Chapter 3: Ex, Current, WhoKnows Girlfriends

The shot didnʼt burn as much as expected which meant she was definitely tipsy and on certainly on her way to drunk. She wanted all thoughts of Tyler out of her mind but how could she completely ignore him if he was only feet away, drinking a beer, talking to the beautiful black-haired girl?

This night was so fucked.

And to make matters worse, Lucine and Sonya knew what was going on. They seemed sympathetic to her situation but girls were catty and judgmental. There was no way to tell if they were being genuine.

"Hey, who you texting?"

Naura looked up from her phone, startled, and smiled lightly when she saw that it was David.

"My friend." She had been texting Rachel in dire need of someone who knew her situation and would have advice for her. She also wanted someone to comfort her, seeing as how she was sad and probably drunk.

"Well, tell your friend youʼre busy. You owe me a dance."

Naura smirked and switched her phone screen off. "And who decided I owe you anything?"

"I did because I was basically an amazing bartender earlier."

"Well, I donʼt know about amazing. You were alright."

She was flirting and this was both a good and bad thing. It meant she was probably about to make some bad decisions to subconsciously get back at Tyler. It also meant she was possibly going to start moving on...but that was unlikely.

Speaking of Tyler, she hadnʼt seen him in a while. She had stood in the living room texting away while Lucine and Sonya got their dance on with two guys from the kitchen earlier. Sheʼd been so lost in her own world while texting Rachel but still was keeping an eye out for Tyler. If he kissed that girl he was with in front of her, she was definitely going to flip a switch.

"Oh, cʼmon. I was more than alright." David slyly reached out to take her cell phone and place it in his pocket before holding out his hand, grinning that handsome grin at her. He was pretty attractive. No doubt about that.

"I guess so." Naura took his hand and felt her cheeks heat up as he led her toward the throng of people grinding to the reggae music blasting from the speakers. She was so ready to dance and get lost in the booze and music.

David pushed his way past a few couples, stopped, and slowly twirled her back to face him.

Naura boldly started dancing against him, sipping on her drink, feeling pretty sensual. She spotted Sonya out of the corner of her eye, already making out with the guy she was dancing with. No surprise there. Lucine was M.I.A. and Naura had no idea of when sheʼd left. She was disappointed and a little uncomfortable being left alone with a bunch of strangers but being drunk definitely numbed her to that. She was so into her dancing that she didnʼt even realize how touchy David was being. His hand was on her leg and then her hip, then her stomach, his mouth just above her ear as they moved together to the rhythm. Sober Naura would have pushed his hand away. Since Tyler, she hadnʼt let any guy get this close. Was her love for him ruining her college experience? God, she hoped not. But right now she didnʼt care. All she cared about was how light and numb she felt.

Naura sipped her drink again and lightly scanned the dark room, hoping to see Lucine or Sonya. No such luck. David was attractive and everything but she suddenly felt the urge to be around someone she knew. She turned to speak in his ear, pausing her dancing. "Hey, Iʼm gonna go find Lucine, okay?"

David nodded. "Sure. Iʼll come with you."

Naura, almost too quickly, moved to exit the dance floor and walked toward the patio, David just behind her. She could tell he wanted to hold her hand but even with all her sadness, she still didnʼt want Tyler to think sheʼd moved on.

The night air was warm and slightly sticky but that didnʼt stop multiple college goers from continuing their party on the patio. Lucine was included in that group, flirting away with Louis, the cute blue eyes guy.

Naura felt a little of her edge wear away at finding Lucine. And now that she was a little relaxed, she realized she kind of just wanted to go home. There would be plenty more parties for her to go crazy at and the last one she wanted to do that at was one where her ex-boyfriend was.

She politely pushed through the throng of people over to Lucine and lightly grabbed her roommateʼs arm, smiling apologetically at Louis. "Hey girl."

Lucine smiled lightly at Naura although it was clear she felt annoyed at being interrupted. "Hey girly. Everything okay?"

Naura smiled. "Yeah, I just was thinking of heading home. Iʼm a little too drunk and kind of tired."

Lucineʼs face fell. "Aw, really? Already?"

"Yeah, itʼs still early," Louis added. "You canʼt leave just yet, gorgeous."

Naura smiled lightly at him but was aware of Lucineʼs slight glare. "Sorry, I donʼt mean to be a party pooper. I just have really bad jet lag." That was a lie but maybe theyʼd go easy on her because of it.

Louis looked sympathetic. "Oh yeah, jet lag can be a bitch. Do you need a ride home?"

Naura shook her head but before she could speak, David jumped in.

"Actually, I can give you a ride home if you need."

Sheʼd almost forgotten he was there, standing beside her. She turned her gaze to him. "Are you sure? Are you okay to drive?"

David shrugged. "I didnʼt drink that much. Iʼm okay."

Shoot. She really didnʼt want to take a taxi home but she also didnʼt want David to think he had a chance at getting with her. If he did, he would be surprised to find out how mistaken he was.

"Alright, thank you. Iʼll take a ride." Naura hugged Lucine and Louis before following David out.

She tried not to look for Tyler but they ran into him anyway. He was leaving the kitchen with a fresh beer, the black-haired girl on his heel.

"Hey dude, weʼre out of here," David said, doing the man-shake with Tyler.

Tyler nodded, discreetly looking at Naura. "Alright. Are you okay to drive man?"

Now that she was close up, Naura felt her jealousy growing. This girl was pretty and so Tylerʼs type. She was thin and pale but her hair was so healthy and straight, her bangs perfectly trimmed. She was hot and it irked Naura to no end thinking of how much more they probably belonged together than she and Tyler did.

"Yeah, Iʼm cool. Itʼs not far and Iʼve only had a little to drink."

That was a lie. But Naura didnʼt care too much. She just wanted out of this awkward fucking situation.

"Alright..." Tyler didnʼt sound convinced as David turned to say goodbye to the black- haired girl, his gaze landing on Naura.

She felt her chest constrict and smiled lightly at him, although the smile didnʼt reach her eyes.

He reached out and lightly touched her arm, giving her a serious look. "Are you sure heʼs okay to drive?" he asked quietly.

Naura quickly nodded her head. "Yeah, donʼt worry."

"Seriously, Naura, I can give you a ride."

Hearing him say her name almost forced her to give in. But she couldnʼt. Her pride wouldnʼt let her. "Really, Iʼm fine. Itʼs not that far, anyways."

Tyler didnʼt look convinced but before he had an opportunity to respond, someone interrupted their conversation. And that someone was not a person Naura ever hoped to interact with.

"Hey, Iʼm Chel by the way." The black-haired girl had spoken, holding out her hand. She was smiling lightly but it was clear that she was trying to stake her claim on Tyler.

Naura hesitated before reaching out to shake her enemyʼs hand, smiling and attempting to be as polite as she could. "Naura. Nice to meet you."

Chel nodded and dropped her hand. "You too."

Was she being paranoid or was Chelʼs tone condescending when she spoke? Fuck, like it mattered. She just wanted to leave already.

"Well, weʼll see you guys later," David said, nodding at Naura.

Naura lifted the corners of her mouth a bit and turned to follow David, ignoring the look on Tylerʼs face. He was worried about her getting home safely but not jealous of David? That stung a little. Maybe they really were done.

Once out of the house and down on the sidewalk, David led her to his car, a gray 2007 Jeep Cherokee Sport. A total guy car if she ever saw one. Even in his drunken state, he was polite enough to open her door for her. She had to give him kudos for that. But was this the smartest decision? Getting in the car with someone whoʼd been drinking?

"Oh, here you go." David dug her phone out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Thanks." She quickly checked her phone, knowing she was hoping to see Tyler had texted her. Sadly, there were no new messages.

David started his car and screeched out into the street, rock music blasting from his speakers. He started texting and Naura was almost sure they were going to die before they reached the dorms.

"So did you have fun tonight?"

Naura gripped the door handle and smiled over at him, feeling slightly dizzy from the combination of his reckless driving and her alcohol consumption. "Yeah, did you?"

"Yeah, parties there are always wild. But there are crazier places. Thereʼs this one party at my buddy Mikeʼs next week. Iʼll have to take you."

She nodded. "Iʼm down. Sounds like fun."

She wasnʼt sure if it was Davidʼs crazy driving or her inebriated state but getting to the dorms took very little time. David screeched into a spot and followed her into the building, making her regret her decision to have him give her a ride home. Now she was going to have to do the awkward rejection and hope he didnʼt hate her after tonight. David was cute but she wasn't ready to start something new just yet.

Shit. She wanted to text Tyler. Something was bugging her and she needed an answer to it. Even if it wasnʼt the one she wanted.

Can I ask you something?

She quickly pocketed her phone as they reached her door, trying to figure out the best way to turn down David. "Thanks for taking me home," she said, stopping with her door half-open, one foot inside.

"Anytime. If you ever need a ride somewhere, let me know." He was staring at her like she was a piece of meat, slow-cooked, and ready to serve.

Naura smiled and moved to hug him, figuring itʼd be the most polite thing to do. A handshake would be too awkward and a fist bump was out of the question. "I will, thanks."

David held on a little more than necessary and let his hand run down her arm as they pulled apart. He was definitely going to try to get a kiss.

Too bad he wasnʼt going to get what he wanted.

"Okay, night!" She quickly stepped into her room and closed the door before he could say anything more. Sighing, she kicked off her shoes and headed to her room to change into sleep wear, her head spinning a little more than she liked.


Her phone dinged in her hand, announcing a new text message. She had forgotten about it for a moment and now was regretting the original message sheʼd sent. She was drunk and probably going to say something sheʼd regret. Bad idea.

Her heart beating a million miles a minute, Naura slowly turned her phone on to look at the message. It was from Tyler of course.

Ask me anything.

Damn. She knew what she wanted to ask but now she wasnʼt so sure she wanted to know. And she also didnʼt want him to think she was spending all her waking moments thinking about their failed relationship.

But she had to know...

Did you break up with me because of Chel?

Before she could change her mind, she hit the send button and tossed her phone on her bed, walking straight into the bathroom. Stopping in front of the mirror, Naura sighed and reached for her face wash. But before she could put some in her hand, she heard that same ding from her bedroom. "Shit."

She tried to take her time getting her phone but she was so anxious.

No, it never had anything to do with her. I have a history with her but thatʼs all. I still care about you.

Damn. Why did he have to say that. Just as she was starting to believe he didnʼt give a shit, he just had to go and pull a fast one. Guys were so good at doing that.

I still care about you too.

Naura threw herself atop her bed after she sent the text, burying her face in her pillow. She just wanted to shut everything out and sleep. Hopefully before Tyler texted her back. She was usually good at fighting her drunk dialing and texting urges but with Tyler it was another story.

Lucky for her, her wish was granted and she was soon drifting off into the dream world.

Rihanna. Running water. Soft singing.

This is what Naura woke up to the next morning. Or afternoon. She wasnʼt sure what time it was but she was pretty sure sheʼd slept longer than usual.

She was also pretty sure it was Lucine who was in the shower and had on the shower radio. And obviously Lucine wasnʼt hungover.

Naura slowly pulled herself up into a sitting position and quickly brought her hand to her forehead, groaning as the pounding in her head increased. Her entire body felt exhausted and sore, and her stomach, uneasy.

The shower shut off and there was silence for a moment before the bathroom door opened and Lucine entered the room. She was wrapped in a white towel, her hair wet, and still looking gorgeous without makeup.

It was so not fair.

"Morning girl!"

Naura winced and fell back on her pillow. "Morning," she murmured.

Lucine laughed as she dried her hair with another towel. "Hungover?"

"Thatʼs an understatement," Naura groaned.

"Want to get some breakfast? Itʼll help. We only have today to enjoy before school starts."

Naura nodded, pulling herself back up into a sitting position. "Fine. Youʼre right. Iʼm not partying for a few weeks anyways."

Lucine laughed again. "Youʼre funny. You say that now but by tomorrow youʼll be in the mood to party again. Thatʼs the beauty of college. Always something going on!"

A small smile flitted across Nauraʼs face as she searched her sheets for her phone. She found it by her leg and quickly checked for any new text messages. A couple but none from Tyler. She had hoped that heʼd have something else to say after her last text last night but apparently not.

God, this was going to be an insanely long school year.

An hour later, Naura and Lucine were seated at a table on the patio of a nice café right near the beach. The pounding in Nauraʼs head had subsided a bit but she was definitely feeling remorseful over how much sheʼd drank and what had gone on the night before. She never should have let David give her a ride home. Tyler probably thought she had hooked up with him and the last thing she wanted was for him to think she was giving herself away to any guy with two legs and a smile. She didnʼt want to show how hurt she was and how much she still longed to be with him but at the same time she didnʼt want him to think she was over him.

How in the hell did that even make sense?

"Girl, youʼre staring off into space. Do you need more Ibuprofen?"

Naura flinched and looked up at Lucine. She held a menu in her hands but she hadnʼt read a word on it. "No, Iʼm fine. Thanks. Just thinking."


She shrugged and then sighed. "Things. Boys."

Lucine smirked knowingly. "Or one boy in particular?"

"Yes. That one."

"What exactly happened last night?"

Naura sighed. "Nothing too exciting. He was there with his ex…..or current girlfriend. Whatever she is. And we talked but it was short. I guess I shouldn't have expected too much."

"You still want to be with him, huh?" Lucine leaned forward and put her chin on her hand.

Naura was hesitant to tell anyone here about her issues with Tyler but Lucine had proved to be a good person so far. Maybe it was okay to open up to her. "Yeah…he was my first real love. Maybe I'm holding on more than I should. I don't know."

"There's nothing wrong with holding on to someone. It all depends on how your relationship was with them and how realistic it is to hope for more."

"I mean, we had problems, but we always somehow ended up back together. Even when we hated each other."

Lucine nodded knowingly. "Well, I can tell you that he hasn't had a girlfriend since he's been here. I'm pretty sure he hooks up with Chel but they've never been affectionate toward each other in public. But it's obvious to everyone that something is going on."

Why did it hurt so much to think of him with other girls? Just the thought gave her this heavy feeling in her chest. "She's his ex so I guess I'm not surprised. I'm pretty sure she knows who I am too because she definitely doesn't like me."

Lucine smirked. "Chel is a hot mess. Don't be intimidated by her. Tyler can do a lot better. I definitely see him with you more than her."

"Really?" It really felt good to hear that.

"Yeah, you guys look good together. Chel needs some grungy hot mess guy for a boyfriend. Tyler isn't that guy. Not saying he's innocent though."

That piqued her interest. "What do you mean?"

"Well, apparently he's into some type of extracurricular activities, if you know what I mean."

This was one rumor she hoped to God was false. If Tyler was back into drugs, Lord knows what kind of trouble he had been getting into. That was the reason he'd had to leave Florida in the first place. "Like what?"

Lucine shrugged, flipping her wavy black hair behind her shoulder. "Coke, heroine, ecstacy, whatever. Chel is supposedly his partner in crime when it comes to that."

If this was true, this Chel girl was going to have a shit storm heading her way for enabling Tyler like this. "And people have seen them on drugs?"

"Apparently. But don't quote me on that one. Tyler is a nice guy so I don't want to paint him in a bad way. I'm just saying. You need to be careful. And Chel is definitely trouble. I've never liked her."

Well, that made two of them. This new information definitely pissed her off and made her dislike Chel even more. It wasn't enough she felt the need to compare herself to the girl, now she might have to hate the girl for the bad influence she possibly was on Tyler.

Lucine and Naura finished their lunch and decided to walk around a bit and enjoy the sun before they had to head back to the dorms to prepare for their first day of school.

Once back in her dorm, Naura organized all of her books and class necessities, ironed the outfit she had picked out, and had a short phone conversation with her mom. She was in bed by nine and passed out shortly after. She hadn't heard from Tyler all day and maybe that was a good thing. Her life was consumed by him. She needed to find her focus with school and other things, like new friends.

Thankfully, tomorrow was a new day.

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