Chapter 1

It's not fire, it's ice!

Flow Cambridge, at 15, was a major tomboy.

She had long dark brown hair, with a bit of a wave to it, a perfect figure, and her name was Flow.

That was as close as she had ever come to being a normal girl.

Flow was in almost every sport imaginable: Baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, soccer, football (which, she was the best player on the team), etc.

She also took Karate and art classes.

Flow, however, was not like every other tomboy. She was special, and she knew it.

Flow could wield water.

Flow could do water balls, wield regular water, and even talk to sea creatures. Weird, right? Well, Flow didn't think it was weird, she thought it was cool. Of course, she didn't know how "cool" it was going to turn out.

Flow didn't like the "hottest" jock in school, Jordan Taylor, a "hunky" guy who thought he could get whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. He had dark brown hair, and was about as muscly as they come. But as much as Flow didn't like him, she knew Jordan disliked her more. They were natural born enemies, as far as she was concerned. He teased her, she dissed him, and so it went, back and forth, day after day.

But today, she had had it with him.

Jordan, like he usually was, was sitting at the "cool" table, where a new girl, Lily Woods, a brunette with shoulder length hair and a slender build, was about to sit. Oh, no! Flow thought, She has no idea what she's doing. I have to help her! No, a voice said in her head, let her figure it out herself. Your only responsible for you, remember? She knew she couldn't argue with that logic, after all, that had been her motto since she was four. Ever since her parents had left her on the porch of the orphanage... No! she thought, I can't think about that now, not ever again...

She sighed. She knew it was in her nature to help people like Lily, because water was meant for healing, for peace, but she couldn't. That would make her look like she had a weakness, and that was something she couldn't afford.

"Hello," Lily said, sitting down at the "cool" table. She didn't appear as if she knew what she was getting herself into.

"Hey," Jordan replied, "How's it going, sweet stuff."

"Good," she replied, seemingly completely oblivious to his antics.

"You know, something as cute as you should be with someone as hot as me, right? How about it, you, me, and Doug's Pizza Palace, tonight at 8?"

"No thanks," Lily replied casually.

Jordan's face turned beat red, "Now listen here, Sugar, I don't take no for an answer. Just because your new here, doesn't mean that your going to be on my good side."

"This is your good side? " she asked, "I never would have guessed! If this is your good side, then I don't wanna meet your bad side."

"Well your about to!" he said, his eyes as fierce as his red face.

Flow couldn't believe her eyes. Someone, the new kid of all things, said no to a date with Jordan the Creeper! And by the looks of it, The Creeper wasn't too happy about it.

"No one tells me no!" he yelled as he slapped her. She fell back, and to Flow's dismay, hit her head on the solid concrete floor. She was out cold.

Flow felt the anger boiling up inside her. Jordan, your going to regret doing that, she thought. This is it, I don't care what my motto is, I can't stand by while he gets away with this. That's when she saw the water fountain next to her table. Maybe, if I am inconspicuous enough, I can... No, she thought, if I get caught, I'm finished. But, if I don't get caught...

Right then, Flow came to her decision. She had to avenge Lily's injury, and that she would. The plan was already formulating in her head.

She flicked her wrist and about a quart of water came out of the fountain. That should be enough, she thought proudly, silently congratulating herself. Then she took control and made it move right next to Jordan's foot. Now I'll just have to wait, but no sooner than she had thought this, he went to sit back at his chair and Sploosh! he slipped. There's your chance! her mind screamed at her. Flow rushed into action, scooting out of her seat, she ran over to Lily, picked her up, and rushed out of the cafeteria. Now, if I can just get her to the nurse... but no sooner that she had thought this, there came The Creeper himself, chasing after her.

Oh no! Great, I just had to help, and look what a mess I'm in now. She mentally slapped herself in the face. Boy, the situations she could get herself into...

No time to think about that now, she thought, getting Lily to the school nurse is my first priority. I'm too far in to back out now.

"Flow," Jordan yelled, "stop now and I won't hurt you."

"You? Take on me? You'd better have a big army for that, don't you think princess?" she sneered. She knew she shouldn't play this game with him, but it was so much fun watching him blow steam out his nose like a train.

"Fine," he spat, "you've forced me to use extreme measures. Don't say I didn't warn you!" then he whistled. A high pitched, bone chilling whistle. A whistle she knew well. A whistle for his fellow goonies. No sooner than she had realized this, there came "The Pounder" (though, his real name was Paulie), running around the corner, stopping her from getting to the nurses office. She took a sharp turn right, hoping he would follow her so she could go the other way around.

Boy, Lily sure is getting heavy, she thought, a little too heavy for my taste, but I should be to the nurses office soon, so I can put her down... Uh- oh. There came "Cranky" Joe, the crankiest kid in school, rounding the corner running towards her. Another one of Jordan's goonies. I don't think I'm gonna be able to get out of this one. I'm sorry, Lily. I couldn't protect you. I'm sorry... she continued running, now running for her life, because although she was an expert at combat, she couldn't take on all three of them at once. Not to mention there was probably more cronies coming. She ran outside, coming in the side door leading to the pool room. This is it, I'm in for it now. She looked at the crystalline yet chlorine filled water. So beautiful, yet so deadly at the same time, what with all that chlorine in it.

Water! That was it!

Just then Jordan walked in, with 5 other goons behind him. "End of the line, toots. You know Flow, I always kinda liked you, thought you were pretty, innocent, and naive. So young though," he clicked his tongue and shook his head. "Well, shall we get this over with?"

"Yes," she replied, "let's finish this, and I'll show you how powerful I really am!"

She saw the fear in his eyes when she wielded the water from the pool into a giant wave. Oh, if only he had know sooner, she thought with disdain. But, oh well. You win some, you lose some. That's how the game is played. Of course, she could show mercy to him. It wouldn't be as much fun, but it would be the right thing to do. But remember what he did to Lily, she thought, and look at her now. She looked at the poor girl who was finally regaining consciousness. Wait a minute! If she see's that I can waterwielder, it'll be over! She'll tell the school, and I'll have to skip town. But then again, she recalled, Jordan and his crew will do the same thing. There's no doubt about that. She made her decision. She didn't care if Lily saw her waterwield. It was OK. And if Lily didn't like her, who cared? Flow cared, and she knew it.

"You'll be okay soon," she promised Lily quietly. "Jordan, you shouldn't have made me angry. You shouldn't have hurt Lily, and for hurting her, I'll make you regret you ever came to school today!" The wave was huge by now, a true tidal wave. "I hope you can swim, Jordan!" she yelled to him.

Then she caused it to crash down, causing the water to race towards her. She tried to stop the water, but she couldn't. She didn't have enough experience yet. "Lily!" she yelled, racing towards the half awake girl. She bent over her to stop the water from hurting her worse. Stop water. Stop! She pleaded silently. Freeze!

The sound of rushing water abruptly came to a halt. She looked up, astonished to the site that greeted her eyes. The water had froze! She gently placed Lily on the floor, gathering some of the thinner ice that looked like snow and placing it under her head like a pillow. Then she walked up and felt the ice. Wow, she thought, did I do that? She looked past the ice and saw Jordan and his fellow goons encased in ice from their toes up to their necks. "Having fun, boys?" she asked them sarcastically.

"Y-your a f-freak," Jordan stuttered between the chattering of his teeth.

"And your the dumbo-tron 3000. Did you really think you could take me? Even if I hadn't had waterbending on my side? Actually, let me answer that. No, you knew you couldn't beat me, even without my waterbending skills. And you know how I know you knew? Because you had to call five of your goons to come take care of me. That just proves that you can't beat me, and that you know it."

"That d-doesn't p-prove anything," he chattered.

"Well, I hope you guys have fun thawing," she said merrily. Unfreezing all the water and putting it back into the pool was easier now, now that she knew she could mentally freeze and unfreeze it. Soon she had unfrozen all the ice except the ice that was encasing The Creeper and his posse.

"Y-you c-can't just l-leave us h-here like t-t-this," Paulie whined.

"Sure I can," she told him.

"I'll report you!" Jordan yelled. She looked at him and acted like she was going to punch him. He flinched.

"That's what I thought," she replied nonchalantly.

"W-where am I?" she heard a small voice squeak.

"Lily!" she cried, throwing her arms around the girls neck. That's when it hit her that she didn't even know Lily very well. "I'm sorry," she said apologetically. "Ignore that I just did that."

Then it was Lily's turn to throw her arms around Flow. "Thank you, Flow. And, by the way, great waterwielding skills!"

"What?" Flow said, shocked. "How'd you know? You were out cold the whole time!"

"It's hard to understand," she explained, "I was out cold, but somehow, I was hovering above my body and floating down the hall with you when Jordan and his goons followed you. It wasn't an out of body experience really, it was... well, I can't explain it, but I was there. I saw it all, including your awesome waterwielding. And don't worry, I won't tell anybody, as long as you don't tell anybody I can do this. Come here," she told Flow, standing up and feeling very dizzy, she led the way outside, Jordan shouting all the way. They stopped, feeling the bright warmth all around them. It was exhausting, in Flow's opinion.

"You ready to see something cool?" she asked.

"Sure," Flow replied, thinking that it was probably some gymnastics trick she had learned. Boy, had she been wrong.

"Okay, you ready for this?" she dizzily straitened, and picked up a rock. It twirled around in mid air above her hand. She picked up another rock and did the same thing, with both in her hand.

She's an earthwielder! Flow thought excitedly. She had never met another wielder before. That's when Lily earthwielded a huge rock right out of the ground! Then, bracing herself, she hit the rock. Flow was sure she had broken her hand, with such a hard hit to such a hard rock. But to her surprise, the rock flew far away! "Wow!" she exclaimed. "I've never met a real live earthbender before! This is awesome, and I don't feel alone anymore. I don't feel like I'm the only bender anymore. I think, we are going to be great friends." They smiled, each feeling better than they had in a long time.

This concludes Chapter 1

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