In the fast paced world we now live in, there is no doubt that idleness is a form of weakness, a form of incapacity. Most people strive hard in everything they do efficiently, not having a single spare time to relax and unwind. However, as hard as how most of the world's minds work, not everything ends as a success. We fail to see that some of the greatest discoveries are found in simple ways.

For instance, to prove my point, I can stress on Newton's three laws of motion. That breakthrough in in science is inevitably one of the most relevant of its kind for the whole body of knowledge on this universe and its surrounding principles were based on it. But how was this great discovery inferred by Newton? It was simply from a falling apple did he realize it all – the existence of gravity which pulls any object towards it. Such a mundane event could already spark a great mind! With this and many others in mind, I can say that I fully agree on this article which made Watson as the prime example. Although Watson was considered "lazy" by his colleague, he proved to mankind that he was truly successful in his filed because of his discovery on the DNA.

In a case of an aspiring college student, he or she must choose the course that makes him or her happy, something that he or she truly wants, rather than just taking up whatever course is popular, what his or her friends would take, or what his or her parents deem best for him or her. If he or she likes a culinary course, then so be it. In that way, he or she finds his or her own true success. He or she does not find that sense of glory in studying late hours for a course he or she never wanted, not even when he or she attains the highest possible honors.

Therefore, I conclude, most of the time, people do not realize it, but they can do many great accomplishments in their own way because it will just randomly be bestowed upon them like a lightning in a storm. The norm strives to follow the common system or go with the flow, but that is not always the case. Remember that by doing things in your own way, you hold utmost control of it and it can actually direct you to your best state – individualism.

~Wrote this on August 8, 2012 in 19 mins for my SAT practice test haha~ Nyaahaha yeah, I won't really take the SAT and besides I have no plans studying in the USA but I still try out free SAT practice exams online to test my knowledge :D

and sorry, yes I know this isn't really fiction. it's an essay... :| but still, it's in my, yeah, wanted to share :D

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