World of the unknown, a suspense!

Adrian realized that he was in the middle of nowhere... He looked around and saw weird creatures everywhere! He saw three-eyed monsters, serpents with legs, black dragons and alien-like beings. He even saw two-headed zombies crawling near him. It was as though he was in the mythological story of Odyssey. The fact that the place where he was in was dark and eerie sent chills running down his spine. It was hot and he was sweating a lot. He heard howls and shrieks from everywhere.

He met some ghosts roaming around while seeing hand-cuffed souls riding on tiny boats which floated in an apparently boundless flowing river with black murky water. There were little girls and boys wearing black robes rowing the boats... There wore expressionless, tired faces with traces of blood in their cheeks. Where on Earth was he?! Was he even on Earth? Did he just die and go to hell?

"Adrian! Wake up! Wake up!" Marie, Adrian's mom, called while shaking him from bed. "You're gonna be late for school!" "Mom!" Adrian cried while clinging on his mom's neck tightly. "I had the most horrible nightmare! I saw weird creatures, heard screams, then ghosts...zombies... and souls! I was so scared!" Marie smiled tenderly at her ten year old son and caringly embraced him while rubbing his back, assuring him that everything was just a figment of his imagination.

"And what did you watch yesterday right before bed?" Andrew, Adrian's dad, asked with a chuckle as he entered the room. "I... I watched the Zombies Rule movie..." Adrian shyly confessed. "No wonder!" Both parents chorused before bursting in laughter.