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Dying Dandelions

Because everything that begins has an end.

The first time they met, he was 7 and she was 6.

She saw him climbing up a tree, his limbs clutching tightly to the tree trunk and she looked at him as she took small, cautious steps.

'You want me to teach you?' It was a statement, not a question, for he was already climbing down and dragging her up the tree.

That day, she got a bruise just below her knees, a few cuts in her palms and numerous scratches around her body.

'It was fun. I like it.' She told her mom that she wanted to go again.

Her mom didn't believe her.


The first time they kissed, he was 16 and she was 15.

They were on a tree, their tree, under the protection from a canopy of childhood memories.

He was not the most well-built or handsome guy, but he was there. He has always been there. For her.

She didn't have the curviest, sexiest figure, but he still thought she was beautiful.

He was reckless, she was reckless, they were both reckless.

It only seemed right at that time.


Her love for him was…

She loved his crooked grin; his lips would part slightly, as though he was sneering at something, even when he was not.

But what she loved most, was his full-fledged idiotic schoolboy grin that he only reserved for her.

For her, not that stupid cheerleader Ada.

Their love, she reckoned, could move mountains, shatter continents, even change the Earth's orbit.

But no, it could not help them raise a child. She snorted.

Even with that in mind, they didn't use protection.

They were too reckless for that.


The last time he proposed, he was 28 and she was 27.

'Would you marry me?' Just that, he didn't give a speech on their long-lasting love, just a sentence echoed in their apartment, bouncing backwards and forwards between their used-to-be-white walls, time staining them, giving them a grey tint.

'Yes.' Why not? She thought.

And he slid the ring on her finger.

Mission accomplished.


His love for her was…

It used to be able to move mountains, change the Earth's orbit, and even led to the most earth-shattering orgasms possible. But it couldn't raise a child.

No, children are out of question, he told himself.

The sparks are gone, like their childhood and teenage days, taking everything they knew with them, going further and further away, like seeds of white dandelions dissolving into the blue sky.

He proposed. She said yes.

They weren't reckless anymore.


The millionth time she stared at her ring, she was 30.

Why was it there?

It wasn't the millionth time she asked herself this question though.

The grey stains in the walls were gone – it was now replaced by a spotless shinning white, all traces of their imperfections, of what they used to be, disappeared.

That's sad. She had always thought the beaten old walls quite endearing.

But that's too late now.

People talked, people smiled, people complimented her life, her husband, her ring (a diamond with a very sharp cut that could hurt her fingers, if she wasn't careful).

People moved on.

Not her, not her who was looking down at the glinting diamond ring given to her by her husband, a token that she was his, with tears of regret sliding down her cheeks.

It was supposed to be a token of love.

But it felt like a chain to her.

~the end~

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