One Moment, One Smile

The Siege

I lived in a world of darkness. Years upon years of silent abuse and restricted emotions had eroded my soul to only the tiniest speck. I was an empty doll on this merciless planet, just waiting for the shadows of the universe to bloat me with death.

And then I met you.

You were nothing special, just an ordinary girl filled with an extraordinary light. You were plain and stunning. You fascinated me. How could anyone be so uninhibitedly happy?

I still remember that day, that moment, when I saw you for the first time. I was running past the neighborhood park, running and running away from the pain that awaited me at the place I once called home. I wouldn't have seen you if I hadn't looked up just at that moment, to stare into the turbulent sky. A storm was coming. There was always a storm when I ran away.

I had glanced up and seen something that stopped me in my tracks. It was you...but not. You were on the swings, cheerfully pumping your legs into the air, rocking you higher and higher. Your hair trailed behind you like an afterthought, and from where I was standing, I could see the sun peeking out of the gloomy clouds and shyly poking its bright rays into the greyness. It was as if you were shining with the light of the sun that you called out of the heavens. You were a vision of light. It was you...but more.

Yet somehow, at the time, I didn't notice any of that. It was only in hindsight that I realized how divine you looked. No, there was only one thing that stood out to me in that moment.

Your smile.

It was carefree, it was happy, it was genuine. Such pure innocence is only too rare in this world. It was the only thing I needed but it wasn't enough. I know how cheesy that sounds, but it's the truth. With that one smile, you changed my life.

Who knew that one insignificant moment in time would be so significant to me?

You showed me that there is always light in the darkness. You melted away my sorrow and filled me to the brim with joy. Was it magic? I didn't know and I didn't care. All that mattered was that your smile had made me whole again.

I thought my life was an everlasting tunnel deeper and deeper into the dark. The inexplicable magic of a single moment, of your wordlessly beautiful smile, gave me hope. One day I would finally crawl out of the earth and into the light with your smile as my guide.

I think that day has arrived.

A/N: Just a short piece for a school contest thingamajig. Based off the overall theme "The Magic of a Moment." So yes, it's cheesy. xD Suggestions, feedback, criticism? All would be much appreciated.

Hope you liked!

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© Copyright 2012 by The Siege