AN: Hello and thank you for reading my fiction. This is the first time I publish anything here and my second attempt at writing so this fiction have an emotional value for me, it makes me proud of how far I developed my English in this last two years only by reading books and using dictionaries. Boring sometimes but helped in the end.

My writing skills are influenced by the French literature and it's the total opposite of the English but I'm trying to make the difference after I had this mistake in my first fiction.

So here we go to the part where I'll need -as a matured person- to warn you. This is a yaoi/boys love/slash/MxM so many words for the same thing, a relationship between two males. And in this chapter there's a threesome, maybe there'll be a slight description about straight sex in the future.

So if you're a mature person, and it doesn't mean you are 18+ but that you already know what good and what bad for you, and you still want to read "I was an Angel" then enjoy it and please leave a comment about what you think. Thank you in advance.

I woke up wrapped tightly in the arms of my best friend, Jay, in his bed for the third day in a row. I had spent the whole day and night, before I came here, alone in my home after I answered the call telling me that my parents died in a car accident.
When I tried to move I felt an innocent hand on my groin touching and squeezing my package lightly and it's wasn't Jay's. I turned my head slowly, trying not to wake anyone and felt amused when my eyes met the gaze of Anna, my second best friend. We smiled at each other at the same time and without a second thought, we stole each other's lips in a slow and passionate kiss. I felt a warm hand stroking my stomach and I smiled into my kiss, knowing that Jay had awakened.

Anna stopped kissing me and before I could complain she began to take off my boxers while Jay skimmed my t-shirt off my shoulders, kissing my warm skin as he went. Then he brushed his lips over mine. I felt his warm slick tongue sliding between my lips, beckoning for them to part. I eagerly opened my mouth and the wet muscle slid into me. We attacked each other in a play of dominance.

I love kissing, it's my favorite part of any sexual activity.

I let out a soft moan and arched my back up when he slid his fingers across my left nipple. At the same time, Anna squeezed my right nipple with her left hand and milked my cock with her other hand. She covered the head of my cock with her mouth. She licked and sucked me for a while, and then she moved her hand to my balls playing with them too. Jay moved his right hand and took control of my abandoned cock, squeezing and stroking in sync with Anna's lips and tongue.

Jay and Anna had established a rhythm to their lovemaking, perfectly coordinated movements, each in the right place.

I felt something warm poke me in my thighs and I knew it was Jay's dick asking for attention that I could only oblige with my left hand stroking it, at the same pace after I freed it from its prison of clothes.

Anna had enough of playing and wanted some attention too. She moved on top of me until she was positioned directly above the most important place, spreading her legs further apart and arching her back up, slowly sitting on me, until I entered her. Jay moved from my left side, positioned himself on top of my legs and put his hand on Anna's head, gently pushing her to meet me in a feverish kiss, and then he spread her ass cheeks and penetrated her from behind without even using a condom.

I'm sure she was already loose from playing with us four hours ago because Jay would never try to hurt her.

After a week of my relationship with Jay and Anna, we visited a doctor to be sure that we were clean and could engage in safe sex without protection. When we do sleep with other people, we use protection and tell each other. My parents made sure to have "the talk" with me at least once a month after I told them of my sexual activities. They didn't easily accept what I became because they're cool people but because they knew I needed a way to nourish my dieing soul and I choose this way, but I can live without it. It's just that when I'm here I only concentrate on my pleasure and I can forget everything else. But soon this will need to stop.

As much as my parents' death hurt me, leaving my best friends broke my heart. I needed to touch them, to feel them, to remember each inch of them. This is my way of loving them. Anna rode on my shaft over and over while she was penetrated from behind. We moved with each other like there was no tomorrow.

The only thing you could hear was our hard breathing, some insults and moans from time to time and the song the bed made each time it met with our dance. We were flying, forgetting every bad thing in our lives, every responsibility, and every obligation.

Just for this moment, we were the only people in this world, in a place where we could live together and no brother of mine would separate us, no religion would reject us, no person would make us feel worthless. A place only for us. We were at the top of the world; we were the emperors of the universe.

But we needed only one cry from the dark places in our bodies to fall from where we stood and to crush us with the reality of panting bodies and tears of goodbye.

"Do you want us to go with you?" asked Annabelle after we took our showers and I prepared myself to go to my house, where I normally lived with my parents.

"I don't want to cry anymore," was my only reply before I looked at my best friends for the last time and headed toward the destination where my brother would meet me for the first time in three years.

"Is he going to know that something isn't right with Angel anymore?"I heard First's voice in my mind, asking me with tears in his eyes.

"Maybe he will reject us because he thinks that I became a freak during these past three years and then we can stay with one of our best friends until we graduate," I replied with an emotionless voice that betrayed my true thoughts and feelings.

Two and Three, my other two inner selves, are sleeping, not because they only prefer to be awake during the night but because they don't really care, after all, when Gabriel was still living with my parents and I in our old house, I was still normal. I was still Angel. I was still me. Now, only First makes me feel human with all these suffocating emotions he feels, and I hate it sometimes because I find it hard to control all the tears in my eyes. I don't and I will never cry. Not in front of someone other than my only friends and lovers.

It will only makes me powerless and I'm anything but.

"First, you're tired go to sleep," I ordered him and he hugged the other two, trying to sleep leaving me with a blank face and cold unmatched eyes.

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