The strong smell of ink penetrated my nose as I watched in silent horror edged with fascination how a pricked metal needle, thin and glinting nipped the tender flesh. The tender flesh of a pretty 15 year old girl she was small and skinny, with spiky dark brown hair that just barely brushed her shoulders, the ends were rough-looking dyed to a golden-orange hue, her flesh though tender was worn with age, well past her own, tanned to a dark brown, her lips thin as she suppressed her pain all just to have a picture printed on her skin. I chuckle. She looks up, her round black eyes staring at me. I smile a wide closed-eye smile and she looks away, I walk to the door and exit the tattoo shop. Then head home with silent amusement for I could tell she knew, knew what I was and what I had done, what I will do. Tonight. I chuckle once more and go inside.

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