is right over there." I pointed to Brandon. He was now passed out in his seat.

"That kid over there? He shouldn't be a problem."

"A problem with what?" My voice started out strong and defiant, but anyone could have heard it crack at the end. I tried to pull away, but his hand wrapped around my wrist like a shackle.

He pulled me close to his face. I was surprised that he didn't smell like alcohol. "Come with me, babe. We can have some… fun together."

My blood ran cold. Whatever "fun" he had in mind, I didn't want any part in it. "No! Get away from me!" I said, my voice raising with panic.

"Shut the hell up, bitch. Do you want to attract attention? All someone would have to do is look at you to see you're not twenty one."

I chewed my lip and thought about that. This guy was a creep. But guys in bars were usually all bark and no bite. This could amount to nothing. If I yelled, things could go bad. I could get in serious trouble if the right person saw me.

The man grinned mischievously. "Exactly. Now where do you want to do this?" He stood up, and dragged me towards the back door. That led to an alley. Where nobody would see us. That was it.

"Brandon! Dave!" I yelled. Brandon didn't stir, but Dave immediately saw what was happening and rushed to my aid. The man let go of my wrist and took a step back.

"What da ya think yer doin'?"

"My apologies. I'll be leaving now."

"Yeah, ya better! And don't let me see yer ugly face 'round here again!" The man stared at me for a few seconds before turning around and exiting through the back door. He disappeared into the shadows of the alley. Dave turned to me. "I'm sorry ya had ta put up with that, miss."

"It's okay. I'm probably going to go home now, actually. It's been a long night, and I have school tomorrow."

"I hear ya."

"Could you tell Brandon when he wakes up?"

"Sure thing. How ya gonna get home?"

"I'll take the bus. There's a stop just two blocks down."

"Okay, miss."

I got my purse and headed outside. It was late, and no one was on the streets. I looked around to gain my bearings. I was about to walk to the bus stop, when I saw the alley that the man had disappeared into. Stop being stupid Mia. He's long gone by now. Even still, I looked around doubtfully, and hurried past the alley as fast as I could in my heels.

Not fast enough.

An iron hand grabbed me, and pulled me into the shadows. I started to scream, but his other hand clamped over my mouth. I shivered with fear, fear of what this man was going to do to me. Rob me, rape me, hell! This man seemed like the type to kill innocent girls. I started to reach for my phone, but he easily swatted my purse away like I wasn't even holding on to it.

"Hey there, beautiful." I couldn't see, but I could hear the man close to my face. "I see we're going to have to do this the hard way." He leaned in closer, and I could feel his rancid breath on the right side of my neck. He paused there for a few moments, and as his breath created goose bumps on my skin, I felt a tear slide down my cheek. The man continued, but his voice sounded even rougher now, strained. "You see, it could be anyone, but I chose you. It's just that you smell so delicious… Young girls are always the sweetest. So tender, their skin can barely contain their veins, pumped full of exquisite, luscious blood."

He raised his head away from my neck, and in the moonlight, I saw the glint of two razor sharp fangs.

A vampire! I squirmed against him, but he had me pinned against the brick wall of the alley. He brought his head to my neck again, this time caressing my skin with rough lips. I shuddered as he slowly licked my neck. The saliva burned my skin, like alcohol in an open wound. I felt more tears.

The vampire's lips parted against my skin, and I felt the pressure of his fangs, cool and hard against my neck. They lingered there, threatening.

Then, suddenly, the vampire opened his mouth wide.

He bit down, his fangs stabbing like needles, and then the world went black.

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