Join me in the enchanted world

Here they go again. This is their daily routine every morning anyway. I wish they would just stop being immature and shut up. At that time, I finally broke my temper and dropped the sandwich I was eating. I felt my eyes sting. I grabbed my bag and quickly stormed out of the house before I allowed my profuse tears to fall from my eyes. I couldn't let them see me cry. Not now... I don't even think they noticed me leaving. They are such self-centered and insensitive parents. They think their little world only revolves around them and seemingly forget our existence, their children's. They always argue for the smallest reasons. I have so many problems... I have to protect my one and only baby sister, Annie, from my cruel parents. My grades are helplessly dropping in school. It felt as though my life was falling apart. I felt like I should die... On my way to school, I suddenly felt a tickling warm sensation against my ear. To my surprise, I heard someone's soft whisper, saying, "Join me... in the enchanted world."

I sensed a cold gush of wind while having the feeling of a refreshing spirit surging in my body. In a split second, it has just dawned upon me that I have been inevitably transported to another dimension. I looked around and eyed the majestic beauty of my surroundings. I saw the bright sun shine behind a seemingly endless horizon of plains and greenery with the fresh river flowing near the big oak tree. I saw cattle, sheep and goats of the field and heard the crowing of the rooster. I admired the different kinds of birds fly high above the clear blue sky. Oh, and I forgot to mention the huge colorful rainbow, too! Where was I? I didn't even care anymore. Now, I'm free from all my pain and problems on Earth. This place was simply paradise! I would like to escape all my sadness and just stay here... I heard a cough and turned around to face the source of the sound. I saw a very handsome boy grinning at me.

"You're Camille, right?" The guy confirmed while walking towards me. "Uh... yeah, who are you?" I questioned nervously. And then he started to explain what had just transpired. "I am Karl, the Angel of God!" I almost burst in laughter due to disbelief. "It's true!" He said, surprising me when large beautiful white-feathered wings suddenly came out from his back. "You really are an Angel!" I said in shock. And so, Angel Karl told me that God sent him here to give me guidance. He explained that God heard my prayers and knew about my sadness. "God sent me here to give you strength." He placed his hands on top of my forehead and told me to close my eyes. And so I did. I was receiving God's blessings and unending love. Angel Karl told me not to escape from my problems; I should bravely face them. Everything's going to be okay... I felt better than ever. All I could do at that time was to thank my Angel for bringing me back to God. I was so grateful that I couldn't help but cry under the protection of his soft wings and gentle arms.

I opened my eyes and realized that I was still in my bedroom. Was it all a dream? I hastily ran downstairs and stopped in my tracks. I sighed. My parents were screaming at each other as usual. This time, instead of closing my eyes and ears to everything, ignoring everything and leaving, I gather all my courage to confront them. "Mom, Dad! Please stop quarreling! Don't you guys know how much it hurts me when you guys fight like that? Do you really want Annie to remember you guys like that...?" My weak voice trailed off and tears finally flowed out. Somehow, ever since that day, everything turned out better. My parents became calmer nowadays, and because of it, I was able to pull my grades back up. It was all thanks to God and my Angel. I was having a good life now, ever since that enchanting encounter. But, I can't help but long for Angel Karl... His wings, his smile, his eyes... Then, one day, while I was walking to school again, I felt a warm breath brush against my ear. And, when I turned around, there he was... my Angel, now a human, smiling at me.


Wrote this on July 2011 :D Hope you like!