Anastasia entered the house after Julia listening to her call out to her mother. They entered the kitchen where as usual Mom was drinking a cup of tea. Julia pecked her cheek as she made her way to the stairs.

"Hey Mom." Stas placed her bag on the counter and leaned down to give her a hug and kiss.

"Hello sweetie." She placed her teacup down and turned to the young girl. "How was school baby girl?"

"Pretty good." Stas giggled looking down at her hand while she took a seat on the chair next to Mom.

"Are you blushing?"

"No." Stas said quickly.

"Yes she is Mom." Jules came back down the stairs in her pajamas.

"Shut up Jules."

Jules laughed, "This new guy almost ran us over this morning and Stas here put on the charm when she told him kindly not to smoke or kill anyone on school grounds. He kissed her hand and drove away. Then in her first class he hit on her, she of course being hard-to-get shot him down. Of course he found a way to get her to show him around leaving her ruffled and frustrated, sexual frustration of course," she mocked.


"Let me finish. Anyway in Chem he was sitting at our table so I let him have my seat. Oh by the way I have a date this weekend Mom," Mom laughed at her airy, nonchalant daughter, "Stas gave him the cold shoulder of course and finally he asked her out, again, and I being the amazing friend that I am agreed for her. She got mad but she is over it."

"So what is his name?" Mom asked.

"Darren Lightwood." Stas said, letting the name flow from her lips like melted chocolate.

"And he is eighteen, and a smoker, but we can ignore that part."

Mom laughed again. "As long as my girls aren't affected by it."

"No worries Mom, I hate cigarettes." Stas offered.

"Good. Oh, love, Jean called earlier and asked me to tell you that she is going to be in Australia for longer than expected and that she put some money in your account. She also told me to tell you that she loves you very much and that she can't wait to get home to see you."

"Oh." Stas said. "Well, in that case can I stay here tonight?"

"Do you even have to ask?" Jules questioned as she reached into the cupboard and withdrew a bowl and the cereal.

"Not really," Stas laughed, thankful she had such a wonderful family.

The rest of the week passed idly by with only some excitement whenever Stas was around Darren and before she knew it Friday rolled around. Every class she had with Darren was a constant reminder especially when the ending school bell rung and Darren backed her up against her desk.

"So, I need your number." He spoke to her.

"Mm?" Was all she could muster out. He was so close. His knees were pressing against her legs and she could feel her heart pounding, wishing he couldn't hear it.

"So…" he trailed as his hand went to her jeans pocket and retrieved her phone, his eyes boring into her with vehemence.

He tinkered on her phone before gently replacing it, pressing a kiss to her cheekbone, and backing away.

"See you tonight." And then he was gone, leaving her breathless and the teacher staring at her peculiarly.

"Then he kissed you. On the. Cheek." Jules said with boredom. "Oh, that is swoon worthy." She said with sarcasm.

"You weren't there. He was just so, so… close." She finished lamely.

"Well it is done now and you have the whole rest of the night to be just so, so… close." She mocked.

Anastasia nodded and turned in the full length mirror. She wore her red-tinted tresses down and lazily around her shoulders. She'd put on a black tank top with a razor back and a see through design on the back; along with her top she wore a tight fitted pair of dark wash jeans. To top it off, the bright green varsity jacket she put on made her green eyes glow like emeralds. She began slipping in her white high heels to finish everything off.

There was a light knock on the door followed by its opening.

"Wow Stasi you look nice." Said Jules' dad.

"Thanks Pop." She smiled.

"Big night?" He questioned.

"I guess."

"I guess is a load of bullshit." Jules interjected. "He backed her up against a desk and kissed her cheek. And she started practically foaming at the mouth and fizzing like a God damn fangirl."

Pop frowned. "Should I meet this boy?"

"No, Pop, it is fine. Anyway it is all Jules' fault anyway. If she hadn't volunteered me to go out with him I wouldn't have been so worked up about this."

Pop shot Jules a look. "What have I told you about not making other people's decisions?"

"Let people choose their path and don't interfere. Blah, blah, blah, yeah, yeah, yeah. She likes him she just doesn't want to admit it."

"Jules I don't like him." She turned red. "I am only going-" she stopped when her phone rang. Picking it out of her pocket she looked over the text from Darren that read where to meet him. "It's him." She looked up at the two of them. "Time to go."

Pop nodded and pulled Stas into a one-armed hug while kissing her forehead, then lightly ruffled her bright hair. "Be careful. Call any of us if you need us. You look beautiful. I love you and have a good time."

"Thanks Pop." She leaned up and kissed his cheek, "See you when I get back."

"Where the hell is this place?" Stas whined.

"We're almost there calm down."

"How do you even know where it is? I have never seen this address in my life. Seems kind of sketch. Maybe we should just go home Jules."

"No. We are almo-… Found it! There he is. And my God he looks sexy."

"Shut. Up. Jules."

He spotted the car and pushed off the brick wall he had been leaning on. Stas stepped out of the car and smiled at him. He approached her and tilted her chin to give her a kiss on the side of her face, just off her lips. She shivered and turned to look at Jules who was staring at her.

"Hello Jules." He waved.

"Hello Darren. You are looking very nice tonight."

He smiled his thanks before turning his attention back to Stas.

"Your eyes are… breathtaking." He complimented.

"Th-thank you." She stammered turning almost as red as her hair.

The driver side door opened and Jules was pulling Stas away.

"Give me your jacket." She whispered.

"What? Why?"

"Just give me your jacket." When she didn't get a response she struggled it off of her forcefully.

"What the hell Jules!"

"This way if it is cold outside he'll have to give you his. Okay, now if you need me just call me and I will be your scapegoat. I love you. Go have fun." She turned Stas around and marched her over the waiting boy, slapping her ass before hopping into the car and driving away with a wave.

Stas watched her go and when she met Darren's eyes his eyebrows were skyward. He motioned with his hand for her to come with her as he walked towards the door of a large metal building. Their surroundings weren't ideal; there was scrap metal and trash all over the ground, broken down warehouses and a few dilapidated homes. There were weeds growing up the sides of the building through the cracks in the pavement. And most of the windows were shattered in the surrounding buildings. He opened the door and a blast of energy hit them along with sweat, music, smoke, and all kinds of stuff one knows is wrong.

He pulled her through and she took in the sight around her. In the far corner was a makeshift bar, on the balcony was a man with a lot of equipment and huge speakers, and right smack in the middle was a mass of people dancing under the strobe and black lights. The scene was overwhelming and then she felt his hand around her wrist. She looked down and everything didn't seem so dramatic. He grinned showing all of his teeth goofily and pulled her into the gasping crowd. Before she entered she took a breath of air much like she would before diving head first in to a raging ocean storm. Despite herself she began to laugh and despite the noise she heard him laugh along with her. When they were in the middle he pulled her forward and wrapped his arms around her waist she gasped and her arms settled on his shoulders.

"Hey," he whispered close to her ear.

"Hi." Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and began moving to the music.

After a long while they both moved away from the mass of people. She reached down and grabbed her phone with her free hand, the other being held by Darren. She frowned as she read a text from Jonathan.

"What's wrong?"

She looked up and smiled, "No, nothing. Just checking the time."

"Are you counting down till' this is over?" He asked.

"No! No. I am actually having a really great time. Thank you."

"You sure? We can leave."

"Yes I am sure, but it is a little hot in here."

"Say no more."

When they were outside she took a breath of less tainted air. It was cold outside and Stas cursed Jules for taking her jacket.

"Are you cold?" He asked her.

She nodded, so he shrugged off his jacket and place it over her shoulders.

"Thank you."

"No problem." He shrugged putting his hand in his pocket. "Do you mind?" He took out a cigarette pack.

"Go ahead."

He lit up and started to slowly mill around.

Stas looked at her phone and this time she really did look at the time. Holy shit! It was almost three in the morning.

"Oh my God."

He turned to her curiously, "What's wrong?"

"I should get home."

"Oh, well I can take you home if you need me too."

"That would be heavenly."

He smiled took one last long drag of his stick, threw it on the ground, and ground it between his foot and the ground. He put his arm around Stas and led her to his car.

When they were inside he cranked the heater and Stas settled back into his big leather jacket letting his smell invade her nostrils. They drove in silence and somewhere through the ride his hand had found a resting place on her thigh. She left it there with a small smile when he didn't try anything on her and just drove.

When they arrived, outside of Jules' house, he stopped the car and turned to her. She smiled over at him as they locked eyes. Slowly she leaned forward gauging his reaction. His hand tightened on her leg and she stuttered her movement only to be met by the rush his lips. Within her gasp he took advantage and introduced his tongue, the warm, wet muscle prodding the other to life. His hand left the steering wheel and braided into her hair, pressing their faces harder and closer together. She purred into his mouth as his hand traveled up her thigh around her waist and pressed into her lower back, pulling her closer. Her hands that were balled against his shirt travelled up his chest and onto his shoulders before tying around his neck and pushing her fingers into his soft hair.

A light went on behind them in the house before a door opened.

"There's a man watching," he groaned between kisses.

She made a protesting sound.

"And a woman." He mumbled again. "Is that Jules?" He said with genuine surprise.

Stas whined pressed their faces incredibly, painfully, and tightly close before pulling away and opening the door. The cold air hit her and she shivered before she grabbed Darren's jacket then closed the door. He called out to her through the window.

"Stas! I'll see you Monday?"

She smiled and nodded, "Yeah, definitely."

He smiled another goofy smile and nodded.

When she got to the door she waved as he drove away. She took a second before looking up at everyone. Pop was staring after the car, Mom had her hand on Pop as if trying to keep him calm, and Jules was staring at Stas with a raised eyebrow at the leather jacket that hung on her shoulders.

"I don't like that boy." Pop informed everyone.

"You just don't like that you just seen your daughter kissing him." She laughed, "Quite passionately might I add." She turned her attention to Stas.

Stas' face burned as she avoided all of their eyes.

"I told ya' so." Jules referred to the jacket. "I don't like him my ass."

Anastasia cringed and looked over at her car. "Okay, well I am going to see you guys tomorrow, probably, so have a good night."

"Oh hell no you're not." She deadpanned before yanking her into the house and dragging her up to her room, "You are going to tell me everything!"

"Everything?!" Stas squeaked.

" . ." She confirmed.

After spending yet another night at Jules', and depleting her backup clothes store, Stas made her way home as Jules headed on her date with her lab partner. Stas' mother constantly was away on account of her job, so very often Stas was alone in her home. It used to be easier, but after her Father died when she was fourteen it became very hard to be constantly left alone surrounded by bittersweet memories. Her father was a wonderful man. She got her incredibly green eyes from him and every time she looked in the mirror she was reminded. Living without him had become easier over the years, but she still ached to have her family back.

Jules and Stas had been friends since second grade when they were stuck together for a project. After that there was no separating them. They were known by everyone as the Titanium Duo, because no matter what they had remained the best of friends and no one could put a dent in them. Jules parent's, who were high school sweethearts, had become Stas' parents and visa-versa. The lines between which family is which had been blurred to nothingness and you could no longer tell where one ended and the other began. In a way both of the girls had two sets of parents and when Dad died both of them felt the pain of losing a father. Luckily they still had three wonderful supporting parents to help them through, along with each other.

When Stas returned home she milled around not quite sure what to do with herself. After a while she did some homework before going back to sitting, hopelessly not useful. Her night passed slowly as she went through her usual evening routine and then she was in bed with her phone on and next to her on the nightstand incase Jules needed a scapegoat or she wanted to freak out over her date which she probably would. As she began to doze off she realized, with a weird feeling in her belly that she still had Darren's jacket, and she was wearing it. She thought of taking it off, but it was so warm and the smell of it was intoxicating. He had a smell of cigarettes, cologne, and the city that calmed her into a restful sleep.

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