It was the perfect kiss. It started off slow and gentle, his hands cupping my face and his shaggy hair brushing my skin. Slowly, it got hotter, his hand tangling in my hair and pulling me closer, backing me up against the wall –


"Huh?" I muttered, dazed. Johnny grinned at me, revealing very white teeth.

"Dare," he repeated. "My turn, remember?" he said, indicating the silver cell phone on the floor. We'd spun it, spin-the-bottle-style. Seems kind of redundant to play Truth or Dare with only two people, but what option do you have when your elevator is stuck between the ninth and eighth floors?

"Right," I sighed, a furious blush colouring my cheeks. "I… what can I dare you to do in a broken-down elevator?"

We both looked around. Standard grey metal, railings along each wall. And let's not forget the greenish-grey emergency lighting. I had the lucky complexion of uncooked pastry. It tended to take on the colour of whatever kind of light I was sitting under. I'd bet that the colour of my skin right now would send even pro wrestlers running for mama. I was surprised that this guy was even talking to me. It made my impromptu little fantasy all the more embarrassing.

"Damn it!" I exclaimed, completely blank. "I can't think of anything."

He chuckled, grinning in a way that spelt trouble. "Then I guess that means you forfeit."

"What!" I protested. "No! Unfair!"

"Too late!" he crowed. "Right then," he mused, tapping his chin contemplatively. "The possibilities are endless. I could dare you to give me a lap dance. I could dare you to do the chicken dance right here in the elevator. I could - "

"Stop agitating me and just dare me to do something?" I suggested, hot and cold shivers zinging down my spine at the thought of giving Johnny a lap dance. I had a good idea where that would go and it was too close to my daydream for comfort. Johnny wasn't someone I could giggle about with my friends. Suffice it to say that there were complications involved.

"What if I dared you to come closer to me?" he suggested casually, although the gleam in his eyes betrayed his less-than-pure motives.

"What if I dared you to…" I broke off as I shifted closer, unable to get the words out.

"What?" he breathed, very close now. His breath brushed across my lips.

" – kiss me?" I squeaked breathlessly, inhaling his cologne.

Then came the most god-awful clang as the elevator doors opened and we jerked apart, panting. He helped me up gingerly and exited the elevator with quick footsteps. Sullenly, I watched as he greeted his dad and my mum, wishing circumstances weren't quite so unfair.

It's one thing to like a boy...

...entirely another when said boy is your soon-to-be stepbrother.

Written for the Last Writer Standing's round 2 prompt.

Thanks Mitali, Saloni and Mridula for the idea.

Thanks Niki for the beta read!