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AN2: Jet-packing = Similar to spooning. However, the "little spoon" is larger than the "big spoon," thus giving off the image of a human jet-pack. (As per Urban Dictionary)

Normal Things Chapter 4

It was just slightly before 11 PM when I pulled into the lot of my apartment complex. As I stepped out of my car, I saw a faint light shining through my front window. 'Weird, I could have sworn I turned everything off...' Thinking better of it, I fiddled around in my pocket for my knife, and flipped it open, approaching my door with keys in one hand, blade in the other. I stuck my keys between my teeth for a second, and rattled the knob – still locked. I cocked my head, concluding I was just being paranoid, and obviously had forgotten a light somewhere. No biggie. I put the knife away and unlocked the door, making my way up the steps.

I liked living upstairs except for when I had to move furniture in and out. Carrying heavy shit up a flight of stairs when you're my size is no fun at all. As I ascended, I noticed that with each step I took upward, the fine hairs on the back of my neck were rising to attention. 'Goddamnit. There IS someone in here!' I crept up the stairs as quietly as I could, stopping a few steps shy of the top to peer cautiously over the partition. There was someone parked at my dining room table. I blinked a few times, adjusting to the lower lighting in the room, as opposed to the blinding white-bright of the parking and porch lamps. Once my eyes could pick up the details clearly, I sighed audibly, tension draining away at once. Fucking Lucifer. 'Asshole...making himself at home. Nearly scaring the shit outta me...'

I finished climbing the stairs and made my way into the room. He had his back toward me, and had yet to give any sign that he noticed my presence, but surely he had with all those preternatural senses. He had that wonderful ebony mane tied back in a loose tail at the base of his neck, and was staring down at something with obvious irritation. A quiet scratching sound alerted me to the fact that he was writing furiously on whatever had his attention. He seemed enough in the zone that I decided to try my luck sneaking up on him.

I was about five feet from his chair when he growled out from between his teeth, "Not in the mood. And you're not nearly as stealthy as you think you are." I sighed with a pout on my face, and meandered over to the table to grab a chair, dragging it around next to his before plopping into it. "You can't break into my house whilst I'm at work, nearly scare the shit out of me, then get all snappy when I try dicking with you," I grumbled. He gave an imperious sniff without even bothering to look up from his work. I sighed again, and decided to be a creeper, wondering how long I could stare at him before he felt it, and deigned to pay attention to me.

Upon closer inspection, I could see the tension in his spine. His full, plush lips were tightened into a deep frown, and his eerie, luminescent eyes were narrowed. It didn't take long to figure out why. Once I actually bothered to see what he was working on, I discovered he was caught up in what could only be described as a metric shit-ton of paperwork. "Jeez, Lu. Got enough paper there? That's like...eight forests' worth. What is all that stuff," I inquired with legitimate curiosity.

Finally, glancing up from the seemingly endless piles, Lucifer sighed and rolled his neck with an audible pop, "Minions - clearly useless ones - left all this for me. I've been at it all day, and just when I get into a groove, someone (generally one of the aforementioned useless minions) bloody interrupts me. After the billionth time of being distracted, I opted for a change of scenery. Sorry for borrowing your place without notice, and spooking you." I gave a sympathetic frown, "All that considered, you're forgiven; and for the record, you can stop by whenever you like." He nodded and gave a small, but appreciative smile before delving back into the mess.

I flopped my arms onto the empty portion of the table and rested my cheek against them, watching him for a while. At some point, the rhythmic scratching of his pen must have lulled me to sleep. Some time later, I was awoken by a low, rumbling purr as he stood and stretched, knots and kinks popping and snapping away. I glanced at my watch – slightly over an hour had gone by. I blinked drowsily up at him, "You defeat that monstrosity yet?" Shaking his head, he gave a dry laugh, "No, but I made as much of a dent as possible without my brain turning to ooze and leaking out my ears." I giggled and stood as well, tucking a stray tendril of raven-black hair behind one of his lovely, pointed ears [that thankfully wasn't leaking brain matter.]

He nuzzled his cheek against my hand as I started to pull it away, and graced me with one of his rare, genuine smiles, "What say you to a nice, hot soak in the bath, my dear?" Grinning, I took his hand and started pulling him toward my room with the connected master bath, "Sounds totally awesome, good sir." Chuckling, he let me tug him along until we reached my bedroom. We stepped apart once inside, and began shimmying out of our clothing. I was naked before he was, and I realized belatedly that I was running the A/C a bit too chilly. I shivered as goosebumps appeared, and bolted into the bathroom to start the tap. Once I got the temperature nice and toasty, I stoppered the tub and began dancing from foot to foot trying not freeze to death as I waited for the water to rise.

A second later, an equally nude Lucifer was at my side; and if the odd look he gave me was anything to go by, he was not having the same issue with the cold air that I was. He shook his head perplexedly and looped his arms around me, ceasing my little jig, and pulled me against his chest. Discovering that he was pleasantly (and unusually warm,) I snuggled into him, "Why aren't you your normal glacial self?" Rolling his eyes he replied, "Glacial is my 'normal,' but I can make myself warmer. You looked like you could use the body heat right now." I mumbled something vague in agreement, and held him tightly as the bath took its sweet time. I turned to check it a couple minutes later, and determined it was worth getting into now.

"Pretty sure you need to get in first, unless we're jet-packing this," I grinned, and cackled in amusement. Rolling his eyes again, he stepped around me and over the ledge of the tub, lowering himself into the water with a pleased hum. Once he was settled, I slipped into the water between his legs, and settled my back against his chest. With a contented sigh, he wrapped his arms back around me and pulled me closer, both of us doing a little wiggle to achieve optimal comfort. I closed my eyes and zoned out, feeling blissfully comfortable from the combination of steaming water and Lucifer's deliciously wet, graceful form behind me.

I came back to reality a few moments later when he tapped his fingers against my stomach and muttered something about the water level. Grumbling, I scooted forward out of his embrace and killed the tap. Then, I shimmied backward into his arms again as quickly as I could without sloshing water everywhere. I felt more than heard the little laugh he gave at my antics. I huffed at him, but laced our fingers together where they rested under my navel. I let my head drop back against his shoulder, and closed my eyes again.

I probably would have passed out again from pure contentment, but his fingers untangling from mine and traveling south jolted me out of my reverie. As nimble digits made their way between my thighs, I gave a disbelieving laugh, "Dude, your hands have to be cramping like a bitch after all that writing, and you're doing this?" Lucifer angled his head down to nibble gently along the top edge of my ear, and I heard the amusement in his tone as he quipped, "This should actually work out the cramps, I think." With a giggle, I pulled my left leg up, and draped it over his leg and the edge of the tub to give him more room, "If you're sore later, I'm not gonna let it go." He tightened the other arm around my waist as the questing fingers at last reached their goal, "If I am, I'll deal with it."

Two agile digits parted me as another slid slowly, but surely inside. Warm, velvet-soft lips closed around my earlobe to suckle gently as the hand that had been holding my body against his crept up my moist, slowly warming skin. It paused momentarily to tease at a sensitive nipple before coming up to grasp my chin, and angle my neck where he needed it. A bit of squirming – during which he managed not to throw off the rhythm of the lower hand – had him in the right position to sink needle-point teeth into my neck.

I would have complimented him on his masterful handling of the usual cons of bathtub shenanigans, but I couldn't seem to catch my breath. A forked tongue was laving over the punctures in my neck as a second finger joined the first inside me and he curled them just so. I would have bucked and sent water over the side of the tub, but his inhuman reflexes allowed his free hand to shoot back down and grasp my hip in time to prevent a mess. I had to settle for a breathy moan of his name instead, but the deft flexing of his fingers told me he approved.

The pad of his thumb began softly massaging over my center as the fingers continued their dance inside me. I could feel his hardened length pressed against me, and was about to comment when his fingers brushed a place inside that made me yelp in shocked pleasure as my head fell back against his shoulder. Lucifer chuckled darkly, and repeated the motion with zeal. I gave up trying to talk (or think for that matter, ) and instead focused on the sensations he was causing. My eyelids fluttered and my lips were parted, little panting sounds and the occasional murmur of his name leaving my throat.

The dual tips of the oddly prehensile tongue slipped into my ear just as his fingers struck that maddening spot with uncanny and unforgiving accuracy. My hand grasped the edge of the tub in a white-knuckled grip as he brought me to the peak and held me there for several moments, before letting me fall boneless back against his body. I shuddered as he gently retracted his fingers, taking a moment to lick them clean with his serpentine tongue. Lucifer settled both his arms back around my midsection, holding me close in the balmy air.

We remained in the tub for some time longer. Between the afterglow of my orgasm, and the soothing heat of the water, my body felt like Jell-o. The water must have been working its magic on his muscles as well, because his breathing had gone very soft and even. Were he anyone else, I would have assumed he'd fallen asleep; but Lucifer was a champion even among insomniacs. Still, we were about as relaxed as people could get and not be unconscious.

Eventually he stirred and suggested we retire to my bedroom. With a reluctant sigh, I scooted forward and pulled the stopper from the drain. As the water spiraled down, we lazily clambered to our respective feet, and exited the tub. We took our time drying each other off, and when we were finally satisfied that we'd done the best we could sans blow-dryer, he took my hand and pulled me into the bedroom and over to the bed. With a yawn, I folded down the blankets and just flopped face-first onto the mattress. I heard Lucifer laugh as he joined me from the other side of the bed, albeit with far more grace.

Once he was comfortable, he scooped me up and pulled me close. I laid my head on his chest and insinuated one of my legs between his. Both of us sorted, he rearranged the blankets to our mutual liking, and we snuggled in for some much-appreciated rest. I was drifting off when I felt him press a soft kiss to the top of my hair, "Thank you for letting me use your place as a minion-free sanctuary, and for helping me unwind. I needed it." I smiled sleepily, "You know you're welcome here anytime, Lu. I don't care the reason. And I may not be able to do much to help with the work itself, but I'm always down to help with stress-relief and unwinding."

He hummed in acknowledgment, then huffed a bit, "Maybe I should just scrap my demons and hire you. You're of more use than hindrance – unlike them. Not to mention, you provide far more enjoyable company." I giggled, and wound myself more tightly around his lithe form, "If you ever suggest that seriously, I just might take you up on it. My job and co-workers are shitty, and I'm pretty terrible at playing human anyway. Perhaps I was destined for Hell all along." Lucifer smirked, and pulled me up for a lingering kiss, "Oh, there's no doubt about that, dearest. Soon enough, I'll call you home." I grinned, and leaned in for another kiss, then settled back against his chest. When I slipped into slumber shortly after, it was with the haunting taste of him on my lips, and his dark promise fueling dreams of a far more pleasant life at his side in the kingdom of Hell.