Chapter one

"Zora, you have to wake up Miss. Ava is not going to be happy if you are late for class." My best friend Willow said to me. Holy shit!" I said jumping out of my bed so fast that I got a head rush, to see my best friends, Ivy and Olive laughing at me. "What time is it?" I asked them.

"Time to get a watch!" Clove said with a laugh. Shot them both a glared, "I have one see," and I showed them the watch that told me I had a year left to live before I get killed by a fire. "Zora, I am so sor.." Willow said but I cut her off, "Don't worry about it would be easy to forget when you have so much time left." I turn on my heel and walk into the bathroom.

It's easy on my friends to forget about our clocks they are a Vampire and a Werewolf, they get give hundreds of years to live. Olive was 100 years old and Ivy was 50, both frozen at 16 forever. Witches aren't that lucky we are lucky if we get 10 years to live. I am the last witch remaining, my friend Tanya was the last witch that died.

She died two weeks ago. She drowned. They didn't put her in a tank and not let her come up, they don't kill us like that. We were sitting in class and I was nearly crying because I was going to lose one of my best friends and I look over at her and she look at me with panic in eyes, I look at her clock, she had a minute left. She started going blue in the face, trying to catch her breath, she couldn't. I scream at the teacher to do something and all she did was laugh and she said 'Well it looks like someone ran out of time.' I look back at my friend, watching her frantically try and get a breath in. She slowly started to stop moving and she started to close her eyes. I grabbed a hold of her hand and told her how much she meant to me and how much I would miss and that I love her. She opened her eyes and looked into mine, telling me one last thing before she died. She may not have said anything but I knew what she was trying to say. She was telling me to get out because I was next, to take Olive and Ivy with me and that she love me. A tear hit her cheek, as I watch the light leave her eyes as her clock hit zero.

I wiped away the tears form my eyes, her death hit a lot of people throughout the school. Everyone loved Tanya. My friends got over it, they had seen a lot of their friends die and they had learned quite quickly how they grieved. Plus they know that they will go to a better place. I haven't learnt very well, and to be honest I hate death, to the point I am scared of it. I hate watching people no matter who they are and after watching Tanya die I know people are out to kill me and they won't me dead quicker if they can.

They won't me dead more than ever now, they just learnt about a year ago that I was born with a power, that I only really discovered when I was elven. I didn't tell them because if I did I knew they would come after me. When I was fourteen they found out and they have been wanted me dead ever since. My power is that I can build up pressure in people body just by concentrating on them. The power kills them of one cell at a time, organ by organ until they are dead. If anyone comes after me, which I am sure they will, I will fight because I am not going down without one!

I had my shower and brushed my teeth; I put a pair of baggy clothes on and walked out of the bath room. "Hey Aurora, we are really sorry." Clove said and giving me a hug, her hugs always made me feel better. "It's ok, I will be back soon," I said as a walk towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Willow asked.

"Just to the forest," I replied.

"Be carefully," Clove said with a worried look on her beautiful face. "I will be fine, ok" and I opened the door into the girls common room. The posh looking common room that had no homely feeling was empty. I walk to the widow and grabbed the tree and swung myself onto the branch. I could have walked through the school but the less people that known I am here the better.

I climbed down the tree and hitting the grass. I took off at a sprint into the forest. I loved running, feeling the breeze hit your face and making waves through your hair. You feel free and safe and like nothing can touch you.

I ran a full speed through the lush green forest to a small clearing covered with blue flowers. It was my place; no one knows where it is. I grabbed my IPhone that only called people within the Triangle, and put on 'The last day on earth'. I placed my phone on the ground and went to stand in the middle of the clearing.

I listened to the music letting my body be controlled by it until I felt my emotion escape into the lyrics. Tears fell down my face as I danced my heart out placing everything I have ever known on the soft ground that my feet dance upon until the rest of me joined it and I was reunited with my emotions.

I felt someone sit down next to me; I sat up quickly out of my fetal position to see Nick sitting there. "That was beautiful," he told me which made me blush. Nick was my crush and one of my best friends. He is one of the only one who gets it, he had two year left on his clock. He came here with me. I meet him on the plane. That day I remember very well.

BRINNNNNNNNG! I great another day of being teased, principal hair changing colour or Ruby Fisher hanging upside down in the middle of the classroom. All because of me, weird abnormal me! My life going from day to day being picked on, and bullied because I am different or special. When I was little I thought I was special but now it's different it's gotten worst. I don't think I am special anymore. Really whatever it is, whatever it is that is wrong with me is not special but far from it. I hate what I can do.

I sat up in my bed and look around my 'oh so great bedroom', it was painted white with a single bed and dresser. I found the courage to get up on this cold winters day, I had a shower and got dressed for school wonder how the hell I was going to stay away from everyone at the school, because everyone hates, no joke even the nerdy kids. Majority

"Morning Aurora," my mother said as I walked into the kitchen.

"Morning mum, morning dad," I said with all the enthusiasm that I could master.

I got my toast of my mum and went to sit down next to my dad who was reading the newspaper and drinking is morning cup of coffee.

"Now Aurora, no getting in trouble and make sure you don't be mean to Ruby. She is a nice girl and you should be nice to her, her parents are lovely, I am good friends with them." My dad said to me.

"What be nice to Ruby! She is mean to me and I don't do anything! I thought I told you this!" I said rather loudly. My parents just didn't get it, they know what I can do and have been trying to get it out of my system ever since! Anyway all they care about is there social life! My relationship with Ruby is wrecking there one with the Fishers. "You only believe anything that comes out of that bitch's month. I am sick of it, you don't care!" And I ran towards the door, I had no idea where I was going. I was sick of it! I went to open the door. I took one look behind me. My parents weren't coming after me all I heard was. "Teenager,". That was it they thought I was joking, I swung the door open.

There standing before me was two men dressed it all black, muscles bodging out of there black clothes. They grabbed me, I went to scream but found a hand covered my mouth. They put me in the back seat of an expensive Mercedes and took off at a high speeds away from my house. I asked where they were taking me, either answered.

They pulled up at a deserted field with a massive shinny white plane. They took me up the stairs and put me down opposite a boy that looked about a year older than me. He had dark blue eyes and sandy blonde hair that looked like he just woke up. Nearly one of us made eye contact with each other. I got out my book from my school bag and opened it as the plane took off. After being on the same page for five minute because my mind kept wondering where I was going and why they wanted me. I looked up at the boy who was sitting stoned face reading his book but his fingers never turned the page.

I looked out the window, wondering if my parents will come looking for me. I sat there not blinking just staring straight ahead but not seeing anything. The plane landed with a thud and they order us to stand up. I walked out into the bright light to see what looks to be a small island with a massive boarding school on it. The boarding school looked as if it was rich kids. "Where am I?" I asked one of the men. "The Bermuda Triangle," was the only response I got.

Before I had time to even contemplate how we got into The Bermuda Triangle we were taken into a little room. In there was a lady, with grey hair and very strict looking. "Welcome to The Bermuda Triangle, you both know that you are different. You young man are a warlock and you young lady are a witch. Here you will learn how to control your magic. Please hold out your arm and you clock will be placed in you."

"Placed in us?" I asked even more scared of where I was then ever now.

"Hold your arm out please," Redundantly I held out my arm. She injected a long gold metal into my arm with a clock that was visible on my arm.

She injected the same thing into the boy before saying rather nasty "This clock doesn't tell the time it tells you how long you have to live, when the clock hits zero you will die." I looked down at my clock. I had five years to live.

"It's not that good," I told him whilst I wipe my eyes clean of my emotion. "How did you find me?"

"Follow you," He stated simply. "What wrong," That was another thing about this devil handsome young men. He can read me like a book; even if I am upset but am smiling and laughing he will know that I am up set.

I showed him the inside of my arm were my clock, and he instantly understood. He wrapped his arms around and I rested my head on his shoulder. "I will not let you die," He whispered in my ear. It made me smile but I knew all too well that there is nothing we could to stop it. "Nick, it's not possible. It's never happened. Anyway we need to get back." Standing up and offered him my hand, he took it and made me pull him up. I went to let go of his hand but he held my hand tighter as if he let go he would lose me.

"Let's play a game." I said as we enter the forest. "What game?"

"Truth or Dare, I'll go first, Truth" I always pick Truth, I was afraid that if I choose Dare I would have to do some awful. Like run down the corridor naked.

"Who was your first kiss?" Oh brilliant, of course he has to ask that.

"Never kissed a guy," I answered truthfully.

"Really, never. Ok, Dare." I thought carefully, it had to be good.

"You have to go up to Mr. Gray and ask if he is supernatural," The teacher hated that, the school was government organised. Therefore the teachers are all mean, nasty and hate supernatural. "What! Fine."

I had to say whether I thought Nick attractive or not, which my answer was the he was devily handsome and make all the girls drop to their knees when they see him. He thought I was joking, but I wasn't. It was his go next and to be on the safe side he choose Truth.

"Who do you like?" was my question to him.

"Well… mmm… there is this one girl but she is amazingly pretty, smart, funny, witty." He said gazing into my eyes. "So what her name?"

"You don't know her," he said rather suddenly, breaking the eyes contact between us and walking straight ahead. "Do you like her?"

"Yeah a lot."