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Summary: Can a traitorous prince and a murdering civilian find love in a prison, before they are executed for their crimes? Oneshot. SLASH. Smut, language, rape, some violence/sad issues...

The Man in the Next Cell

Alec clearly hadn't thought this through as clearly as he believed he had. His plan had not included him being caught in the act of poisoning his brother and being consequently hauled to the castle dungeons. And a plan B? Well he hadn't really had a plan to begin with. It was more of an idea that he saw a chance to make reality and went for it. What an idiot. How careless. How stupid.

"No. No, you've got this wrong!" He attempted to convince the guards pulling him down the stone steps to stop but they wouldn't listen. "I wasn't doing anything—"he tried to continue but one of the guards backhanded him and he fell silent in shock.

Alec, a golden-haired, upstanding prince had been slapped by a common castle guard.

That won't do, were the words racing through his mind, but then he forced himself to stop, pulled his thoughts to a halt. He was no one, nothing. He was a traitor now. He had committed treason and he would pay for it. He couldn't think things as he would have the day before, because today he was someone completely different. And he would never be bowed down to again. These guards were superior to him now. Alec blinked away a tear.

He was thrown in a cell like any other; bars surrounding a small stinking space with a stiff bed and straw pillow, an assorted mess on the floor of things Alec never wanted to see or smell ever. He assumed he was to piss in the corner of the 'room'. He shivered in horror. He moved slowly backward until his calves met the low bed and he sank down, immediately burying his face in his smooth hands that had never really seen a day's hard labour. He began to realise that he might just not make it to his execution date anyway. Whenever that was. He might die in this place, being so unused to the harsh conditions of jail. He sniffed at the thought, regretting it immediately and gagging. Alec bent over his knees and closed his eyes tightly, trying to shut everything out and failing. He heard screams of torture from somewhere nearby, he heard the rustles that told him there were others in cells close to his... or maybe just rats.

Alec felt something wet drip from his cheek to the floor and tried to ignore the fact that he was crying, something he hadn't done for many years. He didn't think he'd done that since his parents died. This brought forward terrible memories along with the recollection of his elder brother holding him close, both of them weeping deep into the night, sitting on the floor and paying no attention to the cold that crept upon them.

It was things like that that made Alec wonder when his brother had changed. When exactly had he become the monster Alec had wanted rid of so badly that he had tried to assassinate him single-handedly? Was it the morning after they had both wept, the morning there became an unspoken agreement to never again mention that night's events? Or was there some moment in time that Alec had missed where his brother changed his persona? Alec couldn't understand it all. How had his life gone from privileged and princely to being distraught and cold and forever alone in a mouldy old cell where he would await his doom?

Ruben was lying on his cold, hard bed, just waiting. He had become impatient waiting for his death. There was to be no trial since there was no doubt about his crime. His guilt. So why were they taking so long? Why couldn't they walk him to the gallows at once? Why?

His eyes snapped open as he heard the tell-tale signs of a new prisoner arriving. Clicking boots indicated five guards, rather a large entourage for one prisoner. Pleading cries from the man being brought to the dungeons. A brutal slap. A shocked silence. Ruben smirked at the prospect of some new tortured soul arriving in the prison, afraid and alone. Ruben was never like that. He was strong. He would never be hit like that. He was only beaten about if he allowed it. The guards seemed to pick up on that fact and refrained from abusing him any longer. There was no fun in it for them if he gave no reaction, if he remained like a statue, if he took it like a man and never cowered before them. The guards were men who enjoyed seeing other men reduced to shivering pieces of meat, flinching at every movement within ten yards of them. But that would never happen to Ruben.

He sat up to watch the blond man being dragged to the cell across from his. He frowned. Something about him looked damn familiar...

Once the guards left, the man stood stock still for some minutes, unaware of being watched before slumping onto the bed and... crying? Ruben's nose wrinkled in disgust. Pull yourself together! he wanted to shout. How could a man be so weak? He wanted to slap his cheek, pull his hair and make the man see this was doing him no good. He needed to be strong if he wanted to survive. Or perhaps... There was of course the possibility that this man was sentenced to death as Ruben was. In that case, surviving wasn't an option. But he had to know for sure.

"Hello." Ruben said and the man in the other cell jumped so hard that Ruben had to fight not to laugh. But when he saw the confused and startled expression on the other's face, he let the chuckle bubble out of him, realising how long it had been since he smiled, let alone cackled like a mad man.

Alec fought to calm his heart that threatened to spring from his chest. He was so surprised to find he was not alone. He hadn't seen anyone, but there the man was, just the one thankfully, sitting in the cell opposite and... laughing like there was no tomorrow. Alec managed a scowl although he felt almost as if the laughter might catch. But he didn't want to laugh. He thought he might never smile again.

The man eventually seemed to calm down. He gasped for breath, looking remarkably fish-like beneath a dark beard, and clutched his side as if in pain. He let out a sigh and rolled his neck.

"Ah man! It's been a while since I laughed. That was nice."

Alec frowned in response, trying to show the prisoner he didn't like being laughed at.

"Sorry, but you just looked so..." He searched for a word. "Like a bunny rabbit." He grinned at Alec. "Didn't mean to start out like that. I wanted just to say hello, introduce myself, welcome you to hell." The grin turned slightly feral, and the blue eyes glanced about, checking for eavesdroppers. Alec looked too, seeing nothing and returning his blank gaze to the other man.

"What's your name then?" the man enquired, not sounding very interested.

"Alec." He muttered.

The prisoner frowned. "Like the prince..." Then his eyes widened comically. "No way... Oh man! That's just great! I knew I recognised you." He laughed again. "A prince for fuck's sake." He noticed Alec flinched at the curses. And just kept on grinning. Alec thought he looked quite foolish.

"Yes. I'm the prince. Or I was..."

The other man seemed genuinely interested in Alec now. "So what happened then? I don't exactly get the latest news fed to me down here." He shrugged, as though he didn't care he was locked in the dungeon.

"I..." Alec swallowed the lump in his throat. He thought he had finished crying but now he was overcome with emotion once more. He pushed past it. "I tried to kill my brother. But I was more careless than I realised. He's still alive but now I am going to die." He sighed, somehow relieved to have explained. But, why he had done so to a stranger, he had no idea.

Alec brushed his blond hair, now messy, out of his eyes and looked up at the other prisoner. He wondered what he saw. Was there a red patch on his cheek from that slap? Were his eyes dulled from sadness? Did he look tired? Perhaps he looked like a murderer now?

"And you?" he murmured softly, carefully asking the other to make this situation more bearable.

He complied.

"I murdered someone. I was trying to get some food for my sister; she's just a kid you see, and well... there was nothing I could do, so I decided I had to take, to steal this loaf of bread, but the baker's boy saw me and he got into it with me. Pushed me, made me drop the bread and I got real mad. I have a horrible temper, so we fought. And I killed him. I kicked his head in." Alec sat completely still. He barely breathed. He watched the man's Adam's apple bob as he swallowed; maybe wishing he could retract those words. But you can't change the past, Alec thought. Or I wouldn't be sitting here, would I?

"And your name?" he said. Alec didn't bother to mention that he had only been asking this in the first place. He hadn't requested a life story from the man. Only his name. But he got both.


Beautiful. Alec mentally scolded himself for allowing such a thought to surface. It really wasn't the time or place for that. He dreaded to think what might happen if the guards knew he was inclined differently to other men, inclined to fancy other men. He'd heard the stories but he could not to allow that to come to pass. He would fight to protect his honour to the end...

Alec almost laughed at his own ridiculous thoughts. Honour. Well, there was something he would never know again, for there was no honour was there in being locked away in the dungeons that belonged to his own family. His honour was gone forever now.

Ruben woke with a start and instantly recalled the night before. He sat up quietly and peered through the darkened windowless dungeon to catch sight of the blonde in the opposite cell. There was no way to tell the time, or the day for that matter, down here. He could estimate the time he'd been there, but it was just that. A guess. Being in this prison took everything from him, it seemed. There was certainly no way to see his sister again, let alone talk to her, try to explain why he did what he did. The only way she might ever see him again was when he was hung, and then he doubted that he would even be able to pick her out of the crowd. He expected he would be blinded by the light when he was finally taken out of the dungeons. But what luck it would be to be gone from this place. Even if it meant being led to his death. He couldn't bring himself to care anymore.

Except concerning that man. The prince. Alec.

They'd spoken only briefly earlier, but it was enough to see Alec's fragility. Enough to appreciate the man's beauty. And certainly enough for Ruben to be waking up with morning wood. He groaned mentally, annoyed that meeting the prince had this effect on him.

And now what?

Ruben looked cautiously left and right, then he examined the rise and fall of Alec's chest. Still asleep. Good.

He loosened the ties on his trousers and slipped his hand under the waistband, breathing heavily as his hand met hot flesh. Slowly sliding his hand along his length elicited a small noise from deep in his throat. He tried to contain his moans as his hand gradually moved faster. He experimented with the tip, moving his finger in and around the slit, pressing, massaging, playing with his balls. Just before he came, the slippery slapping sounds of his fist's movements became too much, making him think of fucking. Real fucking. Standing behind his lover and slamming into an arse that tightened and clenched, begging for more. He thought of fucking the prince and immediately come was spurting over his fingers, staining the front of his trousers. He cursed softly. But tied his trousers and lay back on the bed, breathing hard and trying desperately to think of anything but the prince begging for Ruben to fuck him senseless.

Alec bit down harder on the fist he was using to keep himself quiet. Listening to Ruben pumping himself to climax had been too much for the prince. He was hard as rock and had spent twenty minutes trying to force himself to think of everything that was disgusting and in poor taste so he might finally relax and forget the obvious lust he held for Ruben. But it was all to no avail. If he wanted to relaxed he would have to come. But he couldn't risk the other prisoner hearing him jerking off as he had just heard him do.

Alec closed his eyes as tightly as possible and forced his mind blank. He then pulled an image to mind of Ruben. He mentally undressed him, making it as realistic as he could, and felt his whole body tense with emotion. His prick ached to be touched. Instead he played around with Ruben in his mind.

He pushed Ruben onto his bed in the castle, a grand four poster bed with silken curtains to be pulled around and seal them in their own world. The two men rolled around, kissing enthusiastically, legs tangling together, arms stroking and rubbing. Ruben pushed Alec back and knelt between his legs, pulled back from kissing him and grinned easily. Alec knew he hadn't really seen Ruben smile before. But he just knew that if the other ever did so genuinely, apart from laughing at Alec, it would transform his face into perfection just like this. Ruben bent at the waist and licked the tip of his lover's cock.

Alec whimpered against his fist.

Ruben bent further and licked the prince's entrance, dancing his tongue between arse cheeks and grinning the whole while.

Alec's body arched on the hard prison bed and he hoped to god Ruben couldn't see him now, imagining himself writhing under his touch.

Ruben stroked himself and Alec once, brushing their cocks together, then pushed into Alec's body, his prick reaching far into Alec and feeling like nothing else. Alec panted, feeling hot and sweaty, and Ruben brought their mouths together with bruising force as he slammed the rest of the way into Alec's body. They moaned together as their tongues clashed. Ruben pulled back slightly and Alec instantly pushed his hips upwards, bringing their bodies ever closer...

Alec's eyes snapped open wide and he bit hard enough to draw blood from his fist, come shooting from his body, his fantasy feeling real enough that he imagined there was an ache in his arse. He sighed and his eyelids fluttered as the tension leaked out of his body in the aftermath of the euphoria. He removed his fist and a ghost of a smile filtered onto his face.

Ruben and Alec had no idea what time it was. But Ruben was sure something was going on. No guard had been down to check on them or bring them a pitifully measly amount of rotten food in a long time, since Alec had arrived in fact. It had to mean something. Probably that one of them had ended their time in the dungeons. One of them would most likely die today.

Ruben suppressed a yawn. He hadn't had much success falling asleep after finishing himself off. He thought too much about Alec. He thought at one point he heard Alec coming in his trousers just as he had. But that was ridiculous. Wasn't it?

Both men sat on the edges of their beds staring at each other in their respective cells. They just sat and watched each other. Neither said a word. They couldn't quite remember when or how this had started. They just sat.

Ruben decided he wanted to grab that golden hair and push the man's head down, let him suck on his cock... Or maybe he would just make the man scream his name. He wondered what Alec looked like when he came from being fucked in the arse. He shook his head. No. His last thoughts before he died, or maybe, his thoughts of Alec before Alec died, shouldn't be like that.

His thoughts drifted onto something else suddenly. What would those lips look like when they said the words 'I love you'? No. Now that was too much. He wasn't a little girl with a crush. He was a man. He wanted to fuck this other man. It didn't mean he was falling in love. He was not falling in love.

Alec narrowed his eyes as he watched Ruben watch him. Alec thought he might be falling in love. But that was a ridiculous idea. He'd never been in love before. He had no idea what this feeling was. Maybe he just wanted the other man in a purely sexual way. He really did want Ruben to fuck him. But it wasn't just that. He could imagine lying in his old luxurious bed with Ruben. Just lying and smiling at each other. He could picture whispering together in empty corridors, glancing heatedly at each other across crowded rooms. He wanted Ruben for some unknown reason. He had said next to nothing to the other man but they had a connection, Alec was sure. He may have been just a little spoilt boy with a crush on the ruggedly handsome guy in the next cell, but he was allowed that wasn't he? He might die today.

Surely he was within his rights to fancy himself in love with this man, this murderer in his final hours.

The two prisoners sat for what seemed hours staring into each others' eyes and thinking. They thought their own thoughts but never once breached the silence. They both feared telling the other what they had been thinking. They both had thoughts they believed the other would never understand. And yet, both men wished for the other to tell him of his love for him. Neither man could stand the idea of rejection, and so, there was silence.

Eventually, there was an interruption. Noises on the stairwell. A group of drunken guards arrived and stumbled, giggling, to the door of Alec's cell, unlocking the door.

"Let's give the prince a real welcome to the dungeons." one man slurred, grinning ridiculously.

"More like a little farewell gift!" another joked.

They all jeered and grabbed at Alec, who tried unsuccessfully to shove them away. They didn't bother to haul him to the torture room. They ripped away his clothes in his cell as Ruben stood and walked to the bars of his own. He could hear Alec protesting but that soon died out. And then he was just sniffing and whimpering in pain as he was carelessly thrown to the floor and kicked and beaten. Ruben's hands tightened on the bars and he resisted the urge to yell at the men to stay the fuck away from his... His what? The man he wanted to fuck. Of course. The man he wanted to talk to, to be friends with, to laugh and joke with. Yes. The man he loved. Yes, that too, he realised. Even though it was insane. But what did Ruben care for sanity anyway?

One large guard pulled a snivelling Alec up to kneel on the disgusting cell floor and undid his own pants, grabbing his cock and forcing it down Alec's unpractised throat.

It should be me who he sucks off! Ruben thought frantically. And only if he wants to. I would never force him.

The guards ignored Ruben's inner turmoil and continued abusing Alec's body, one of them shoving his way up the tight arse whilst Alec still gagged around another man's cock. When his mouth was free for short periods of time, Ruben heard a mixture of strangled pleas and exclamations of outrage.

"You can't do this!" he said at one point, his voice hoarse from being choked with come. The men laughed at him.

"Oh yeah?" they said.

"We got permission from the King to make you suffer."

"Yeah, that's right. The King. Your brother."

Alec didn't speak again. He didn't even plead. It was like he had turned himself off, pushed everything he felt into the corner of his mind. Ruben could see the way he was almost boneless, producing no reaction to his repeated rape, trying to make it less enjoyable for the guards. But it wasn't a great plan, for they only got angry and poured that fury into pounding him harder and kicking his ribs and his groin again and again. Tears leaked from Alec's eyes, no matter how hard he tried to stop it. No man could withstand such pain.

Ruben continued to watch, eyes wide with emotion. He wasn't sure how he managed not to throw up or turn away and cower in the corner of his cell. But he remained there for several hours, silently watching the torture unfold. And how he hated himself and everything right then. How he hated the world that had locked him away and made it certain that he could do nothing to stop this from happening. He wanted to scream and rattle the bars of this cage.

It ended. Everything stopped. The guards left, leaving Alec with aching genitals, bruised skin, broken bones, internal bleeding and come dripping from both ends. He lay in the dirt and sighed, but then he couldn't help it. He cried. And this time it was real sobs that made him gasp and then choke for the pain each cry caused. He moaned and rolled on the floor, even slammed his fist down on the ground in such anger. He was so angry that he had been used like that. How could he have allowed it? And yet, how could he have possibly stopped it?

He let the rage overcome him and he pushed himself to his knees, his body protesting but he ignored the agony. He opened his mouth and simply bawled. There was no stopping the pitiful, disgusting noises he made. And then he was angry once again, irritated by his own behaviour. How repulsive he was! How sickening it was to hear himself acting like this. Alec gagged, spitting on the ground as he had nothing to bring up out of his stomach.

"Fuck." He muttered, then enjoying that, he said it again. "Fuck." Louder this time. "Fuck. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" He shouted it now and tears streamed from his face when a voice suddenly spoke, making him gasp and turn around in surprise.

He had forgotten Ruben.

"Don't!" The man said, and the words seemed pained.

He appeared to choke as he carried on talking. "You can't—! Just stop it! Stop it. Don't cry. Stop it!" The bearded man ran a hand over his face, embarrassed maybe, even slapped his own cheek lightly. "Just... Don't fucking cry! I can't—" Ruben choked again and then he was...

Fucking crying! Fuck. Ruben shook his head and pressed his palms to his eyes, trying to stop sniffling and be a man for fuck's sake!

You wanted those men to stop it and they did. Everything was alright for a second there and then, you realised it didn't matter if they had stopped because they still raped Alec. My Alec. And you couldn't deal with it but before anything else could happen, you were watching Alec fucking fall apart on the floor of his cell. You just couldn't take his screaming. He sounded like he was dying; like he would die right there and you could not have that. You could never allow that. He couldn't die like that, a shameful ball of hurt. So you interrupted him and now, you're fucking crying!

Pull yourself together Ruben!

Ruben pulled in a breath and shuddered deeply. Fuck this.

He looked up and Alec was staring in shock, but underneath that Ruben could see something more, something that ran deeper. Ruben knew then that he had to tell Alec everything. Everything that he had thought since he had met the beautiful prince, everything he felt. It might be a mistake, but it wouldn't stop him now. Nothing could stop him jumping in at the deep end and taking that risk.

Ruben took another breath.

"Alec." Alec's heart practically missed a beat and he had to remember to keep breathing. The way Ruben said his name sent a shiver down his spine and made his prick twitch despite its severe bruising. No one had ever done such a thing to him just by saying his name.

"Alec, I know this might be rushed but I want you to know that I..." He coughed lightly and frowned, as if having trouble completing his sentence. "Listen, Alec, when I was asleep earlier, well... I woke up and I was... hard. So I jerked off and I found I was... thinking about you and... I can't stop now. Thinking about you, I mean." He swallowed. "I can't stop thinking about you, Alec. You're so deep in my thoughts it's as though I met you long ago and we've talked about everything and I know you back to front, which I clearly don't. But I feel as though... if we were together, we would be everything. You would never look anywhere else and you would be everything I ever wanted for the rest of our lives.

"Which I suppose isn't very long." Ruben looked down at his feet. He was still pressed up to the bars of his cell and his grip had tightened almost unbearably. He felt close to tears once again.

"I know this is all kind of sudden and shocking to you. But I wish I could have known you, that I could have loved you. I mean, I do love you, but I wish we could have had time together and been together and that you would have loved me back." He allowed himself a small smile at that idea. "I can't... I couldn't do anything... when they were... when they did... I hate this! Fuck.

"I wish that I had been protecting you. I wish we had met and fallen in love, and that I wasn't so poor that I had to steal and murder, and that your brother wasn't a dick so you had to try and kill him. I wish I could have protected you." Ruben's throat seemed to close of its own volition then. He had so much to say and he felt as though it might not be coming across how he meant it. He looked straight into Alec's eyes and almost forgot to breathe when he saw something resembling a smile there on his face.

Alec was shocked, of course. But not horrified. No. He was scared by everything that Ruben had just gushed at him, but he felt stronger for hearing it all. Ruben seemed to actually love him. And crazy as this whole situation was, Alec thought that maybe Ruben was right. If they weren't in this damn dungeon, it could have worked out. It could have been so good if they had met each other in some other circumstances. If they had been able to fall in love in the usual way.

He closed his eyes for a moment as a single tear leaked out. That would have been amazing.

But it could never happen.

"Thank you." Alec said, opening his eyes and cracking a small but genuine smile at Ruben. "Thank you for loving me."

Ruben blinked, surprised, but overjoyed and completely awed into silence. Alec was thanking him? For what? Standing in silence as he was raped and beaten? Alec should be shouting at him if anything, for having the nerve to love him and wish to be with a prince who had fallen from grace, been brought to his knees, and forced into a crying, screaming wreck in front of him, a man he didn't know at all. But no. Alec was thanking him.

You are so welcome, he thought, mindlessly pleased.

"It's hard for me." Alec continued, staring at his folded hands. "Everything is so different today to how it was before. Everything has changed now." He looked up. "But you make me feel. Looking at you makes me want to do something, anything. I don't want to be like this in front of you. It's like... It's as though you make me become myself. You make me love myself." That small smile again, and Ruben's heart was beating so fast.

"So thank you. And I believe as well that maybe, just maybe it could have been..." He blushed, and inside Alec was amazed he could be feeling anything like this when he had just been violated and brutalised so terribly. "You know... it could have been bloody brilliant." He was really smiling now, and blushing terribly. He decided maybe he ought to divulge his own sexual activities regarding Ruben.

"I... when we were sleeping... I heard you. I heard you jerking off, and I..." Alec flushed even more, looking down ashamed. "I thought about you, about us... fucking. And I came. It was brilliant, you know. It could have been real." Alec was still blushing like mad, but as Ruben watched, he realised how badly he wanted to reach out and cup that chin, force those eyes to look into his. He wanted to kiss Alec so much. Alec had said he made him feel. But it was Alec who made Ruben feel. And he felt as though nothing could ever compare to this feeling of want, of need for the other man.

"Please..." Ruben found himself muttering. Then he blushed, becoming aware of his state of arousal. "Ah fuck! Sorry, sorry. God!"

But Alec surprised Ruben again by looking up, noting the arousal and grasping the bars of his cell to pull himself up. He slipped his other hand down his stomach and grasped his own dick, taking an even breath to push away the soreness from being kicked repeatedly. He began to slowly move his hand, picking up a rhythm and pulling himself to a similar state of arousal. He looked into Ruben's eyes and smiled.

"Well?" he said, and all at once Ruben knew. He slid his trousers over his hips and kicked them away. He touched his own cock and at once he moaned in delight. Ruben kept his eyes on Alec and Alec's hand, and Alec in turn watched Ruben. They picked up the pace and as Alec's mouth slipped open, panting, he released the bars and slid his free hand over his bare chest, shivering as he teased his own nipple.

"Fuck." Ruben whispered, watching intently as Alec teased himself. He was beautiful, even covered in blossoming bruises and blood. Ruben was aware of the sperm of other men still on Alec's body but was determined to wash away the other man's memories of the occurrence. He slid his finger against the tip of his prick, searching out the slit and rubbing his finger in the pre-come. Ruben then did something he'd never done in his life. He moved the one hand with moist fingers behind him and pressed them between his arse cheeks. He leant against the bars of the cell, sticking his butt in the air and pushing one finger slowly in. He gasped as he pushed back against the finger, and then slid in a second. He carefully moved his fingers around, sighing at the interesting sensation.

He turned slightly sideways to the bars, making sure Alec was aware of his experimentations. He grinned as he heard the other moan in pleasure.

Alec really enjoyed the sight on Ruben playing with himself and he was rubbing himself very fast, so close to completion. "Ruben! Ruben, I... I'm coming!" He moaned and threw his head back, pumping hard.

"Wait! Wait for me. I want to come at the same time." Ruben groaned as he jerked himself harder and harder.

Alec waited for a moment, restraining himself, but he had never felt so ready to burst. He was desperate. "Please... Please, Ruben, I have to..." Ruben grunted his approval and Alec threw his head back. At last.

They moaned simultaneously and Ruben muttered a final "Yes, come for me Alec." before they both came, jetting come through the bars of their cells. They both rose out of the pleasure together and looked across at each other, grinning like teenagers. They lowered their gazes to see the splatter of come in the middle of the floor, their semen happily mixed together.

After falling asleep gazing into each other's eyes, everything seemed somehow better. But it didn't last. They both knew this would not happen. They would not happen. Not in this life anyway.

Morning came, announced by a grumpy guard who came to unlock Alec's cell. Alec flinched visibly but this was a new guard and he came to stand before Alec and said: "Execution's today. Get up." Then: "Where are your clothes?"

Alec couldn't answer, simply pointed at the shredded material on the floor.

The guard exited, sighing and locking the cell again, leaving Alec to gaze at a wide-eyed Ruben.

"This is it then." He murmured.

"I wish I could go with you." Ruben blurted. He flushed. "I mean, if we are both to die, why not go together?" He smiled. "Besides, I have been waiting longer. Whatever happened to first come, first serve?"

"I thought it was all about coming together?" Alec joked. Ruben smiled back, one of those easy smiles he had only ever gifted his sister with. Now there are two people in my life to love. How strange, that it should be a man who I have never touched, barely spoken to, and who is about to be executed.

When the guard returned with smelly shapeless grey clothes, Alec spoke: "What about my last request?"

The man snorted. "Since when was that still a rule?" But he nodded for Alec to request whatever it was.

Alec cleared his throat. "Let me die with him." He nodded to Ruben, sitting on his cell bed. Ruben looked up sharply, his eyes glaring, saying what are you doing? Alec ignored him and faced the guard's questioning face.

"Why's that?" the older man grunted.

"Why not? We're both to be executed, may as well get on with both our deaths. Clear out the cells and all." He stared calmly at the guard, not wavering once. The guard scowled and left once again to ask his superior.

"What are you playing at?" Ruben whispered furiously.

"You suggested it." Alec protested. "And what's the worst they do? Refuse the request and we die separately as was originally going to happen? There's no harm in asking." He explained, trying to placate Ruben, but the man simply scowled at him.

The guard returned grumbling and scowling almost as much as Ruben. He unlocked Alec's cell once again and dragged him out, now clothed. As Alec was pulled away, he snuck one last glance at Ruben. If this was the end and his request had been refused and he would never see this man again, he wanted to make sure his love's face was the last thing on his mind before he died. Ruben dashed to the bars and the two men saw each other only briefly, trying to memorise within seconds the face of the other, before Alec was gone.

Alec was taken to a small room with a guard in each corner of the room. There was a door at either end, one of which he had entered through and the other would lead to the castle courtyard and the gallows. He could hear the sounds of a crowd outside, all eagerly awaiting the death of their traitorous prince. He tried to keep his breathing calm as he waited inexplicably for something to happen.

But unexpectedly, the first thing to happen was the door behind him bursting open and emitting from within the dungeons, the grumpy guard and... Ruben. Alec's eyes widened as he saw that face, that body, and all without those cursed bars separating them. He wanted to run and jump into the arms of this man but he restrained himself. Instead he just grinned unashamedly. This may be the end. But he wouldn't have to face it alone. He wondered just what kind of reaction the two of them hanging alongside each other would have on the gathered crowd. Alec even wondered if his brother was out there, goading the crowd, waiting for his imminent death.

He decided he just didn't care. Somehow, everything in his life had led him to this moment.

Alec and Ruben were shoved abruptly forwards and out of the door, into the bustling courtyard. A round of jeers started immediately, slurs on Alec's name, expressions of disgust. Some spat at him and some threw things. But all these left him unaffected because he could feel Ruben's presence behind him as he walked up the steps of the platform. He eyed the twin ropes and stepped up to one. Ruben moved to the other. The two ropes hung side by side but Alec turned to face the other man, watching him notice his gaze and turn to face him as well. The two men shared a small honest grin as the rope went over their heads.

There was no way out now. They would both die, but if they could do it facing each other, reaching the end of their lives together was the best outcome they could have.

The ropes were tightened and Alec's eyes grew scared. He looked at Ruben and saw the fear reflected there. But there was something else. Ruben just couldn't stop smiling. He was so close to the other man, to the prince. He felt so strange that he should die like this. So much had happened in such a short time, and all of it had led to this.

Both men seemed to have the same idea at the same time. Both of them had their hands tied but they each took a step closer to each other, as far as the rope allowed, stretching until they were close to choking and there, in front of everyone, the whole city perhaps, and the King, and anyone else who cared to watch, the two men brushed their lips against each other's, both men looking deep into the other's eyes, both men full of love.

They were instantly dragged roughly apart and pushed to face the front. The crowd had gone deathly silent and they felt the stares of many angry faces. But nothing could change the fact they had kissed. After everything, they had really kissed. They had finally touched. They each replayed that single moment as the floor dropped out beneath them and they jerked uncontrollably and choked and fell into death.

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