Help me in conquering the chaos

Discord- that's what I would call the house as of now. Total chaos and mess, I would say! At first, when my parents left us here in Florida for their vacation in Hawaii, I thought that being the big boss, the eldest in the family, would be so much fun! Oh, I was so wrong with that. My name's Hannah Tee and I am a fifteen year old Chinese- American. I'm left with my four annoying siblings. I am so dead with this mess. Mark is eight, oh and there he is, eating his pizza messily in front of the computer while playing Plants VS Zombies like there's no tomorrow! Sheena's twelve and she's still immature! She and my little brother Vance, who's just five, are crazily chasing each other around the house all because of a Pocky stick. Lastly, there's my baby brother Kevin messing with the washing machine... Oh my freaking gosh- the washing machine!

I really had to scoop Kevin from the foot of the washing machine before he climbs and does something crazy! Ever since he learned how to walk, he's being troublesome to me! It's really so hard to be the eldest. And although Aunt Evangeline's here, she's sound asleep in her room and can't even seem to help me with this chaotic mess. The whole house looked like a typhoon had just struck it. Everything's scattered on the floor, things arranged in the wrong places, dirt everywhere and they practically don't even seem to care. Jeez.

Then, I heard the doorbell ring. My good friends Paige, Ben and Jenny came for a visit! Oh, thank God! They can help me conquer this chaotic situation. At first, they were all reluctant and were ready to leave when I asked them to help me get this house in order. However, after slight persuasions, I was finally able to convince them to do so. We all worked together and cleaned the house in camaraderie. Paige tucked baby Kevin to sleep while Jenny cooked some food which made my other siblings calm down from their hyper mode a bit and eat. Even Mark gave up on his pizza after the sixth slice. At last, everything's in order again! And just to pacify Sheena and Vance, I gave them a whole box of Pocky chocolate stick which they both can share. It all ended well, thanks to my friends. Plus, mom and dad's plane's landed about an hour ago. They should be home in three-two-one...

"We're home, kids!" My mom called out while dad opened the door wide. You could really see the huge smile on their faces when they saw the really neat house with all my siblings eating together in harmony in the kitchen. "So, how was Hawaii?" I asked. I couldn't help but chuckle at the fact that it was chaos thirty minutes ago. I am so good. I practically laughed at myself. Parents should never know about this.


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