Hey guys! This plot has been in my head for days and I have been itching to write it. So, here it is! This story is my version of Hans Christian Andersen's "Little Match Girl". This is a very touching tale that will make us all aware that while other people are living merrily, some are suffering in this world. It is so sad; I wish I can help everyone. I just love writing these kinds of stuffs, about weakness of a defenseless girl…being saved and comforted by a sweet and gentle guy. ^^ If you notice, most of my stories, even back in FanFiction are like that. See "Inevitable", a Detective Conan fiction of mine, and you'll see that it has a resemblance with this story. I was writing this story beside the freezing cold air-conditioning unit in my room, by the way, so yeah, I'm freezing as well. I did this to have a feel of what I'm writing. (But I do have a sweater XD) Please enjoy my latest work.

PS: Warning for violence and matured content (just like Spark's novel-Safe Haven's level of maturity), for older teens. But if you have read Safe Haven, do read this. :D Don't worry, there's always light in my stories XD

Copyright of Miyano Ran

GENRE: Romance, Violence, Suspense



Fifteen year old Alice sauntered through the freezing cold streets of London, a basket of candles in hand. Her lips were blue, skin as pale as anyone struck with leukemia can ever be, and eyes as dull as the pitch black night sky above her. She had hot tears in her eyes; it was the only thing that warmed her. She had no mittens, no coat, nor footwear to protect her from the shivering cold snow falling above her and below on the ground. She only had a single scarf which she was able to pick up across the street.

She was the epitome of pity and sorrow. To the onlookers, she looked like a pitiful girl who had nothing to offer other than a bundle of candles while everyone else was having the most fun out of the season. It was Christmas Eve and many parishioners and church goers would light up candles and offer it during their novenas. She traipsed all day across town to sell her candles, however, not a single person bought from her. Sure, people used candles in churches and stuff, but they probably bought their candles from some other store or seller. The basket she carried was terribly heavy and her elbows were splittingly painful when she tried to flex them. Her shoulders were also in pain due to the weight.

She was tired and decided to stop by the basilica nearby. She didn't want to go home for she knew that her foster parents will surely give her another beating, considering how none of her candles were sold. The bruises on her face and all over her body were still fresh; she didn't want to feel another gush of blood flow from her again. It was too much for her to take, for today, she was having a high fever. Even with this condition, her cruel foster parents pushed her out into the biting cold. Though they maltreated her, she still loved them for without them; she could have been left to die when she was thrown inside a trash bin one cold winter day when she was an infant.

Her foster parents didn't have children; therefore, they have adopted 10 orphans and street kids into their domicile. However, instead of giving them a warm and happy home which they were deprived of, they were enslaved and used them to earn money. They didn't feed them regularly and constantly made them cry in anguish whenever they were beaten up. Alice whimpered and wiped her tears. She would get so depressed whenever she would be reminded of her life. She even recalled what transpired to her this morning.

"Alice! Get up!" Her cruel foster father screamed while pulling her blonde hair forcefully.

Alice woke up in pain and moaned. "Yes papa?" She was having the worse headache of her life and her head felt hot, too. Her dad knew this but couldn't care less.

"Get up and sell these!" Her dad yelled again while throwing a large bundle of candles tied with a huge rope straight to her face. Alice's nose was hit and it bled.

"Yes papa." She obediently whispered while putting the candles inside a rattan basket.

"Don't come back unless you've sold everything, alright?!" Her foster mom yelled while pushing her out the door. Her other siblings watched in horror.

"She's sick!" Her little foster brother, Ronald, shouted to defend her, tears in his eyes.

"Yes papa. Alice should rest for today; I will work in her place." Her elder sister, who was a year older than her, Mary, pleaded.

"Shut up you maggots!" Their dad screamed while slapping both Ronald and Mary. The other kids cried silently while watching another violent event happening. They all hugged each other, afraid.

"Are you dumb?! You all have respective jobs to do! Mary, you need to go to that bar and please those men…" Their mom ordered while harshly pulling Mary's arm.

Mary's eyes widened in horror as it dawned upon her. Her mom didn't even finish what she had to say but Mary had a hunch that she would be forced to sell herself. She was 16 and was of age now. She was trembling and she pleaded while choking in her own sobs. She was very afraid.

"No, mama, please don't do this to her!" Alice cried. Alice knew that the same thing might happen to her next year when she turns 16.

All the kids were bossed around to do all kinds of terrible jobs, and Alice's was to sell candles all day, whatever the weather, whatever her condition. This was their world, harsh and unforgiving. They were all in misery, but couldn't do anything to fend themselves from their cold-hearted parents.

Alice was pushed hard by her mom outside the cold snow with only a torn shirt and a long skirt. She winced in pain when she hit the ground hard. She looked up only to see the evil eyes of her parents, and to see the scared visages of her siblings, and to see that sheer fear from Mary's teary eyes.

"We love you, Alice." Her siblings chorused. With that, Alice smiled and nodded.

"Mary, be strong." Alice whispered to her with such melancholy on those innocent eyes. Mary nodded before the door was shut. Then, she felt faint and cold, but she picked up her basket and walked away barefoot to sell. She had no choice.

This time, Alice was right in front of the basilica, sobbing. She felt so cold but her head was so hot and she was deprived of strength. It was 9pm now and she hasn't eaten anything since the night before, which was no more than a thin slice of bread. Her stomach hurt badly, but she had nothing to feed herself with.

With tears in her eyes, she could see the Mass going on with the parishioners singing Our Father while holding hands. She tried to smile as she gazed at the cross of Papa Jesus. "Happy birthday Papa Jesus, I love you." She whispered while hugging herself due to the cold. She rubbed her hands together and blew her breath on them. However, it was futile, for even her breath was chilly. She said her prayers, and that included protecting Mary and keeping her siblings safe. She also prayed to God that her parents would change their ways. She didn't even pray for her own benefit. Such a benevolent child was she.

"Stupid child…" A rich woman filled with necklaces, clothed in silk, and had a feathery hat cursed at her as she walked inside the church pompously. That was to show off her luxury no doubt.

Alice ignored the comment and picked the basket up again and left the basilica. She tried to yell, but only managed a soft croak, when she uttered. "Candles… Candles, who wants to buy candles?" People cursed and laughed at her as she walked. No one heard her cry. Her throat was very parched and her eyes were so red from all the crying.

Seconds later, she fell hard on the ground inside a dark alley as she was feeling very dizzy. Her basket fell and all the candles rolled away from the basket. She crawled towards them, picking them up one by one. Some laughed at her; some felt bad for her but never bothered to give her a hand. While she was picking the candles up, two naughty looking Brit men came near her. They were about 18 years old. One of them started stroking her hair.

"Hey miss." The guy hissed with a malicious smile on his face. Alice was already very weak and now she was so scared of the two strangers.

"Come with us!" The other guy said while pulling her arm forcefully. Alice tried to break free from his grip but it was no use. He was too strong for her to defy him. The other guy grabbed her other arm and they started dragging her away. She cried out but her voice was covered up with loud Christmas songs being played ache companied by noisy fireworks. She cried and cried but no one heard…

Her body felt like a blob of jelly and she couldn't move. She was very sick as of this point and didn't know what might befall on her. She muttered, "Lord, help me… Help your child, Alice. Help me, God." She whispered once more while the two guys slammed her against the wall, cornering her. She was shivering but she didn't stop praying. "No matter what happens, I trust you, Papa Jesus."

The guys laughed even more to her cries. But Alice was strong; she closed her eyes and allowed the tears to fall once more. "Save me…" Then suddenly, as if on cue, another guy came into view and pulled the two guys away from her. She weakly lied on the ground while trying to steady her vision. What just happened? She was gasping for air.

The hero was very strong as he sent punches and blows to the two livid men in succession. "Do not take advantage of a girl like that!" He yelled while punching them more. He threw high kicks at them and scoffed as they groaned in pain. He was not yet contented and slammed each of them to the wall until their foreheads bled. The events were too fast now that the girl didn't even realize how the man was able to call the cops so fast.

The next thing she knew, the two teens who had assaulted her have been handcuffed by policemen and dragged away into the police cars. She heard an officer say, "These two have just been given a parole last week. Jeez, I thought they changed. I didn't know that they would make a mess again. I will charge these two with attempted rape." The guy who saved her smiled in satisfaction and thanked. "Thanks so much for your help Officer Talbot." "I'm the one to thank you, my boy." Officer Talbot congratulated. "You just saved a girl back there. The mayor will surely be proud of you, tell him I said hi."

"Don't mention it, chief. Just doing what's right. I'll tell dad." He grinned.

So, the guy who saved my life is the son of the mayor? Alice thought it shock while still shivering on the snowy ground.

"Is she gonna be alright?" The officer asked worriedly while looking at Alice who was clearly in awful shape.

The guy nodded and said, "I'll take care of her, chief."

"If only all guys in this world were as kind hearted as you, the world would be a safer place." The chief sighed while walking away.

The guy just waved at the officer and the police cars with the two assailants drove away. He was very tall, had nice wavy blonde hair, huge blue eyes, high bridged nose, and a manly built. He was indeed very handsome. When they all left, the guy walked towards Alice and crouched down to face her as she laid there. She was so pale that it scared him. But his eyes scanned the dark purple bruises she had on her face, her arms and her legs. Her face was filled with dirt and tears while her messy tangled blonde hair framed her petite face.

"Thank you." She whispered with a little smile. She was shaking all over and the snow fell harshly on the two. She stared at him, frail, weak and defenseless. The guy was surged with pity as he hugged Alice tightly in his masculine arms. Alice flinched a bit and tried to push him away but instead, he held onto her body tighter.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not like them." He whispered against her ear; his warm breath tickled her skin. "You poor girl…" He muttered while warming her every way possible. In his arms, she felt very safe and warm. He smelled of fresh light honey cologne and that reminded her of the honey you dip your turkey or chicken in during Christmas Eve. At least, that was what she saw in other families' houses through their glass windows. She never got to taste such food yet. Her stomach was hurting bad and she was in pain.

"You're very hot. You have flu." He remarked while touching her forehead.

Alice was so sad that she started to cry softly. She clung onto him like a baby and sobbed in his arms. He consolingly rubbed her back and asked, "You've had a hard life, haven't you? Who hurt you like this?" He gently touched her bruises which made her cry even more.

"My…My foster parents, I'm told to send those candles." She cried while pointing at the scattered candles on the ground not far behind. "But the two guys suddenly came and…" Her lips trembled as she narrated her story. Her eyes were so dull and sad that the guy felt so much pity for her.

"You're safe now." He said assuring, still keeping her warm in his arms. "What's your name?"

"Alice." Alice whispered while pressing herself deeper against his chest to seek for more warmth.

"And how old are you?" He queried. He removed his mittens and put them on her shaking pale hands.

"Fifteen…" She said softly after thanking him for the mittens.

"I'm Aaron. I'm 18 years old." He introduced. "Do you want to come home with me?"

Alice suddenly pushed her hands against him, trying to break free from his embrace, but his arms still strongly wrapped around her. She started crying again. "No, Alice, it's not what you're thinking. I was thinking, maybe, you'd like to live with my family and me…" Alice stopped crying and looked up at him quizzically. "You sound like you don't have a nice home. You're being abused there!" Aaron explained. "We'll educate you, clothe you, feed you, and give you a warm home. How does that sound?"

The offer was tempting; however, she couldn't help but think of her other siblings.

"What's gonna happen to my other siblings? There are 10 of us you see, we're all adopted." Alice was shocked to see Aaron's jaw twitch in anger. "They are using you to earn money. That's absolutely despicable." He said.

"First we have to go find Mary…" Alice said pleadingly.

"Mary?" He asked curiously.

"She's my sister and my parents are forcing her to work at a bar." She cried. "We have to help her, please…"

"That's horrible!" He exclaimed. "I know one famous place around here where men get their girls; I'll get her out of there. I never go to places like those." He ended with a disgusted tone.

"You're such a good guy." Alice whispered with a smile. "Thanks so much…"

And so, Aaron carried the weak Alice and took care of her. He brought her to his home and introduced her to his family. All of them were really nice people and they were more than willing to adopt her. Aaron left his house again after making sure Alice is safe, and then went to the famous bar where he assumed Mary probably was. He was able to rescue Mary who was ever so grateful and brought her to his house, too.

Mary and Alice cried in each other's' arms upon seeing each other in Aaron's home. The other eight siblings of theirs were brought to good hands, too. They were all adopted by kind families. It was all Aaron and his family's doing. Mary, Alice and all their siblings gave utmost thanks to Aaron and his family. Aaron, on the other hand, was so touched and happy for them.

Once, Aaron asked Alice if she wanted her abusive foster parents to be sued. Alice did not want such thing to happen, but Aaron reminded her that if they were not brought to justice, other kids might also end up being victimized by them—fierce predators. And so, in the end, the couple was brought to trial and sentenced to more than ten years of prison for being involved in child trafficking.

Surprisingly, Aaron's family didn't adopt Alice; Alice ended up being adopted by one of their close family friends. Alice had a hunch that Aaron didn't want her to be his sister, but she didn't know Aaron's real motive behind it. Just like what Aaron had promised in their first meeting under the snow, Alice was educated, fed, clothed, and loved by her new adoptive family. She has never been so happy in her life. Aaron and Alice remained good friends ever since.

Seven years passed since their first meeting; now, Alice is a successful businesswoman while Aaron is a very honest politician like his father. Both were contented in their respective fields which brought more meaning and fulfillment in their lives. Both of them harbored secret feelings of love for each other but neither knew of it.

On a nice summer morning, Aaron and Alice were having a nice stroll in the park. Then, suddenly, Aaron stopped in his tracks when he saw an adorable Yorkshire puppy pass by alongside its owner. Alice noticed the melancholy in his eyes, and worriedly inquired. "Is there something wrong?" Aaron forced a smile, yet his eyes were downcast, and said sullenly. "I just remembered my brother." Alice asked with curiosity. "Allan likes dogs? I never saw dogs in you hou…" "No," Aaron clarified. "Not Allan, nor Arnie, it's my eldest brother, Austin. When we were teenagers, even before I met you, we were all so close to him. He would bring joy to everyone and he was the only one in the family who liked dogs, especially Yorkshires." "What happened to him?" Alice asked sincerely with concern. "He was madly in love with his girlfriend, but she left him for someone else." Alice took in what he said and made a frown. "That's not very nice of the girl to betray him like that." Aaron nodded in response and continued. "Ever since that day, Austin hated women. He said that they were all intelligent creatures who knew how to use their beauty to break hearts of men."

"Not all women are like that!" Alice said in protest while biting on her sandwich as they walked. "Yes, of course. But, you see, my eldest brother was insane!" Aaron said it with terror in his voice and in his eyes. "He became so violent, too. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia which was caused by his severe depression. He… he wanted to hurt women to get back. He was going overboard so our family decided to send him to a mental hospital to seek treatment. But…" Aaron's eyes grew wider now as his horrid memories were refreshed. Alice rubbed his back, comforting him in his emotional distress. "But he escaped! He escaped ten years ago…and we… we haven't found him ever since that fateful day. I want to see him again…"

Alice gasped as she clasped her hands over her mouth. "May the Lord bless him," was all she could utter before silence loomed over them yet again. By the end of the day, they shifted topics and had light and casual conversations. Alice knew better than to depress Aaron again. At that time, Alice felt even closer to Aaron now, after knowing his pains while hoping that he would believe that she would never leave him alone.

Nights turned into days and days turned into nights, one day, Aaron was fixing his necktie while on his way to his office when he gave Alice a call. As the phone rang, his heart beat fast and his hands cold and clammy. He felt so warm inside the moment he heard the soft and sweet voice over the line.

"Hello, Aaron?" Alice asked softly over the phone.

"Hey, Alice, um… are you free tonight?" Aaron queried with a nervous tone.

"I have no plans tonight." Alice replied shyly then asked out of curiosity. "Why?"

"Would you like to have dinner with me?" Aaron asked while clinging onto hope.

Alice couldn't resist forming a small smile on her lips and answered, "Sure."

"Meet me outside your office at around 7pm; I'll pick you up." Aaron said while his feelings fluttered.

"Okay; I'll be waiting." Alice whispered while feeling overjoyed, too.

That night, at about 6:30pm, Alice went out of her office and stood outside the dark road to wait for Aaron. It was dim-lit and there were only scanty passers-by. She was one of the last to leave the office since she always accepted overtime work. The wind was cold as it was winter again. Alice rubbed her two hands together to keep warm as the little drops of snow started to fall. There was no guard in sight, there should have been; he was probably at the toilet, though, having his little break.

She did not expect nor bargain any of it, but suddenly, she felt strong masculine arms grab her from behind. She was certain that it was not Aaron, for if it was; he wouldn't have slid his arms from her side all the way down, inserting his hands playfully in between her. As she screamed in terror while pushing him away in futility, she felt his other hand pressing hardly against her mouth; she couldn't breathe as she was pulsating, then it was all dark.

Aaron arrived 15 minutes before the time and thought that Alice was still at work. He stood outside the office and patiently anticipated for her arrival, feeling all warm and nervous inside. Then, the guard approached him and asked, "What are you doing out here, sir?" "I'm just waiting for someone." Aaron replied curtly, however, he knew that there was something very wrong when the guard gave him a confused look. "Sir, the building's empty now. Everyone has left, even the very last office man who went overtime." With this, Aaron grew increasingly worried as his voice hardened its tone. "There must have been a woman who came out here, long blonde hair, early twenties?" "Oh, yes, I have seen her. She stood here outside about 15 minutes ago, seemed like she was waiting for you." The guard explained. "Where is she?!" Aaron interrogated with pure panic in his voice. "I'm sorry; I don't know, sir. I went to the toilet and when I returned, she was gone."

"You're not supposed to leave your post, damn it!" Aaron screamed at him. "I'm sorry sir…" That was all that the innocent guard could say. Being more concerned than the guard, Aaron ordered him sternly. "Call the police. I'll go find her. I have a very bad feeling." I don't know what I'd do if something happens to you! Aaron thought as he ran around the vicinity, yelling for her name with tears in his eyes.

Eyes filled with lust stared right at her coupled with a malicious grin as he neared her. Alice, now fully awake, however had her wrists and dainty feet strapped by a thick rope to the four corners of the bed. Her heart was beating so fast though as if it would explode as she cried for mercy. "No! Please, no! Let me go, please…" Alice cried as loud as she could when the man excitedly pounced on her. "Do you know how beautiful you are? And what a waste would it be if I don't use you." He hissed against her ear while giving her tingles of horror down her spine as he caressed her. Alice did not know what to do now; she was beyond terrified and all that came out from her mouth was to scream for Aaron's name while escaping the predator's lips. She shivered and her tears exhausted her, yet this did not hinder the man from continuing. He violently tore her shirt open as he abused her dignity with satisfaction.

As Aaron was running around, he heard a shrilling yell nearby, calling for his name. It was unmistakably Alice's voice. He seriously felt his heart drop all the way down his intestines when he heard this in the darkness. He instinctively ran towards the sound which led him to a small lit cottage. He was gasping for air with cold sweat as he ran even faster. The moment he looked through the window, his eyes widened in horror; his fears have been confirmed. He hoped that he was not too late…not too late to save her. Not wasting any time, he banged the door with all his might and out came the sight of her cruel state, weak and scantily clothed, tied on all fours, with a naked man on top of her. "Aaron!" Upon seeing his countenance, Alice yelled for the last time and reached out her hand as far away as she could until she passed out.

Aaron was enraged as he lunged for the culprit even before he could fight back. Aaron pulled him hard and threw him down the floor just like wrestling, and losing his temper, started pounding his fists on the man's face even before giving it a closer look. He didn't stop even as he disfigured the man's face with bruises and smears of dark red blood. His face was so brutally beaten up by Aaron that he was barely recognizable. The man was kicked in the guts several times by Aaron, losing all strength to fight back. "Damn you! Men like you should die! Men like you!" Aaron yelled in fury while forcefully lifting his head from the ground and giving it loud thuds as he hit it repeatedly against the floor. Just when he heard the cracking of the man's skull and thought that the man would die, he stopped. From suspending his blood-stained head, he gave it one last drop as it fell. The villain was badly wounded, but Aaron didn't kill him, or rather, he refused to kill him.

As Aaron left him, the man asked weakly while focusing his bloody eyes on him. "I thought men like me should die?" "Yes, you should." Aaron said angrily while gritting his teeth. "But, it's not up to my hands to bring you justice." Aaron hurriedly ran towards the feeble and unconscious Alice, his poor Alice, who only had her undergarments loosely worn on her, exposing most of her. Aaron realized that he just got in time. If his conjecture was right on the spot, Alice still has something to cling onto.

While feeling his tears flow, Aaron quickly freed her arms and feet from the imprisonment and tenderly started to clothed Alice again, willing to be strong though it was hard. Alice's eyes opened wide in horror upon feeling the slightest touch against her skin. Her trauma was evident. But as soon as she saw Aaron, she fell on his arms and clung onto his shirt while sobbing pitifully. Suddenly, the door broke open and a team of policemen came. Immediately, Aaron wrapped a blanket around her before facing the officers. She tried to clothe herself as much as possible under the sheets.

The officers knew exactly what happened and they need not doubt Aaron since Alice was obviously testifying the whole truth while still hiding under a blanket, shivering. They arrested the half-dead culprit whom Aaron violently gave a lecture to. The officers brought the arrestee to the hospital for even with his actions; he had the right to be healed. The officers understood the rage that Aaron must have felt which caused him to do such to the arrestee but they commended him for not finishing him off. Above all, Aaron had principles. Aaron embraced the defenseless Alice tightly while hushing her that everything is okay. He brought her out of the cage of a cottage and rode her in the ambulance. Aaron didn't know, but it felt like ages that Alice sobbed helplessly in his arms.

"Aaron…you saved me…" Alice moaned while feeling his warm hands fondle her blonde hair lightly as her head laid on his lap inside the ambulance. "You saved me again… I was so scared…" "You're okay now…" Aaron whispered assuring things while feeling stupid that he couldn't do or say anything to remove the fear that she felt. Heaving a sigh, Aaron seriously murmured to her as he tightened his embrace. "Alice, I know this isn't the right time… but, I love you. I love you…Know that I'm always here to protect you." "I love you, too, Aaron. I always have…" Alice whispered back with tears in her eyes, forming a small smile on her face for the first time since the assault.

Aaron slowly lifted her chin to have her face him and gave her a light chaste kiss on her lips. To this, she responded, weakly kissing him back while feeling his strong manly support against her back. Alice was already drained of energy, but when Aaron's sinewy arms pulled her close to his muscular warm body, she felt even weaker like a melting jelly in his arms. It was bliss.

Alice arrived at the hospital right away to have herself checked. With Aaron's prayers, he was right that Alice was still untouched. But still, the event was unforgettably fearful. The criminal was still in the ICU and he was charged with attempted rape.

A week passed after that and Alice had recovered. She tried to work and keep busy to forget the awful memories while always having Aaron by her side at all times. Alice's foster family was ever so grateful to Aaron for saving her. Aaron decided to give the culprit a visit, just to see how he was doing while knowing deep down that it was he who inflicted this upon him.

As soon as Aaron entered the room, he felt that there was something very wrong. He couldn't pinpoint what it was, though. Nonetheless, he gave the man an unfriendly look and sat beside him. "When men like you hurt an innocent girl, I just hate it. I hate men like you." The man's head was filled with bandages and only a small part of his face was visible. His face was filled with all sorts of tubing and at that time, Aaron actually wondered how he was able to physically do something like this to him, even if he was mad. He couldn't understand the natural wave of pity that blew past him which was just supposed to be pure, hardcore hatred.

Suddenly, Aaron's blood ran cold when he eyed the tattoo imprinted on his left arm. In capital letters, it wrote, Women are intelligent creatures who break the hearts of men. Altogether, Aaron suddenly couldn't breathe. How could one when one find out about a shocking revelation? Even before, Aaron's tears fell, the man's lone tear slipped from his eye as soon as Aaron whispered, "Austin?" That lone tear alone could have well represented his remorse. For Aaron never really heard what was to come out of his lips that day. He was too late.

A few years later, in the pitch dark of the hotel room, Aaron gently slipped his hand under Alice's shirt while lovingly kissing her under the soft sheets. He got worried and suddenly stopped when he tasted the salty tears on her cheeks. "What's wrong, dear?" He asked with utmost concern. Remembering that it was their first, he tenderly said. "I'll be as gentle as possible; I promise." "No…I, I just remembered… I caused your brother's death. If it weren't for me… you wouldn't have hit him. Aren't you mad at me? Are you sure that I… I deserve your love?" Alice managed to say with a hurt expression.

Aaron inhaled sharply as she said this and a wave of guilt surged in him. "No, baby, why are you blaming yourself for it?" He hastily wiped her tears and closed his eyes while whispering in agony. "If there's anyone who should be guilty, that should be me… I killed him, my own brother." Aaron sighed and kissed her forehead before saying. "You know… it's no one's fault. I've learned to forgive myself, if ever you have any guilt feelings, you should, too. I bet Austin is resting somewhere right now; he's in peace and he's watching us. He wouldn't want us to cry for him." He felt relief when he felt Alice's nod. "Come to think of it, now I realize the reason behind why you didn't want your parents to adopt me." Alice laughed lightly. Aaron naughtily kissed her nose adoringly in response.

"I knew I'd only give myself to my husband, to my only love." Alice whispered with a smile as he showed his love to her more and more. It was a sacred thing in God's eyes and they couldn't have been happier. Aaron was indeed gentle with her.

"We'll life a life together, forever…" He said.

Unexpected turn of events, wasn't it? :D I was surprised myself, too. Austin was never part of my plan; he was just the great idea that pops out last minute which made the whole thing better. Thank you, Lord, for the idea! I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did writing it! ^^ Did this tug your heartstrings? Oh, and if you ask where do I get all this? Well, it's from frequent drama-watching, real life hints, a recently read novel by Sparks-Safe Haven, my own imagination, etc. XD I hope you guys didn't get too scared back there! It's just a story! If you got scared then it means my writing worked on you! But don't get traumatized. Anyways, hope you guys saw the real life issues that I injected in this short story. Have a nice day!

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