Author's Note: This one is for SheBlevins. Check out her poems if you haven't.

You're masked.

You're broken.

You're everything I am.

Everything I never wanted to be.

You're something that I've come to know-

Something that I hear.

Someone that knows what it's like

to be something you fear.

Does it ever really hurt you

To be outside the crowd?

Does it ever leave a lasting mark

and make you want to shout?

Tell me, does it ever get better?

Can I stop trying now?

Or should I stay inside my head

and just keep asking how?

You're masked.

Hiding behind a pen name,

Too afraid to tell the world.

I know because it's just like me,

waiting for someone to know.

Will you ever just give up

on getting someone to see?

If you do, in fact, then come

and you can go through it with me.

Put others before yourself.

That's the way with life.

I do the same, I help them out

if it only ends their strife.

I would try to be their rock-

Holding them again.

But what about me?

What about my pain?

You're not alone, yet lonely.

Scared, but as strong as you can be.

But come to me, I'll listen.

If you'll listen to me.

Author's Note: I don't know if it was any good, but I tried my best to put my feelings into it.