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Late November 1976, far in the English countryside

The young woman looked back, making sure the door was locked before venturing to the cradle. Tears flooded her wide grey eyes, and she stared down through blood-spattered strands of black-blonde hair. Her husband of barely a year was already dead, his body torn to pieces by savage claws and starving jaws. She had come home to find him barely alive, his lower body being devoured by dark, huge twin beasts. He had seen her, had told her to run, to save herself. She had gone directly to the stairs, running to the room that held their infant son, if just to see him one last time.

"Oh, Hassen." She picked him up and held him close, his thin frame testament to his constant illness. Hassen Liakos was barely two months old, and had been born three weeks premature. It was the middle of an especially harsh winter, and he had recently come down with a mysterious sickness. His parents had already taken him to every doctor in England, and had been preparing to travel to Ireland, hoping someone there would know what was afflicting their child. "I'm sorry," she clutched him tightly. "I'm so sorry…"

Hassen's eyes were shut, his chest barely moving. It was snowing heavily outside, and the wind was howling. Even if she did manage to escape, taking her child outside would only mean death for them both. Her tears came faster, and she set her son back in his cradle, wrapping the wool blanket tightly around him. She then turned to the nightstand, pulling out the handgun she kept there. It was a reminder of her life in Italy; back before she had met Admes, back before her life had changed. She had met her husband several years before, when he had come to her country to escape the boring life he had lived in his.

"Good-bye, Hassen," she took one last look at her son, pulling back the hammer of her pistol just as the beasts tore the door from its hinges. The gun fired once and then the room was overtaken by the sounds of fighting, bloodshed and screaming. But Hassen never stirred, even when his mother's blood spattered across his ashen cheeks. An hour passed before the creatures transformed, revealing two humans in tattered clothes, their faces stained with the spoils of their latest meal.

"Look, Arron," the woman pointed to the tiny bed. The couple moved closer, gasping in horror when they saw the infant. "Oh, no…what have we done?"

Arron reached down, laying a hand on Hassen's head, letting his fingers run to the child's neck. He then turned to the woman.

"He's barely alive," he said quietly.

"We just killed his parents," said the woman. "We have to take him back with us. He'll die out here."

"He'll die if we take him out there," Arron looked to the window. The snow was falling even harder, swirling violently against the windowpanes. The wind was howling more than ever, as though angered by their sin. He looked back to the woman to find her staring at the child, the hint of sharpened teeth visible between her lips.

"Now, Magena, I know what you're thinking," he said firmly. "But we can't. He's not like us. He wouldn't survive."

"We can make him like us," she replied. She bent down, taking the child's limp body in her arms. In the quiet span of just a few moments, it seemed he had slipped even closer to death, his heartbeat so slow she could barely feel it. "I'm going to turn him."

Before Arron could argue, she dug her teeth into the infant's stomach, making the wound just deep enough so her saliva mixed with his blood. She could immediately sense the start of the change. A minute later, Hassen opened his eyes and started crying, though the sounds were weak and quiet. Magena smiled, then looked down at the remains of the young woman lying on the floor. She crossed herself, muttering a prayer of apology, as well as a promise she and her husband would care for her son.


She turned, seeing Arron by a trunk of papers and keepsakes, barely realizing the infant in her arms had started nursing. She'd given birth to her second cub earlier that month, though the little girl had died shortly afterward. She came and knelt by her husband, her eyes scanning the pages Arron was flipping through.

"Its from his father…"

Hassen's father had been born in Perama, and had lived his entire life on the coast of the Aegean Sea. He had gone to Rome after his twentieth birthday, wanting to see if the city was everything he had read in his schoolbooks. The ruins had been no less magnificent than those in his native Greece, but they had paled in comparison to what he saw just a few hours before he was supposed to leave. It was when he had first laid eyes on Jennifer Argento, the then eighteen-year-old daughter of a prominent businessman. They'd married just three years later, much to her father's chagrin. The problem Admes' father-in-law had with him was that he had been a career criminal since childhood, having grown up in the poorest section of Perama. The young couple had run off after their marriage, moving to a new hotel every few weeks, paying in cash and going in disguise wherever they went. But everything had changed the moment Jennifer gave birth to their son.

"His name's Hassen."

Arron had just found Hassen's birth certificate, and he felt remorse stab at his heart. Not only had they broken the rule about hunting humans, they had really just killed this child's parents.

"But we'll have to wait here until the storm dies out," said Arron suddenly. It had been foolish of them to go out in the storm to begin with, but they had had no choice. Game was especially scarce during the winter, and as the alpha pair, they had chosen to give up their portions of what food was found, in order for there to be enough for everyone else. It was the night of the full moon, and that, along with their inability to avoid the change, had made it impossible for them to ignore their hunger. They'd barely managed to stay in human form long enough to get away from civilization, and had allowed their instincts to rule the moment they had turned to fur.

"We'll bury the remains before we go," said Magena. She held Hassen more tightly to her chest. "He shouldn't have to see such things."

Arron nodded, then knelt down as he let the change consume him. Magena set Hassen on the floor beside him, before going to fur herself. The pair curled tightly around their new son; still worried he wouldn't make it to morning.