Nowadays, there are no such things as secrets. Everything is just so public now; it is evident in the culture of the youth's constant "Facebook-ing" which is now even considered as a word. Nerd or popular, almost everyone now owns accounts in social networking sites and reveal their pictures, thoughts, and activities to the public for all to see. Even people who have a very hard time expressing their feelings in the real world express them online; this in itself has become a trend.

Society has changed so much over the years. In the past, people of the norm used to be incognito; they just led simple and private lives. Private is such a strong word. How people would define the word private before and now would be different. With our technological advancements, regular people are able to express themselves in the media.

For instance, Justin Bieber was discovered through the means of Youtube when his mom uploaded his videos. The same thing happened with Charice Pempengco, the international singing sensation from the Philippines. There are so many other examples of fame which resulted from the social media. Now, they have become stars and their lives are not private. Even ordinary school kids can upload their photos and update statuses for the world to see.

But it's not all glamor, you see. There are many negative effects of being too public or out in the open. People who lose their privacy are unaware of the possible threats it poses, like a stalker who watches your every move. And this all goes back to the reason why I think people of today should be more cautious about keeping their privacy. It's practically free and it's all we've got. Well, except for the famous people that is.

Keeping our privacy is synonymous to keeping something for ourselves. It is the very essence of our being that we hold dear and we cannot bare to throw it away. Wouldn't it be great to lounge around and act silly when no one's looking? Or maybe to simply have your me-time? Yes, having privacy is something so precious yet oftentimes taken for granted. In fact, those who lack privacy the most are the ones who truly see its beauty.

We wouldn't want to wake up one day being surrounded by paparazzi in our bedside, never to have any time all for yourself now, would we? The question is, are we doing our best to keep and cherish that privacy? In our ever changing world, we must guard the most significant parts of our being rather than go with the flow of the current norm. We should really make a strong effort to keep our privacy; we should not share too much information to anyone lest it might be very well used against us for another person's benefit. To keep some privacy certainly does not mean that one is a liar; it in fact shows a person's maturity of being aware of what's important to keep for yourself.

Therefore, I conclude; we must adapt to the modern times, but we must not forget to protect ourselves and our privacy for our own safety and comfort. After all, we should leave something to ourselves, even just a bit.

~Written on August 8, 2012 to practice for the SAT just for fun :D I have another 'SAT' essay-Success in Our Own Way :D Please do check it out! :D I'm not that much of a good writer, but I definitely enjoy it! written in 23 minutes