Disclaimer: Characters belong to DCS. I've been given permission to torture them.

Wasso sat on the porch steps and stared at nothing in particular. He was playing with an unlit cigarette and thinking. Wasso didn't smoke anymore, but when he was thinking he felt the need to have a cigarette in hand. He had a cigarette stashed away just for this purpose.

David was at Linder's working on an English project and should be getting home soon. Wasso knew that the two of them would be getting an A on the project. David was smart – too smart for Wasso really. In a very short time, they'd be graduating high school and Wasso knew that David would be off to university.

Wasso wasn't sure what was going to happen when David went to university. The only problem was Wasso could no longer imagine four years without David. He knew that he'd end up following David wherever he went to university but Wasso wasn't sure how it was all going to work out. Wasso wanted David to have the true "university experience" and that meant living in dorms and with friends from school. If David did that where would he go? Wasso certainly wouldn't fit in with the friends David would make, nor the parties and clubs that university people went to. Would Wasso be able to step back and not get jealous of David's new life? Would Wasso become just some guy that David felt obliged to be with because he followed David? If David lived with Wasso during university it meant a shitty apartment, something David was too good for, somewhere off campus. Wasso could easily get a job at any garage but would probably need more than one job to be able to support the two of them. Would David start to feel that he was missing out of all the stuff one is supposed to do in University? Would they even have time together with David in school and him probably working two jobs to pay for all the expenses?

No matter what happened with the living arrangements, Wasso knew that David would leave him. Wasso wasn't naïve and knew that he didn't have a future. He was going to end up spending his life covered in grease and oil working at a garage. Wasso wasn't as smart as David and knew that David would meet some guy at University who could talk to him about things like Einstein and Dante and string theory. There were tons of good looking, smart guys at universities who would see what a wonderful person David was and wouldn't be too shy to tell David that every day. Wasso had no chance against those guys.

It's funny how David thought of him as a confident, strong person, unafraid of anything. In reality, Wasso was terrified of a lot of things – most of them having to do with David. Wasso knew he didn't say all the things David needed to hear nor do the right things all the time with David. Wasso lived in dread of the day when David would realize how he was too good to be with Wasso. Wasso knew how lucky he was and he thanked whatever gods were out there for bringing him David.

David was sarcastic and had a big mouth that could get him into trouble but he was also kind and generous and open. David was unafraid to be who he was and could easily say what he was thinking and feeling. Wasso always felt like a fool when he talked about how he felt, and felt that he had to keep up the pretense of being a scary punk. The scary punk pretense often meant that Wasso was too afraid to show David the affection he deserved. Wasso had never been ashamed of being with David, but how could he go around holding David's hand or hugging David in public without getting someone saying something and possibly attacking him, or worse David, because of it?

Wasso loved David so much but even more than that, Wasso needed David. Only with David was Wasso free of pretenses. Pretenses were useless around David. He was the only person besides Mark who saw through the looks, the swagger and the attitude to who Wasso really was. Without David beside him, Wasso was pathetic. Oh God, Wasso couldn't live without David anymore – he didn't have anything to live for without David.

Wasso sighed and ran his hand through his hair. Trying to shake the thoughts from his mind, he looked down the road and saw David coming down the sidewalk. Wasso's pulse jumped and his heart did a slow flip and dive. David walking towards him was the most amazing thing Wasso had ever seen.

Wasso knew the minute David noticed him. David smiled and sped up. David watched Wasso's face the entire time until he was standing in front of Wasso who had stood up as David turned down the walkway to the front porch.

David looked up into Wasso's eyes and Wasso felt that somehow David knew the thoughts going through his mind. David's eyes went a little deeper and his smile, while still showing all the joy he felt seeing Wasso, also turned softer and sweeter. David reached up and touched Wasso's cheek.

"Why so serious Wasso?" he asked in a soft voice, "Were you brooding on the front porch again?"

Wasso smiled down at David and replied, "Just thinking".

"About what?"

"You." Wasso admitted.

"And I make you sad?" asked David.

Wasso really didn't know how David could see through him so easily. For once though, Wasso wasn't afraid to tell David what he was thinking.

"I've never been happier since I've been with you." Wasso said, "I love you David"

David smiled and Wasso could see that David had heard the truth in Wasso's words.

David reached out and took Wasso's hand. Turning towards the house, he said "Come on, let's go in".

In that moment, Wasso had no doubts. He knew where he had to be: with David.