I am Tazzy and I am the author of this story and I hope you enjoy it. I understand I have probably made a million mistakes in the story because I am terrible at editing my stories so I am looking for a beta reader if anyone is interested.

Anyway I hope you enjoy and I would love some feedback at the end, if you can take so time in your day to tell me what you think.



My names Aurora, just Aurora or as my friends call me, Zora. I don't have a last name, actually I do but it hasn't been used since I was 9. At nine I started showing signs of supernatural ability. My parents were scared for themselves, not for me, they thought I would have to be put in a mental unit and their social life crash to the floor because of me. I think there plan was to kill me and I think they would have they hadn't of come and got me. I would have proffered them to kill me because here they are going to kill me anyway, it will just take long. But I was put on a plane and was placed smack bang in the middle of the Bermuda triangle at school.

There is a reason why no humans live if they come in the Bermuda triangle; it is because we are here. 'We' meaning me and others like me. We are things that are only suppose too exist in books and movies. I am a witch but not one of the ones that are green and scary but more like the ones that are found in Harry Potter, I look like an ordinary human, we all do, the vampires, werewolves.

This school isn't as peaceful looking as it sounds, it is a prison, people died here every day. From each other, whether it is by accident or purpose and if someone does kill you the teacher couldn't give a crap! If your class mates don't kill you your clock will.

We each are given a certain amount of time to live and it is different of every person, some get five minutes to live once they get here others have hundreds because without these clock we live forever unless we are killed. They also choose how we would die; I am going to die by fire, slow and painfully. The only way to stop your clock is to leave the Bermuda triangle which does not happen.

We can't get out and our time is running out, some quicker than others one day our races will be extinct. I am the last witch left and I only have a year to live.