Rebel By Miriam Cantrell

HI! How are you today? Anywho I am really excited about this story. Now I'm also going to warn you about something. My grammar… Well to put it nicely; it sucks thoroughly. Soooooooo, I would like a Beta, now the thing is, is that I'm not completely sure as to what they are for. Now I know that they sort of like fix your grammar and stuff but I don't know the full extent. So someone please P.M me if you're interested. Anywho thanks, hope you like the story-

Miriam Cantrell


"Are you sure it will work?" he asked. A man with brown hair and calculating green eyes studied a vile blankly. A pair of glowing eyes from the shadows in the office stared back. As snake like voice answered, "But of course" You could almost hear his smile "I never fail….."

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Chapter 1 Katrina's POV

I walked down Vince County high school's halls in search of my best friend, Kate. Where the heck is she? My thoughts were interrupted by someone tripping me. Yeah, I'm SO popular! That was sarcastic btw. I fell and saw the ground getting closer. Just as I thought I would face plant a pair of arms caught me mid-air. Letting out a breath I didn't know I'd been holding I looked up saying. "God Kate thanks. I guess Anna-Maria still has it…." I stopped speaking when I saw the piercing Hazel eyes staring back at me blankly.

My own Ice blue eyes widened. "Will you get up already and stop staring at me?" he questioned harshly.

I scrambled to my feet. Staring at my sneakers I said "Thanks." He sighed, looking up I saw him running his hands through Blonde hair. He seemed different somehow….. He's more distant than cold really.

He looked down at me and his eyes seemed to suddenly harden. "What?!"

I looked away, "Nothing." I breathed sigh of relief when I saw Kate walking down the hallway. I smiled to him "Um, thanks but I got to go." I took three steps then turned around. "Oh yeah I'm Kat. Well Bye!" I ran down the hall to Kate.

"Lets go home" I thought to her. She answered, "Alright"

Caine's POV-

As I walked toward my black Porsche I saw the apparent Kat and her friend put on helmets. Watching interestedly I saw Kat get on a black Ducati and her friend get on a red one. She's some girl. Too bad she's human. As if she could sense my thinking about her she looked at me through her helmet. What the? I unlocked my car and drove away. I'll have to keep an eye on her, she's different somehow….