"Yes, it's Ben."

Ashley knew it. She just did, but for some reason, she wasn't ready for the answer. Ashley gave a grin and choked the words, "Congratulations." She turned away as tears dripped down her cheeks. She didn't care if he was taken, he was never hers to begin with. The fact that her friend lied hurt her the most.

She clenched her fists and forced herself to look at her other friend, Lauren. "Ashley, what's wrong?"

Ashley forced a smile. "Nothing, it's nothing."

"Why are you always so selfless, Ashley?"

"Martha, I told you, it's just a boy. I don't care. The fact you lied to me hurts. If you can't trust me, how can I trust you?"

Martha didn't answer and Ashley walked off to the bottom steps of the bleachers. She sat hugging her knees and tears dripping down her cheeks. Martha tried to help her achieve Ben. And instead, made Ben fall for Martha instead. Why is life so confusing?

Dismissal bell had rung and Martha called for Ashley to wait. She did. "Ashley, are you okay?"

Ashley rolled her eyes and grinned. "Of course I am! I like Robby Cruz second anyway!" She said, sort of lying.

Martha laughed, unconvinced. "I'm glad you can still move on."

"Duh! I'm only in middle school. What's the point of falling in love? A crush is a crush!"

"Okay, okay, no need to overreact!"

The rest of the day went by slowly for Ashley. She couldn't pay well enough attention in class. She kept thinking about her situation. Why? was her only question.

When Ashley got home, she called out, "I'm home!" There was no response. She sighed. Her older brother J.J. must be out with some friends again. She was left home alone so often it was a routine. She wasn't allowed to go anywhere, allowed to do anything, she was overprotected. She laid on the couch, munching on string cheese and staring out the window. She finished the string cheese and felt sleepy. Her thoughts were occupied though. And so she didn't want to sleep at all. Ever. They were of Ben. How she had fallen for him since the year before, when she had met him. The thought of Martha betraying her stung, even though she had just met Martha this semester, she already put a lot of trust into Martha. Tears filled her eyes as she thought, and she slowly drifted off into a dream-filled sleep.

The sound of snapshots woke Ashley up. She rubbed her eyes and saw J.J. taking photos. Again. "J.J.," she whined. "why do you keep taking pictures of me sleeping?"

"Because you're my adorable little sister! And I will protect you!"

Ashley rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

J.J. tilted his head. "What's wrong? What happened to my happy little sister? You are sad. Tell me why."

Ashley waved the thought away. "It's fine. I'm fine."

J.J. gave her a stern look. "Tell me. Now. I can't bear that you don't have a smile on your face 24/7."

Ashley looked down. "Martha took the guy I fell in love with, she lied to me, and...I'm not ready for it all." Ashley choked out the words. "I-I'm scared. What if there's more to come? What if I can't trust anyone anymore?" Tears fell down her cheeks.

J.J. put his arms around her. "It's okay, it'll be alright. Everything's cool."

Ashley sniffed. "I don't want to fall in love again. Ever."

J.J's body stiffened. This isn't good, he knew. It's bad for her because it's just experience she's afraid of. "Don't worry. I'll find someone you can trust."

Ashley got up and grinned through her tears. "Thanks J.J.!"

"No problem." Ashley ran up to her room, and J.J. scrolled through his contacts. Surely some girl would have a brother Ashley's age. He gave up after several hours. But he needed to help his little sister. He shrugged it off so he could post the new pictures into his account on Pandagram. His little sister was a hit there. He just hoped no perverts would try to make a grab at her.

Ashley switched on her laptop after taking a long nap. She hasn't been on for weeks. She typed in her password and logged in Pandagram. She went to her brother's pictures..."J.J.!" She stomped down the stairs. "What is the meaning of this?!"

J.J. gave an innocent smile. "Meaning of what?"

Ashley's eyes glowered. "Pandagram. Why are my pictures everywhere?!"

" 'cause you're cute?"

Ashley rolled her eyes. "No, 'cause you put them on there!"

J.J. showed an angelic face. "Sowwy, Ashley."

Ashley gave a soft smile. "It's okay. I forgive you." She hugged him.

"Yay!' J.J.'s phone pinged. "Ooo...a guy your age likes it~!"

Ashley rolled her eyes once more. "Whatever." She ran up the stairs to her room.

J.J. winked at her. "I'll check him out for you! Don't worry!"

Ashley was upset, but not enough to chuckle at J.J.'s comment. "Sure~!"

J.J. tapped the boy's profile. Ah, I know him. The popular kid who broke girls' hearts. Hudson, is it? Ah, yes. Hudson King. You are not breaking my little sister's heart. I'll keep my eye on you.

Ashley typed a new update for her blog. And, almost immediately, had people comment.

I.J.: Aw, poor you!

Sabrina: That's sad... :C

Kelly: Don't worry, you'll find someone new. C;

Ashley angrily clicked the red x. She didn't need pity, nor did she want pity. But she needed to prove it somehow. She gave it some thought and opened the website back up, and someone had just posted something.

Ben: Interesting, huh? Sounds familiar though.

Her cheeks reddened in anger and tears poured out. She replied hastily.

Ashley: I don't need your pity, Ben! It's all your fault! Everything is your fault! You wanna know why it sounds familiar? You asked my BFF our when you know I like you, Ben. The least you could do was reject me! I hate you, hate you, hate you!

J.J. then messed with his phone and somehow got onto his sister's blog. He read it and was angered. He stomped up the stairs to Ashley's room. "Ashley! Is there a chance that Ben is your messed-up love?" He slammed open the door to find her red-faced and once more, crying. He hugged her. "I'll find him. And make him pay." Her laptop pinged as well as J.J.'s phone. Their eyes widened when they saw it.