the misalignment of time when i'm near you


for some reason, i'm all into these prose-form things. hope you enjoy (:


His uneven teeth, glimmering faintly over pink gums as he smiles;

The way his tongue in betwen his lips as he whispers "Jeeeesus;"

The splotch of blue ink against the skin of his left rist, breaking through tan;

The flash of heat as his fingertips linger, dip, brush against mine and then flutter into oblivion;

The weight of his skateboard in the tight grip of my bleached hands;

Our smiles, echoing. Messages without words are a thousand times better.

To miss someone the moment you're apart - sweet pain;

To only feel sweet pain the moment I look away, the moment our conscious entities divide, would be ideal;

Then it would be sweetest to gather close each and every moment, our entities melding, smiles widening, feeling like we haven't seen each other in an eternity

though it has only been days, hours, minutes, seconds.